Pyongson Yim makes Beekman beautiful.

Angela Rae Berg and I first arrived at the Beekman farm in Sharon Springs, NY in June 2009. She as the fearless Director of the now titled show, “The Fabulous Beekman Boys” and me as her Director of Photography. Our mission was to capture footage for a Planet Green television pilot. I had no clue what “Beekman 1802” was all about then. I was there to do a job. Little did I realize that meeting Brent and Josh would infuse my life and that Angela and I would embark on a journey that we are continuing on to this day.

Initially, I was impressed by the grandeur and size of the Beekman farm. But, I soon realized, beauty was not just skin deep here. The place had a soul and its allure lurked in the details – the silent bones at the crypt, the dusk’s dripping dew, Brent’s and Josh’s hardworking boots, down to the cracked wood – and those details embodied the spirit of the farm’s long history that had been shaken awake from its slumber by the arrival of the city slickers, Josh and Brent.

Winter afternoon

As a city girl myself, I had a lot of fears to overcome. Fear of getting dirty, of smelling bad, of being eaten by a llama and 60 goats, and yes, fear of fresh air! I realized that to truly capture the Beekman farm on camera, I had to get over myself. Thus, Angela and I rolled up our sleeves, put on our own muck boots and got down and dirty in the mud, goat pens, and pig sty. We followed the boys closely; we got rained on when they did, we splashed around in pig manure right alongside them, and we steadied ourselves next to goats’ derrieres for the perfect shots.

Not only did we capture the horizon at hoof level, we also looked above to the sun, skies and the invisible winds, which really lent the Beekman farm its sense of movement. I loved to film the clouds that always moved with fury, and the sprouting flowers and greens that danced in the wind. Coming from LA where the smog is so thick that it belies the sky above, people and nature itself can remain stagnant; and the sun can white out one’s vision and even one’s sense of time. But at the farm, we had the chance to stop, breathe and really see life grow before our eyes.

Farmer John's Close-Up

The best part was that we could translate the beauty we saw in person to the camera. You sometimes hear people say that pictures can’t do beauty justice. Let’s just say that the Beekman farm is an exception, a very photogenic location, location, location that looks just as magical on camera.

Working on this show has been a cinematographer’s paradise. I have more than overcome my initial apprehension and more than anything, I have learned to see and appreciate Beekman’s beauty myself, even beyond the lens of the camera.

Pyongson Yim is the Director of Photography for The Fabulous Beekman Boys.  She has also shot for Man Shops Globe and the Emmy-nominated Last Beekeeper.  She shot Josh’s author photo for the back cover of The Bucolic Plague and her portrait of Brent and Josh will appear in the September 2010 issue of Vogue.

by Josh and Brent

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Susan Spehar

I have been resting from a recent surprise syncopal episode – the first indication that at almost 64, I am living in a body that isn’t perfect. I was channel surfing and totally by accident found the Beekman Boys. I was smiling and crying through the four episodes I watched, especially the birthing of the goats.

I find the “boys” so refreshing and honest and I truly appreciate their willingness to share with the rest of us the beauty and struggles of Beekman farm.

I am sure that if Brent were taking care of me, I would recoup quicker!

Great job!


Can I watch the show online?? It hasn't made it to Portugal yet!!! loved your words pyongson!

Aunt Gail


Great job! Enjoyed reading this and seeing you on the job…..

Hugs to you and hope to see you and Kyle soon!

Aunt G

Pat of Etna, CA

Pyongson, as your mother in law, I cannot say that I could feel more proud of the work you do…. you are an artist with the camera and the photos, your canvas, are always magnificent… so happy to read all the wonderful comments of others appreciating your work!!!


Thank you for sharing your experience in words with us, Pyongson, in addition to your outstanding photography work. We recently saw an episode of goats in labor. I am beginning to realize that involvement with Beekman (whether it be as a resident, worker, or viewer) is all involved in a magical labor of love — the real and best kind of reality!

I saw someone mention earlier the possibility of a calendar of Beekman. I was thinking the same thing. Also, I would love to see online offerings of picture postcards, various photographs, coasters with pictures of the goats, etc. I know personally I would love to be able to purchase a 5"x7" glossy of Polka Spot that I could frame and keep on my computer desk. It would bring me endless smiles and feel good warm fuzzies. I would think the "Diva" would love that as well…

Would you also mention to Brent & Josh the idea of holding a contest to name a goat or something else on the farm? Viewers like myself are so drawn in that we somehow want to be a part of the farm ourselves. We may be distant in miles but our hearts are all on the same page.

May all involved with the Beekman continue to be enriched as you have enriched others lives.


Love the show!!! It't nice to know others have fled the urban life for the more relaxing rural life.

My partner and I fled, Los Angeles for rural Texas and never looked back. Many of our urban friends in California thought we were nuts- I guess they ar now rethinking thier choices to live in the city after seeing your show each week and our photos on face book.

Keep up the outstanding work guys!!


The filming is breathtaking…It really moves you…Soooo well done! Bravo to you both!

sharon e

The photography of the show is breathtaking. You make me want to live there–or at least come visit soon! Sharon Springs may soon have a lot more than 600 people if you keep extolling it natural wonders.


Pyongson's photos and words are inspiring. Is there a calender of the Beekman's changing seasons & animals in the works??

Lynette Werner

Loved the article, you have made the whole country fall in love with Beekman Farm, Josh, Brent, Farmer John and all the animals. Great job.


The cinematography is outstanding. Each scene is so carefully choreographed. A truely amazing crew. The Beekman has NEVER looked so majestic.


Pyongson you work on this series and The Last Beekeeper is truly amazing and inspiring!


I have enjoyed watching the farms through the seasons, and I must say the winter shots last night were just breathtaking . While sitting our temps here were hoovering around 88 with a heat index of 97, I I could feel the winter chill. It was wonderful !

Dr. Brent

HI, Lisa

You hit on one of the reason the show is so different than anything else on TV right now. Most reality shows are filmed in a very short period of time, but The Fabulous Beekman Boys is filmed documentary-style and they follow us for an entire year so that every season on the farm is captured


Isnt it funny how the simple beauty of country livin can get rid of all those "fears" that you city folk have when you first arrive. hehe Love the shots, all of them.


What can be said about show. I feel like they are my family. Love Josh, Brent and especially Farmer John. Can't wait till Wednesday nights. Josh and Brent are the Ozzie and Harriott of 2010.


Enjoyed reading this article & seeing the pictures that were taken…..WANT MORE!!!


My dear, you have become the very Justice of Beauty

at Beekman and we all recognize that.

joyce brady

i love your show… brent and josh and farmer john and the goats and polkadot oh the list could go on… i love you guys… i love your show and i have purchased your soap and i love it…. you all truly rock… please put your show on dvd so i can watch it…over and over… lol love ya's

Joe Geppert

Nice how circumstances can teach us in ways we did not expect the beauty of nature is hard to appreciate in our mundane day to day lives. My partner always comments on how I see the growth and beauty even in weeds along a sidewalk. But it always amazes me how life can grow in the most unexpected places. But the true beauty of nature is all around us and we need to step back and take a look sometimes. Joe


What a great story. I can appreciate the farm just by watching it on tv. So incredibly beautiful. So glad the ladies have come to love it and the boys, as well.


I am a freelance photography in Ohio and just wanted to say that I LOVE the photos and can't wait to see the cookbook photography. Pyongson Yim, if you ever need assistance 😉