A nice bath in 1802 probably meant securing a primo spot right next to the stove, so we’ve made a few recommendations to update the idea of a perfect Beekman bath

Make it shine

Think of the feeling you get when you walk into a clean, organized bathroom in a nice hotel room, and give your own bathroom the same treatment.  Clean off all of the counters and the edges of the tub so that everything is clutter-free, even if you have to throw everything in a box and shove it under the bed for the evening

Words of wisdom:  mold, mildew and soap scum are NOT romantic, but use non-toxic cleaners and elbow grease. The fumes from some bathroom cleaners can be overwhelming.

Make it sparkle

Turn down the lights and place candles around the room and tub and in front of the mirror so they will reflect.  Using a number of candles in different sizes creates a more dramatic and luxurious feel.  If you are using multiple candles, opt for unscented candles.  In a small space (like most bathrooms) the scents could be overpowering and you would not want them to compete with whatever bath products you choose to use.

Get wet

The ideal temperature for bath water is 96 to 104 degrees.  Making water too hot will only dry out the skin.  Buy a small container of essential oil (lavender is a safe bet) and add a few drops to the water.   While many Hollywood movies and plenty of magazine covers will have you convinced that having things like rose petals scattered on top of the bath is romantic, cleaning up the mess after you’re done in the tub is not.  Skip it.

Stay cool

Things in the bathroom are likely to get steamy (for one reason or another).  Have a bottle of champagne on ice or some other chilled beverage on hand.

Set the rhythm

Let’s face it.  You’ve made a mushy music mix tape at some point in your life.  With the use of iTunes, it’s never been easier.  Pick about an hour’s worth of music to relax by.

Rest your head

Purchase a bath pillow if you do not already have one. They can be purchased at most dollar stores.  Have it blown up and already in place in the tub.

Get down to business

Ok, so the point of this bath is not really cleanliness, but why not take care of business at the same time?   Buy an all-natural soap that is great for the skin.   Of course, we recommend the exceptionally moisturizing goat milk soaps from Beekman 1802.  While we are all for exfoliating, leave that to another time.

Words of wisdom:  You may get extra credit by tracing sweet messages along their back with the tip of your index finger.   And is there anyone anywhere who doesn’t enjoy having their hair washed by someone else?!

Wrap it up

If you don’t happen to be one of the lucky few with a towel warmer in your bathroom, just before the bath is over pop the towels and a robe into the dryer.

Find closure

We’ll let you decide how to finish up the evening, but we might suggest a nice rubdown with a moisturizing lotion, and to really seal the deal, don’t forget to clean up the bathroom the next morning.

Share your own tips for the perfect bath in the comment section below.

Need help?  Try Beekman 1802 MilkShake Bath Soaks.

by Josh and Brent

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Ron Gilmore

I so admire what you guys are doing. Just finished Bucolic Plague and regularly catch your show. My partner of 30 years, Kendall, amd I stumbled upon our dream home at 9,000 feet in the Southern New Mexico Rockies and still trying to find a way to get there full time. Meanwhile stuck working a career in Madison, Wisconsin. You inspire me! — Ron


when i had my bathroom remodeled i saved the old tub and put it in my flower garden.i dug a hole and filled it with rock for drainage so i don't step out of the tub into a swamp.before starting work in the garden i fill the tub with the hose so the water warms up a bit.when i'm done with my chores i get in the tub to cool off and relax.it also cuts down on the dirt i track in the house.

as for dried flowers in the bath…i've put them in the foot of a sock and then knotted the sock at the ankle.for gifts ive sewn 3 sides of a mini pillow,filled it with the dried flowers and then sewed the 4th side.works kind of like a giant cup of tea.


Hmm, nice. Bathing is such a sensual experience, so why not make it even better. I think that life should always be so sensual. Great ideas. I make bath teas with essential oils (as you say Lavender is always good), herbs, spices, salts and powdered milk. Dpending on my mood, I mix them up in various combinations. The muslin bags keep the petals from floating around and making a messy clean up. I will have to give some thought to the bathing music. I agree that Enya is good for just about anything.

What a great suggestion: goat's milk lotion!


I was pruned. The water was frigid. (That's what woke me up.) And the bubble bath solution had formed into a kind of soupy film on my skin. I had to shower all over again and chalk one up to experience. (Oh, and worst of all I missed Ugly Betty!)


I have a tub/shower combo, so I always draw the curtain closed to ensconce myself in a little bubble world of zen. It also keeps the steam in. As for mushy music, Enya's always a good choice. (I once fell asleep in the tub by accident. Avoid it at all costs.)


Love the suggestions. Here's how I adapt for a beautiful shower experience (because I don't have a gorgeous clawfoot tub, darnnit) .I have a raindome fixture in the ceiling. It looks like a very large square with four smaller square panels where water "rains down" on you in various pressures. Along the wall is a separate handheld massage wand that sprays water in various pressure. It's quite relaxing standing under a gentle waterfall.

And taking a cue from my favorite hotel chain, I always keep two white Turkish bathrobes hanging in the bathroom for guests to wear upon stepping out of the shower. I also have bottles of Kiehl's Creme D' Corps lotion at the ready. (until Beekman develops a body lotion- hint, hint).

Dr. Brent

Hi, Will

We love it! Who doesn't want to shower in the rain?!

BTW–lotions planned for holiday 2010!–with a Beekman twist, of course!