Creating an opulent Christmas tree can be a pricey endeavor.   We’ve collected ornaments for years, buying them during after-the-holiday sales.  Even so, we shudder to think at how many dollars those fragile, glittery baubles have tempted out of our wallets.

This year, we decided to decorate a tree using nothing but lights.  And we were inspired by a walk down by the pond on a recent morning when just a few snowy white flakes had started to fall.

We call it the Twigs & Berries tree.

We first collected all of the strands of white lights from the attic (we were surprised at the number of unused strands we possessed—you may be, too).  We used strands of bulbs of varying shapes and sizes.

Next, we went through all of the strands of multi-colored lights and removed all of the red bulbs.

After placing the strands of white lights on the tree, we then replaced the white bulbs that fell on the tips of branches with red ones to mimic the snow-dusted tree in the yard.

Twigs & Berries Tree


It’s an idea that could easily be used on outdoor trees around the yard where decorating with ornaments is not practical.

Need more ideas?  Check out our Naked Christmas Tree.  Click here.

by Josh and Brent

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I hope it won't be inappropriate of me to suggest that perhaps you meant "shudder" instead of shutter?

Dear Helen Hartman

Am blushing to admit the title caught my attention and I don't even like berries. Wonderful, serene images for the holiday week, much better than what I was expecting (no, I don't have a dirty mind, I have a healthy curiosity!)

Imen McDonnell

I love this idea! So simple and beautiful….would love to see a snap of the whole tree. Have to admit, the twig and berries had me giggling as well. Thanks for sharing boys!

Imen x


In Josh's book, I am not my self.. He also referred to "Twigs and Berries" describing, well… I won't say !!

teri tighe

this is a great idea and I'm sure the tree is beautiful.

is it horrible of me to remember that Josh called certain parts of his, in I Am Not Myself These Days, that same title? lol!