PolkaSpot came to Beekman 1802 Farm in late 2008. She and her mother, Looksalike, arrived from a farm that was shutting down operations. Unfortunately, her mother did not adjust to the move, fell ill, and died shortly after arrival. PolkaSpot was raised by a herd of mother goats, and has become the Chief Diva of the Pasture.

by Josh and Brent

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Susan Knight

Just caught Spying on Hope, after the vid about Polky’s mother (which started the water works, Spying just iced it) . Sure hope Season 3 is in the works. Just discovered Season 1 at the Discovery channel and ordered right away. Want to share with my neighbors down here in NC (used to live in Cooperstown). Been raving about you and your show. LOVE you guys, you ARE fabulous!


I was in a weepy mood to begin with! Sad for mama, but she sure did give birth to a beautiful baby!

Pat Heiser

I almost had a heart attack -I thought you snuck bred polka spot and she had a baby. How about it. Polka spot could use llama company and all her fans would love her baby,