When summer is in full-swing we sometimes forget to enjoy all of the wonders of the farm around us. We get caught up in weeding, picking, harvesting, working, mowing, haying, etc. A farm is full of etceteras, especially in summer.

So when we recently had a friend visit the farm for the first time who happens to be a great photographer, we asked him if he would take some pictures of the farm so that we could see things through his eyes.

Take a walk with us around the farm, and see what we see. (And sometimes don’t.)


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  • By: Peggy Smith

    I love your farm…I usually have a “country” garden, with critters and green everywhere…but this year we had swarms of grasshoppers, they devoured all the garden , including onions, the fruit trees, even the grass! The only plants left are the cactus… succulents are gone! But you inspired me, I am going to take my camera out and see if I can find something to lift my spirits. 🙄

  • By: Karen

    I loVe each photo. Amazing what you can really see. You guys are the best.

  • By: Pauline

    I also love the photos. There is nothing better then being close to nature and living on a farm. Your place looks sooooo relaxing. Do you have time to relax on the upper deck? The view must be breath taking from there.

  • By: Bonnie Zeller Butler

    Absolutely beautiful pictures. Was thrilled to see CURRENTS and GOOSEBERRIES. Haven’t seen them since I left Argusville, NY. Miss them so much!!

  • By: Carol

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Way to start my day! See you in September.

  • By: Patti

    Love the pictures of the farm and happy to be getting your posts.

  • By: Annette

    Great Photos! My favorite? The goat with his head in the straw:)

  • By: Donna Paulson

    Just gorgeous!!! I love them! I especially love your veggie garden. Just wonder why you guys don’t seem to have the pest/bug problem that I do on my farm. It’s crazy here!

  • By: Molly Mahoney

    Beautiful photographs. Sometimes we need to be reminded of beauty that is all around us and how fortunate we are.

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