Driving back to the farm, I marveled that there was still enough light at 9:30pm to see goats in the pasture.  It reminded briefly of the long summer evenings we spent in my grandparents’  backyard playing with the gang of local kids.  How thrilled must the adults have been to have us out of the house for so much of the evening.

As pleasant at the thought was, it was fleeting.  Almost immediately, I began thinking how dreadful that the days were going to start getting shorter just as summer officially began.

As I made my way down the back porch, already thinking about what I needed to do when I got inside the house, I noticed Bubby, one of our intrepid barn cats, sitting on his perch on the porch railing just outside the kitchen’s screen door.

Bubby sits on the railing every night for about an hour, watching the sun slip into the pockets of the Mohawk Valley.

His days (and most of his nights) are very busy.   There’s nary a mouse to be found anywhere in the barn or the garden.  Yet still he makes the time for sitting on the porch at sunset.

Perhaps his feline wisdom comes with age (Bubby is nearly 13 years old).

Life, like the days of summer, is always waning.

What did you do with your extra minutes of sunlight?

by Dr. Brent

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Greta Verhalen

I love your show. I would love to leave the rat race behind for a different lifestyle. I can't say that your pace is slower, but has its advantages. I met you Sat, Deb sent me. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet my daughter and me. You were very warm and gracious. I hope that you and Josh won't be apart much longer, life really is short, and y'all deserve to be together. My best wishes for you both. Can't wait for the new show to begin! Greta

Janice Mahon

After this horrendous summer, temps in the 90s the entire three months, I am happy that the sun is going down earlier.

Beautiful picture of Bubby. My 15 year old calico, Lucy, died last August of feline Alzheimers, yes cats do get dementia. I held her in my arms when she was one day old and held her when she died.

I love your show and I am so happy that you are coming back for another season. No dogs on your show, is this because of the goats? And I love Sharon Springs. Hopefully the Roseboro Hotel will sell and bring a lot of new business to the town and a lot of new business to your store.

Much love to you Josh and Farmer John.

Nathaniel Shell in D

Here in Dallas, we are in the midst of a heat wave with temps of 100 or more so sitting outside is out of the question. Thankfully, fall is just around the corner and we will be back out on our porch swing or in our gliders covered in our puppies and loving the evenings again. Here in Texas we can do this for most of the year as winters are short, spring is early and fall is fabulous. Only parts of June, most of July and all of August are like sitting in front of a blast furnace. We will sit out till it's dark and enjoy our life together talking about everything or nothing at all. Life is good and we are happy.


Sitting in the backyard by the pool with my golden retriever curled up at my feet just enjoying being outside. He's a great example of how to live your life; he always stays in the moment and never passes up the chance to enjoy the outdoors.

The other day we were at our lake cabin and it seemed like as soon as he finished his breakfast he darted down the dock and jumped in the lake. He just didn't want to miss a minute.

Hopefully as the summer winds down we will all follow his example to enjoy the time we have and not miss a minute…


Love, love, love the show as do many of my friends. The only thing I don't like is that it is only on for half an hour and the other half is a repeat. We would really like to see, hope to see, it on for an hour.

Connie Wedding

That is such a great picture! So clear, I feel like I am standing right there in the grass, breathing the fresh country air.

Linda Gregory

Hi Dr. Brent,

My husband and I love the show and wish you and Josh every happiness and success with the business.

Linda & Tom

Connie Wedding

Ahhhhh….makes me want to grab a glass of iced tea, hit the porch swing, and just take life easy. We should all slow down more, not get so wrapped up in technology and gimmicky gadgets and the fast pace we have gotten used to, and just enjoy what life is really all about. The simple pleasures, family, friends, nature, laughter, and just living life with full appreciation.


Beautiful barn photo- did you shoot it yourself Dr. Brent?

I love the times of day when light seems almost a tangible golden effortless and barely discrenable, invisible liquid, poised expectantly everywhere. It's magic.


Oh how I love the show! And I love to see the interaction between you and Josh. You have certainly made a beautiful home at Beekman, and the barn is gorgeous.I feel like I learn something new with every episode. I especially appreciated the care you gave to Porky and Bess.I just love everythng about you!You have a fan for life. Much success with the business, and the sacrifices that both you and Josh are making to ensure its success.


Came across your show one night and just truly love it! I grew up in the sticks west of Erie, PA, almost on the southern shore of Lake Erie. My dad's family was started there and they had a farm in the early 20th century, so naturally we grew up growing all of our own vegetables and berries and riding the ponies. As a kid, we loved it when it was light out so late, and then of course, when it was dark we could play flashlight tag since school was out! A special memory was planting the garden with Dad. Even as little kids everything was exciting from going to buy the seeds until the harvest and putting it up for the winter, my mom's forte'. I still remember four corn seeds in each hill. My Dad always said to "pick the the sweet corn while the dew is still on" for the tastiest corn, and I still believe him! However, I'm sure they didn't love it when my brothers and I would chase each other through the corn rows like it was our own jungle. I think we got yelled at for that… 🙂 When I do my own vegetable out back, the smell of the plants on my hands just immediately takes me back and I can just hear dad…

Anyway, thanks for such a great show, sharing yourselves, your farm and animals. I'm now a devoted fan. Wish you and Josh all the best.

Sharlae Berte

Love your show! I live in the country, only two acres, and I have not had time to garden and enjoy living. Recently, changed jobs and now will have 4 days a week when I don't work. You and Josh have been an inspiration to get back to the important things in life. Making home home made.

Lisa B.

I positively love your show. It reminds me so much of visiting my grandparents farm in the Ozarks when I was a child. During those long summer months we would sit on the porch drinking sodie, as grandpa called it, and naming the pigs in the pen, knowing fully what would happen to them in the fall. It was part of farm life and we were well aware of it. Your recent show with the pigs was a beautiful reminder of the realities of farm life.

Thank for such a great show. The two of you are wonderful!

Carlos Cruz

What a true pleasure it was to stumble upon your show! You are living my ultimate dream! Much love and praise from Los Angeles!!!


I just watched 2 shows on TLC this morning. LOVED IT! I'm a new fan and will be watching faithfully from now on. Definitely be spreading the word & tell my friends to watch also! Grew up in a very small rural town in Northern Wisconsin. Nothing better than fresh food. Now Live in CA, and get fresh vegetables & fruits at local farmers market. Thanks for showing us your beautiful home and animals. Good luck – tried to get on your online store to see products – unable to despite several attempts – will try again later. What a wonderful life!!

kathy Mulig

I grew up on a farm, and for the past 3 years, I have been trying to get back to that life I have missed, so much. Work maybe harder, but so much more rewarding. My favorite summer day memory, would have to be laying on the hay wagon, in the middle of a field, smelling the fresh cut hay, watching the birds, looking for seeds, and bugs disturbed by the tractor.


I stumbled across your show I absolutely love it! It brings back memories when I was a kid in the 80's and my parents taught my sisters and me the value of food with our own backyard garden. We had chickens which we gathered eggs from almost every day. Our chore was to pick the best greens from the garden for fresh salad every night. It was a small "farm" in the middle of Seattle but it taught us so much. Now that I'm an adult living in a small apartment and buying everything from the store I think back to those days and I realize how much I miss going to the garden. And though summer is halfway over I want to plan my own garden for next year so even though it will be a small planter in the window I can go back to those days of picking my dinner out from the land, feeling the connection to it, instead of the grocery store. Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring show. I wish both of you the best in your farming endeavours!


I mourned my Mum. She recently passed away after 95 amazing, loving, lovely years. And I appreciated every moment of the longest evening of summer….


Looking forward to the Harvest Festival in Sept and meeting you both…I hope to be bringing you a special gift (a homemade treasure)….just a little something to give you back the joy you have brought to others like me…..:)


Hi Brent. I stumbled on a marathon of the show, which I had never seen before, and am really enjoying it. It's very entertaining and informative too. I grew up on a farm in Tennessee and was constantly weeding, feeding, grooming, etc., so I know how much work is involved. You guys are doing a great job; everything looks beautiful. Best of luck.


Found your show last night while channel surfing. Now I am hooked. You both are an amazing couple as is Farmer John.

We left N.Y. 32 years ago for Fla. Now we just moved to the Smokey Mtns. in N.C.

Love sitting on my porch and taking in the views mother nature has provided – a forest, hummingbirds, fox, black bears (mother & 2 babies), racoons and for the first time a pair of eastern blue birds. So glad we moved.

So, as I am sitting on my porch (with a dry Manhattan)- I toast you all.


Thanks Brent! Chris and I used to subscribe to Out and I thought Josh looked famililar. I am very good with faces, which makes life good, but at times confusing when you seem to recognize everyone! happy belated 4th og July! You and Josh should visit Maine in the summer, it is beautiful!


Hi Brent! Thanks for responding to my partner, Chris, above. He saw the show and we DVR it, and thoroughly enjoy it. We are watching the pilot right now! I have to say I am more of the type A perfectionist (at times), although when it comes to plants it is the other way around. Compromise and middle ground makes everything work. BY chance, does Josh write for OUT magazine?

Have a great holiday weekend!


Caught the show by accident, glad I did, what a name. I love the dynamics between you and Josh and although not perfect, you both find a common ground at the end of the day. Great success to you both, thanks for sharing!


Like you we have over 80 goats in New York..we also make cheese and soap but we do not have sales as grand as yours (maybe 200 bars a year of soap).. we can't afford to get our cheese regulated and I can't afford the insurance on the soap . but I do enjoy doing both… we also have one llama (Prancer) 3 pigs ( but they will be leaving us soon) 5 steers, 3 rabbits, 200 chickens, 3 turkeys, 1 lone duck who has out lived her family (she is 13) , and 6 barn cats (whom just seem to show up),in the house we have 3 cats (one is 17, one is 14 and one is 2) , 2 dogs ( 13 and 7), 8 gerbils and 4 guinea pigs…. we are self sufficient as much as possible and love every minute of it… Thank you for sharing your lives.. my children are really enjoying your show.. (ages..17-15-11)

Dr. Brent

Thanks for sharing your life, Tricia. The barn cats do just seem to appear out of nowhere. Bravo for teaching your kids about living a sustainable life

Georgina Houchen

Caught the show by accident, I now have set the recorder as to not miss a show. My husband and I have 35 acres in Southeastern Indiana. I feel like we speek the same language in terms of making a living from the farm and also sharing the knowledge on raising your own natural foods, it can be done. You have a new fan.

Ken Payne

Just watched the first two episodes again, very amusing.. Who knew the soaps I ordered from you last year would turn into a show on tv. I was suppose to let you know how I enjoyed the soaps, and I loved them ! I still have some bug repellent soaps left.

I'll be ordering more, and maybe some cheese! My Husband and I see similarities between you both and us.

Thanks for the laughs!



In Australia we have just had the shortest day of the year – the winter soltice. While i'm rugged up nice and toastie in my warm Blue Mountains house 1.5 hours from Sydney, I look out the window and marvel at a moss covered tree and appreciate my garden in it's 'dormant' winter state. Stephen



Jill Appenzeller

Sat outside by the swimming pool, watched the sun set oh so slowly in the north west and fed the mosquitoes. Had a Hendrick's Gin martini so the mosquitoes are inebriated – I hope. Two olives, one onion. We are thinking of naming our not-yet-chosen pair of Jack Russell Terriers Olive and Onion. Miss our old terrier Cricket – Wish we had goats…and chickens. Stopping to smell the flowers in part because of you two – thank you. Jill


You guys are living my dream. It is a beautiful reality that you both created. Thanks for giving me hope that my dream could come true.


I watched your show the other night & I am obsessed! I cant wait for my soaps & linens to arrive! Your website & show are a restful escape. Hope to visit Sharon Springs this Fall, Thanks for the inspiration! All the best for a bountiful season!

Patrick R.

Oh dear heavens, I do cringe at the thought that we begin losing puffs of daylight after June 21st. We don't always bear in mind that when summer officially begins, the days start getting shorter. Well, it's time for a vodka and a splash of cranberry- something I can enjoy no matter the season!

Lori Baker

Just bookmarked your website. Simply love it, tonight maybe you will enjoy the porch as much as the cat. P.S. Off to buy cherries for the whiskey and cherry drink in your food blog so I can sit on my porch tonight too 🙂


One must do something extraordinary on the solstice day. So, I learned how to use a riding mower for the first time in my life and mowed the lawn! In the first half of my life, I just couldn't afford one and had to use a push mower. I just LOVE the riding mower. Next, I am starting a compost pile…

luv from mapletown!


Brent, I caught your show the other night quite by accident… what a happy accident it was.

Best of luck to you and Josh with the show and the business, I smell success!

P.S. I found you via The Farmers Wife, Suzanne.


What a good reminder to take in the simple things in life! It makes me want to go down to the lake (Cayuga in Finger Lakes) tomorrow night with a glass of wine.


The longest day of the year, means the longest amount of time out on the patio enjoying it! Nothing like an evening on the patio to celebrate summer!

Joe Geppert

Sat in hammock reading Josh's book and laughing and having a good time, then once the sun went down had a fire in the firepit and ate some bad food but(hotdogs) but had so much fun roasting them and enjoying the sounds of summer.