The dropping of the leaves in autumn reveals an entirely new beautiful layer of nature. A crunchy walk around the farm always reveals some of the abandoned construction projects of Spring and Summer – birds nests. Often the approaching winds of winter knock some of them to the ground, and we love collecting them to marvel at their intricate construction. (Never remove a nest from a tree…sometimes its tenants plan on returning in spring.)

We started keeping our “collection” on our dining room windowsills and recently we realized we had our own rookery [a grouping of nesting birds]. This inspired the idea for our Rookery Wreath.

Using a recycled wired frame from last Christmas’ wreath (the goats had cleaned it bare of greenery), we positioned the nests around the frame.

If your nests are loosely formed or your particular wreath frame lacks posts, you can secure the nests using acrylic fishing line. Once the nests were positioned we coated with clear-drying aerosol adhesive to secure them into place.  After the adhesive dried we then sprayed with a coat of polyurethane. The entire project took less than 15 minutes.

The wreath can hang on your front door as is, or can be used on a table where each nest can be filled with something decorative.

What will you put in yours?


Imagine how you can decorate the wreath for each season of the year and share your ideas with the rest of us in the comments section below.


See how this inspired one of our latest designs:  The Bird’s Nest Iron Bowl

by Josh and Brent

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Barb Meyer

Since we have a lot of hummingbirds in our pine trees, you inspired us to collect the fallen ones to make a mini wreath for our sunroom. I even have nests of my daughter's blonde hair and some horse hair nests collected over the years that could also be a heirloom wreath from our farm. Love your ideas!!

Sharri Cumbow

The nests would also be lovely added to a christmas tree that is decorated with all natural items, i.e. holly, raffia, cranberries, dried oranges, etc..

Karen Hand

What a fabulous idea!! You guys inspire me…and I only discovered you today. Looking forward to a ever-lasting, inspirational relationship with The Beekman Boys!


I have a BA in Studio Art and you guys make me look like a stump. Man, I marvel at your creativity!! Another score for the boys!!

Carol Maguire

We have only found one nest in the last

Six years but we have picked up quite a few

Broken eggs that I've Used as decorations.

Your idea is great but I don't think I'll ever

Find enough nests at the rate we're going!

By the way, you're my favorite peeps!

Lorraine Slater

It would be great to decorate the nests with different colored eggs each month. The eggs could be replicas of real eggs. With white for Jan, red for Feb, green for Mar etc. and add bird replicas, ribbon, raffia, crystals etc. to embellish each look. The more natural the embellishments the more they would compliment the nests.


I love the idea of the bird nest wreath. I also am very excited to receive the bird nest iron bowl that was shipped to me today. I am going to give it to my dear friend who is turning 40 at the end of the month and has been battling inoperable Grade 4 Glioblastoma brain cancer for two years. When I saw the bowl and watched the You-Tube video of how it is made ….it truly made me happy and I knew at that moment that was the gift for her ! I think she will love it !!!! I love everything BEEKMAN!!!!. In fact I bathed with the goat milk soap this evening. My last two bars of the 12 month gift set I ordered a few months ago. Love u guys!

Dr. Brent

Hi, Katana. Thanks so much for thinking of Beekman for this special gift. We hope your friend finds it really special. Our thoughts are with her.

Patti Myers

I love you guys but it is against Federal, State, and local laws to keep any bird alive or dead, the eggs, the feathers, or the nests if protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. There are over 800 species covered under the treaty.

traci sabia

such a simple project that anyone can do. one can get even more creative with kids and have them glue birdies and eggs in it for easter. again, fab u lous boys!!!!!!!!


O My Gee… Over the years my children where young we did this every year. We first put the bird nests in the freezer to kill any insects. Gave them a little shake sprayed and formed them with the spray adhesive before putting them in the wreath form then again after. Wish I had a picture handy, Our favorite was in the spring with eggs and tiny birdhouse attached. 🙂