U.S. Route 20 is the longest highway in America, spanning 3365 miles from Boston to Newport, Oregon. (the “0” in it’s number signifies that it is a coast-to-coast highway).   As a main thoroughfare in the 1950’s, all types of roadside attractions sprang up along the route to lure people out of their automobiles.

One such landmark sits right outside of Sharon Springs.

The Tepee is on the National Registry for Historic Places and has been in the same family for 2 generations.  It sells Native American crafts (Brent buys a pair of Minnetonka bedroom shoes here each winter), works by local artists, and still maintains a little of the road-side souvenir kitschy that we are all so nostalgic of.

Take a photo tour with us:



Do you have any memories of road side attractions?  Share them in the comments section below!

Check out The TePee on your next visit to Sharon Springs!



by Josh and Brent

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The Harvest Chili is the absolute best! I think I may have to take a drive this weekend… See you soon, Pete!

Elizabeth Lerner

Pete’s Chili is delicious-tried veggie and reg…….YUM! Signed ‘the BOOK’. Better get there soon! Next for me is the Spicy Chili-I can handle the HEAT! Found some great gifts at the TePee too!


My favorite Michigan attraction is the Paul Bunyon/Babe the Blue Ox statue in the UP. You can also climb Castle Rock there and see a great panoramic view of the UP from up there


Have been wanting to try their chili since Brent and Joshes Dad went there on the show… Such Classic Americana!