baby goats for kids

NOTE:  This contest is now over.  Congratulations to Dorothy Hayes (Francine), Paul A. Bevard (Shelby) Donna Tega Soper (Donovan), Darlene Coachman (Abby) for choosing names deemed baby goat worthy by Farmer John!


Goat, goat, bo boat, banana fana fo goat, fi fi mo moat


Kidding season at Beekman 1802 begins around Valentine’s Day and by the middle of March there are usually about 100 babies already filling the specially-constructed nurseries in the barn.

Farmer John is exceptionally creative at coming up with names for the wee-ones, but even he starts running out of ideas at some point.

This is why we need your help!

Beginning on March 14 and for 4 consecutive days, we’ll post a picture of the newborns on our Facebook page. Put down a baby name  on that post, and if Farmer John chooses your selection, you’ll win a gift set from our friends at Burt’s Bees Baby!!  (click here to see more of these 100% organic cotton goods).  One winner will be chosen each day.

NEW!  You can watch the Beekman Baby Goats 24/7 on our live cam by clicking here.


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