Didja ever wonder if Brent has tried pot brownies? Well now you can find out. You guys submitted a bunch of questions you wanted Brent to answer…so here ya go. Be sure to add more questions in the comment section below and we’ll get to them in an upcoming video…

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by Josh and Brent

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I purchased the lotion, hand and body wash. The direction says pull to remove the leek prevention clip under the nozzle of the pump. I don’t see the clip or I don’t understand the directions. Please help.


Did I hear one of you say that the Heirloom Rose is going bye bye on one of you TV shows recently? Is that true? It is my favorite fragrance!

Dolores Peer George

I love Josh and Brent, what ever they do. The kindest most adorable people on the planet.


Can you share the secret to keeping the goat milk soap from turning caramel brown? I froze the milk like you said in the video with Martha Stewart. And, I stirred the sodium hydroxide in very slowly.
Thank you.

Robin Cortese

Gentlemen, I was just at your store yesterday and what a wonderful stop it was. It’s Fabulous and peaceful all in one beautifully decorated shop. This weekend I’m bringing my friend your pear vase and a variety of honey for our Ladies weekend in the Thousand Islands. There’s 17 of us, so I will be sure to share your video, shop/farm information. Your showroom was the perfect end to a busy day yesterday, Thank you. Wish you both much success.