Garth and Doug

Recently Patricia Carlson, a long-time summer visitor to Sharon Springs and the Glimmerglass Opera, stopped into the Mercantile with a lovely verse.  It pretty much captures the entire season (and gives Doug and Garth their well-deserved props)

The Supporting Cast

Garth and Doug have long been known

For rescuing the past.

But now they and their able staff

Are the support cast

They’ve saved the grand American

And the old Masonic Hall,

But now they’re TV notables

Well known to one and all.

In their new roles as aides-de-camp

They’ve been called Bunyanesque.

Slight overstatement?  Yes, maybe–

Perhaps more Runyonesque

They’ve become both friends and mentors

To the Fabulous Beekman Boys

Encouraging and guiding them

As they learn of farming’s joys.

George and Heidi are there, too

Dispensing food and drink

Promoting the Harvest Festival

And that farm-to-people link.

Doug and Garth are called upon

For myriad kinds of things

They may be moving furniture

Or wrapping soaps with strings

Twelve bars must go into each box

And be nestled in just so,

Brent demands attention to

The alignment of every bow

There is also time for having fun

Ice skating fills that bill

Doug glides by in his full length fur

He’s decked out fit to kill

Garth and Doug do rescue ops

Just as the Army might

They’ll leap into almost any breach

As they did Thanksgiving night.

The Beekman Boys were hosting

They invited quite a crowd,

But the Beekman turkey, it turned out

Was too small to make them proud.

“Oh, shit, what are we going to do?

We have fixings but scant meat.”

Fear not–for Garth and Doug arrived

To supplement the feast.

Brent’s mom and Josh’s folks

Enjoyed a full blown Fall repast–

Thanks to the hard work of their sons

And of the supporting cast.

It’s not just hauling stuff around

That they are asked to do

Sometimes they play psychologist

To the principals and the crew.

Josh and Brent will get annoyed

And then shut each other out.

And Farmer John may too succumb

And go into a pout.

But that is when our own dear friends

Rise to give their very best

Pouring oil on troubled waters

And smoothing ruffled breast.

They will tackle almost anything

To each effort give the most

The only place they draw the line–

They will not milk the goats.

In every way they are the two

On whom we all depend.

Doug and Garth will always be

Those treasure-valued friends.

If that doesn’t make you want to visit Sharon Springs and book a room at The American Hotel, we just don’t know what would!

by Josh and Brent

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Catherine S. Pond

So enjoyed meeting Doug and Garth around 2001 when we came up for a visit to see our friends Steve Gross and Sue Daley. Sharon Springs is enchanting! At that time, D and G just had the café/bakery and were starting to restore the American Inn. Not wanting to stay at a Motel Six or some such, we opted for the Adler. [Well, that's another story.] But loved the town. Had we known the Beekman was for sale in recent years we may have pounced but I believe their true and deserved owners have arrived on the scene.

I just ordered some goodies from Beekman 1802 and can't stop sneaking peaks of THE BUCOLIC PLAGUE on Amazon! (which I've also ordered)

I'm sure your combined efforts will put Sharon Springs on the map now. It really is an enchanted "Brigadoon" and I hope that will never change. We will try to put next year's Harvest Festival on our list.

Bruce & Jerry

We can't agree more! Just returned from upstate NY and the Sharon Springs area. Over 3200 miles on the car!

Doug and Garth are the greatest! We are looking to buy someplace close to Sharon Springs now. O boy!

Wonderful….Wonderful….Wonderful People…..and Hotel!

Dina...quilt lady fr

If you think Doug and Garth are great on the show….you must visit the American Hotel.By far my favorite B & B…..I am still relishing in the memories of being at the 2nd Annual Harvest Festival…..what a wonderful place, what wonderful people!

Josh….I haven't forgotten to make your quilt next! xoxo..

Dina (Farmer John's quilt lady)


Hi Guys, My husband and I just returned from the Harvest Festival there over the weekend. I grew up on a farm outside of Cooperstown, but we left the area in 1968 after my dad passed away. We still have family property there, after nearly 60 years, and return to the area whenever possible. So, when they announced that the FBB show was debuting this summer, I was SO excited! I remember when Sharon Springs was a vibrant, working village. I had hoped that the show, and all of you guys, could bring that precious jewel back to life!

We flew in from Atlanta for the weekend, just to be part of the fun (and, of course, try to get a glimse of all those adorable boys!) We had a wonderful time! The festival was everything I'd hoped it would be! I still have several childhood girlfriends in the area. We had a memory-filled weekend visiting the American Hotel, shopping at the Merchantile, enjoying locally grown veggies, the craftspeople working their booths, and especially the fellowship of the townspeople.

Thank you, Doug and Garth, for bringing the American back to life! It is certainly FABULOUS, and as warm and inviting as the two of you! Thank you for embracing Josh and Brent, and also for encouraging them to hang in and follow their dream of living at the Beekman. Best of luck on this exciting journey!

And, the best of luck to you all! We just LOVE the show and all of you guys! Thanks for a wonderful weekend getaway experience! Can't wait for next year!!

Dawn Griffiths Patterson

Roswell, Georgia

Francessca Coley

A very funny poem, which highlights the shows beautifully. Oh, and my hubby and I just finished reading the book, Josh, and LOVED it! So glad Brett and you have done this show. It makes me smile every time I watch it, for it is uplifting, funny and poignant.

Debbie Oresco

Doug and Garth are great for the show, the interactions come at the most spectactular time in the show. They are the level headedness to Josh and Brents sometimes dis…well un-relationship like behavior. My boyfriend and I have been together for 14 years now and you know it's easy to forget what the other brings to the relationship and it seems that Doug and Garth have that figured out and are helping Brent and Josh whe it is really needed and believe it or not, my relationship as well. After all these years we begin to assume about the other… W e all ko where that gets us. Thank you Garth and Doug your thoughts and advice are greatly appreciated even if it's just that "knowing look" you give, I get it (and explain it my my other half) LOL. Love you guys just as much as I love Brent and Josh (or Josh and Brent) however they prefer!



charlie in las vegas

I want to thank josh and brent for showing the world a positive and loving gay relationship. so much of the media portrays gay people as tragic and immoral. josh and brent are also showing the world that it's still possible to follow your dreams and have hope in a world with alot of terrible problems. thank's again and best wishes to both of you!


We had the great fortune of meeting Garth and Doug this past Saturday and they are so wonderful! We cannot wait to come back again and spend more time!


Doug and Garth most certainly exude warmth and a welcoming atmosphere at the American Hotel. Looking forward to another visit.

Susie Foster

I enjoy Doug and Garth as much as Brent and Josh. Me and my family are in the Tampa Bay area FL so I would certainly love to escape our oppressive heat and make a trip to Sharon Springs to stay at The American Hotel. I've forgotten what seasons are like.

Dolette Alvarado

My partner and I just added a leg to our vacation plans which will be two nights in Sharon Springs because of our love of the show and the fact that it's close to Cooperstown where she can visit the Baseball Hall of Fame. I made our reservation with Doug and he was absolutely delightful. We had so much fun chatting and we can't wait to meet both Doug and Garth.

Rosemary Fischer Nor

Yes, enjoy Garth & Doug on the show…they are FABULOUS also!! Can't wait for season 2!


I would say Doug & Garth are now family! If ever my husband and I are in Sharon Springs, the American Hotel will be our first stop. The warmth and love these 2 men exude can only make the stay more pleasurable……….


Love you guys for your warm, gentle, and loving ways. Your gentle ways in helping Brent and Josh to see what is important in a relationship was very touching to see. Your both wonderful people, love seeing you on this wonderful series.


thanks guys,I have really enjoyed the Fabulous Beekman Boys Show,keep up the greet job,Love Jonathan


i recently checked out their prices and reviews that people had left online, i just wish we could afford the cost… it would be nice to stay there

Teri Tighe

Wonderful. The folks of Sharon Springs, and especially Doug and Garth, are wonderful people.