Geras Tousignant Gallery in San Francisco has long-included Beekman 1802 products in their “gorgeous little things” collection—products as an art form!  James Geras and Daniel Tousignant are men of great style and taste, which is why we were thrilled when they shared with us the details of a recent renovation project.

1. You live in San Francisco. Why buy a house in Maine?

Why Maine? It’s America’s vacation land; it’s steeped in history; we have some family there; and after visiting we just fell in love with the pure Maine country side and the fact that it has a coastal climate

2. What did you think when you first laid eyes on the house?

The house had been previously owned by a bit of a hoarder, so it was hard to see the entire inside, but we loved the fact that the house was all original and hadn’t been remodeled. They just didn’t see the need to remodel, so some of the rooms had the original paint

3. What was the most surprising thing that happened during the renovation process?

The renovation project was done over a three years, so we took our time and the biggest surprise was the original beams in the kitchen

4. What is your favorite decorative item in the house?

Elmer, Elmer, and Elmer–the full sized one solid piece of wood statue of the local salvage yard owner

5. What feature of the house did you spend a lot of time and thought that people overlook?

Actually the opposite of overlooking, but people love and obsess about the mural in the living room , and I did it in an afternoon *snap*

6. Do you feel that you are completely done with the house or is there another project?

Never completely done, there is a whole list of projects.

Right now we have plans to build a disco room in the middle of the forest–four glass walls enclosing a lighted dance floor, disco ball, and surround sound! We also want to buy a wonderful metal Airstream and trick it out as a guest suite for visiting friends.
We just purchased an 1850 carriage house in the nearby village of Wiscasset that has been used by a law firm for the past 30 years and we are taking it to its original state and making it our east coast gallery and flagship store for our new company Sheepscot Hill. (That will of course feature Beekman 1802 items!!)



This house renovation was recently featured in NEW ENGLAND HOME MAGAZINE.    Click here to see more beautiful photos of the home and read more of the story.

by Josh and Brent

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Liz L.

Wow, I recently read an article about James and Daniel and their home in New England Home ( but it had just a fraction of the number of pictures posted here. It’s wonderful to see all the “before” photos. The wooden kitchen counters are so beautiful, and I’m in love with the colorful chandelier.

BTW, the “Exit” lamp in photo 76 is from Sharon Springs own Roger + Chris.