When we were filming the first season of The Fabulous Beekman Boys, we captured the first Thanksgiving in which our moms met one another for the first time.

Although neither of us came from “formal dining” families, Brent wanted to dress up for the holiday because of its significance to our personal lives (and also because it was going to be on TV!). But even the lights and the cameras couldn’t thwart Brent’s love of feasting on all of his favorite holiday dishes. (Yes, Brent’s favorite dish is actually turkey and stuffing!)

So he decided to be all business on the top and all party down below.


Thus the idea for the Thanksgiving Pant™ was born—a pair of pants that looks good enough to wear when you need to be dressy but also comfortable enough that you could do whatever you wanted to in them.

Brent trademarked the term ‘Thanksgiving Pant™’ but it took 4 years for the fashion world to catch up with him. It wasn’t until the “athleisure” trend picked up steam that he could convince anyone that his idea was worth pursuing. And now they are a real thing (making their world-wide debut on Evine on Nov 13)

But the story of the pant is just the prelude to the story of the Thanksgiving Dress™.

This past summer while finalizing the construction of the pant, Brent was on Pinterest (he spends 10 minutes on Pinterest each morning as he is having his cup of coffee because he likes to start the day by seeing a bunch of creative stuff). And he came across this picture.


Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 2.58.34 PM



Now keep in mind that this was in the middle of summer. It was a rare week on the farm when temperatures were consistently above 90 degrees (the farmhouse doesn’t have air conditioning) and Brent is very hot-natured in the first place. He may have been having a heat stroke.

At that moment he saw it he thought nothing in the world looked more comfortable than this house dress (not even Thanksgiving Pants™).

He posted the picture of the dress on his Facebook page making the joke that “I don’t care what anyone says, I want this dress.”

It turns out a lot of other people wanted it, too–almost 6000 likes, 500 shares and hundreds of comments.

Less than a week later, someone had tracked down this old Butterick Pattern and mailed it to Brent.




He thought to himself, “Anyone would be thankful to have a dress like this if only it looked a little more polished an chic.” (These are actually words that Brent uses on a pretty regular basis.)

So he used that original idea, some soft and cozy sweater knit fabric, added ¾ length sleeves and a little piping detail and created the Thanksgiving Dress.



Of course these pants and dresses don’t have to just be worn on Thanksgiving, but here are the reasons that they are clothes to be thankful for no matter when or how you decide to wear them

  1. stylish

  2. comfortable

  3. made in the USA



Beekman 1802 Thanksgiving Pants™ & Thanksgiving Dress™

Clothes to be thankful for


Making their world-wide debut on EVINE on Nov 13 and 14. Click here for their debut onine



Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 3.26.11 PM


by Josh and Brent

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My grandmother actually made me this dress when I was young. It was reversible (she did print on one side, solid on the other) and It was great since we lived in the south with no air conditioning.