You guys submitted a bunch of questions you wanted Josh to answer…so here ya go! Be sure to add more questions in the comment section below and we’ll get to them in an upcoming video…

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  • By: awatts68blog

    My sister and I just met you guys this weekend at the Country Living Fair and I must say you guys were fabulous! The Bruschetta 3 Ways was fantastic! One question I forgot to ask was “Do you guys ever do tours of your farm?” Oh and this video is great too.

    • By: Dr. Brent

      Hi. Great meeting you! We do tours of the farm twice a year–in the spring and then in the fall during the Harvest Festival. You can find the dates on our Facebook events page!

  • By: Sherri

    You guys are so funny & genuine. Video was lol funny. Love & respect for you & all you do. Sherri.

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