One of the newest designs from the Beekman 1802 Rural Artists Collective is our Beekman 1802 Tabletop Birdbath, hewn entirely from one piece of solid New York State Bluestone. They’re based on the design of Victorian Butterfly baths, and are individually crafted by a third-generation stone mason. We filmed the making of one recently…click below to watch!


by Josh and Brent

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Jim Byrd

First I loved the music that went along with the video! the presentation was very interesting it looks easier than it is I'm sure but how heavy is the birdbath, again thanks for the fun video's after a long day this brought a smile to my face and a thought of what I might want to give to a special someone.

sue tolbert

How many hours go into this wonderful creation? I'm always so amazed but not surprised at the products coming out of Beekman 1802. sue t.

Robert Finn-Clarke

Hi guys, what an informative and entertaining video.

The stone bath looks fantastic. Can't wait to buy one next time we drive through

Sharon Springs on our way to our family's rustic retreat, where it will fit in perfectly.