We started designing our first collection of bed linens 3 years ago, collecting scraps of stitch work, antique textiles, block prints, and etchings to use as inspiration. With our ideas in hand, we started scouring the landscape for producers.

But what we learned was that the things we wanted to create could no longer be made in the USA.  The factories for the level of detail and handiwork, the machinery and even the know-how to operate that machinery is slowly fading away into a sepia-toned haze of America’s past.

Maybe one day Beekman 1802 linens will be so popular that we’ll build our own factory, but until then, each of our first 4 bed collections is named in honor of a historic textile town in New York State where beautiful things once were made.

Take a look:



During the Revolutionary War, the Battle of Stillwater was a turning point toward American independence.

Independent spirit. Free spirit. American spirit. Those are the things that inspire our most popular bed design.






Bellvale, NY, was part of a land grant from Queen Anne in 1703. New world settlers were drawn to the area because of the abundant timber, game and water power readily available from Long House Creek, allowing the operation of water wheel driven mills.

Our Bellvale bed is inspired by the currents of that creek and all of the creativity and craftsmanship that it powered.





The industrial nature of Fulton, NY, led to a very stable workforce for many years. In fact, during the Great Depression of the early 1930s, the New York Sun newspaper wrote a lengthy article describing Fulton, its residents and the strong local economy. It was headlined as, “Fulton, the City the Great Depression Missed.” That type of work-ethic and the natural beauty of New York State inspired our Fulton Bed.





Sangerfield was named in honor of Col. Jedediah Sanger in return for which it is said that he agreed to present a cask of rum at the first town meeting and fifty acres of land to the first church denomination which should first build a house of worship.   As you drive west on Route 20, you can see a highway mileage marker that lists both Sharon Springs and Sangerfield as destinations.



To see the entire collection of Beekman 1802 Heirloom Bed Linens, you can find them all at Bloomingdales!  Click here



by Josh and Brent

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Sandra Novak

Just finished your book, “The Bucolic Plague,” and loved every word of it. You are such talented and amazing men. I can’t wait to look over this website tomorrow. I am so eager to see everything you are selling and doing on the farm! I am now a fan.
S. Novak

Melody McSweeney

Beautiful Collections. Even more beautiful is the thought that, one day, you may build the factory. . . they WILL come. . .

Diane Svatek

We live across the river from Stillwater. Our house, built in 1732, was the ferry crossing for the area, and definitely active during the Revolution. Thank you for honoring Stillwater in your collection.