The bride says:

Some words from the Bride:

“It’s hard to pick just one moment in an entire day of amazement; so I’ll choose two.  When I was about to get ready with my dress and make-up, Josh knocked on the door to see if I had everything I needed; I think I told him “something to drink and John needs his suit, could you tell him to start getting ready?”, it was about an hour before the ceremony.  Josh grabs John’s suit and tie and I have full confidence he’ll get the ball rolling.  Five minutes pass and  Josh re-enters with champagne and what he tells me is his great, great, great grandmother’s wedding flute.  I was so blown away with his sweetness, by sharing a part of his family history.


When Megan began helping me with my make-up, I definitely started getting butterflies in my stomach.  Megan and I have been friends ever since we attended the Rhode Island School of Design together.  While roommates in school, with our best friend Madeline, we use to get dressed up for any occasion or party. Really dressed up.  Feathers in our hair, hair extensions, tool fabric everywhere and especially giant bustles. Lots of bright colored make-up.  While Megan was getting my wedding make-up ready she told me, “Katie, we’ve really come full circle”.  She soothed my nerves and put me back into the very exciting moment.

Night Swimming

Some words from a wedding guest:

My boyfriend Jonathan and I had the pleasure of meeting the Beekman Boys on a previous visit to the farm and the honor of sitting across from them at the wedding reception. Josh mentioned several times throughout dinner that he had the foresight to turn the heat up in the pool the the previous night and by now the temperature should be approximately  that of a giant hot tub. After clarifying that we did indeed have permission to use it and that he wasn’t just volunteering this curiously enticing piece of information, we were encouraged  to spread the word amongst the other guests. I was sure to make it clear that it was unlikely anyone had brought appropriate swimwear to this formal event and that this fact would most likely not deter our particularly uninhibited group of friends from accepting their aquatic invitation. They shrugged this off as fairly obvious and didn’t seem to take issue. When I expressed concern about what a wet group of wedding guests would do to dry off, Josh picked up one of the cloth dinner napkins as said, “why not use these?”.

Needless to say, it didn’t take much convincing to get about 20 of us in the pool which was indeed, practically boiling at this point, as evidenced by the clouds of steam in these photos. The stars we bright. The moon was full. The pool was hot. It was amazing! They napkins were a bit skimpy but surprising effective. —Eric

The bride and groom's ceremonial first dip

by Josh and Brent

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I love this wedding story! Could there be more wonderful wedding hosts than Josh & Brent? Much happiness to you both!

annie driscoll

Hi! I loved your wedding! Esp your dress and veil. Where did you find such an amazing and unique dress??