When summer is in full-swing we sometimes forget to enjoy all of the wonders of the farm around us. We get caught up in weeding, picking, harvesting, working, mowing, haying, etc. A farm is full of etceteras, especially in summer.

So when we recently had a friend visit the farm for the first time who happens to be a great photographer, we asked him if he would take some pictures of the farm so that we could see things through his eyes.

Take a walk with us around the farm, and see what we see. (And sometimes don’t.)


by Josh and Brent

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Peggy Smith

I love your farm…I usually have a “country” garden, with critters and green everywhere…but this year we had swarms of grasshoppers, they devoured all the garden , including onions, the fruit trees, even the grass! The only plants left are the cactus… succulents are gone! But you inspired me, I am going to take my camera out and see if I can find something to lift my spirits. ?


I also love the photos. There is nothing better then being close to nature and living on a farm. Your place looks sooooo relaxing. Do you have time to relax on the upper deck? The view must be breath taking from there.

Bonnie Zeller Butler

Absolutely beautiful pictures. Was thrilled to see CURRENTS and GOOSEBERRIES. Haven’t seen them since I left Argusville, NY. Miss them so much!!


Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Way to start my day! See you in September.

Donna Paulson

Just gorgeous!!! I love them! I especially love your veggie garden. Just wonder why you guys don’t seem to have the pest/bug problem that I do on my farm. It’s crazy here!

Molly Mahoney

Beautiful photographs. Sometimes we need to be reminded of beauty that is all around us and how fortunate we are.