Sometimes very simple and easy crafts turn out the most beautifully (or perhaps we think they’re exceptionally beautiful because they are very simple, easy and require very little clean-up.)

It’s no secret that our decorating style tends toward the spare and necessary rather than the overly-adorned, but when Brent thought the Mercantile display of our Valentine’s merchandise needed a little touch of romance, within 5 minutes he had conceptualized, planned and executed this simple idea.

He first found two illustrations of Victorian hearts with a quick Google Image search.


Dragging the images into a Word document, he then copy and pasted the hearts and re-sized them to various widths.

Using the laser printer, he printed the images on 8.5 x 11 vellum sheets.  After cutting around the images, he slightly curled the edges to resemble rose petals.

Scattered across the table, they make a lovely (but not overly fussy) homage to Valentine’s Day.

by Josh and Brent

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teri tighe

I love how romantic you guys are. So refreshing to romantic men. And you always have the best ideas, especially for those Victorian items.

Do you ever feel that you should have been born during that time period.


truly beautiful. not much else needs to be said of something so amazing that it speaks for itself.

Mrs. D.

Very pretty. Of course I'm partial to anything Valentine's Day as it's also my birthday. 😉


Is this the "too big to get in initially" table? I loved that story and I love simple decorations.

A day well spent. I spent the day with my lovely Kindle. Back to work Monday!

Andre Jones

That is just beautiful!

I love that old postcard Victorian look, and you took it to the next level.