Neither of us had ever been to Nantucket, the historic whaling island off of the cape of Massachusetts. Invited by the Nantucket Preservation Trust to give a lecture shortly after our wedding, we decided to make this a honeymoon trip as well.

Here’s our honeymoon as captured by Brent’s new found love of Instagram and our friend Paulette Tavormina (whom many of you know as the photographer of our cookbooks)

Thanks for tagging along.

We’re “bam”–over the moon.



by Josh and Brent

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Paula Hamilton

You two have never looked happier. Beautiful pics! Congratulations! Love ya’ll.
Paula H.

Dolores Gerber

Love the photos! Even more love that you share your special moments, like your honeymoon with us. My sister lives in Newton, MA. My next trip out to visit her, we will have to go out to Nantucket, looks beautiful. Again, thanks for allowing us to be part of your lives!

MaryJo Czarkowski

Beautiful pictures, beautiful sentiments. We went out to the island for a day last week. You had much kinder weather. Love you both. See you at the festival.

Jennifer F.

I loved scrolling through all of your beautiful honeymoon photos. Growing up we would vacation on Martha’s Vineyard and your pictures brought back so many great memories! Thanks for sharing!!

Len Smithj

Wish you the best from us that have been together for over 44 years, but didn’t do the wedding thing.

Neighbor friends are stopping by this week to visit you and purchase some of you famous Mortgage Lifter Tomato sauce and I have instructed my manager to get it in the store by the time I return to Florida. I have grown those tomatoes for at least 5 years on.

Best wishes

Len, Philip and Philip

Sonja Norman

Pictures like this are priceless and when you are in love with a person, you will treasure each day. There is nothing wrong with staying in the honeymoon stage.:-)


I was married at brant point lighthouse. Your pictures make me want to go back to the island. Thank you for sharing!

Suzanne Koba

Loved the front door in #41. The picture of the boots in #59 you must make sure that Doug and Garth sees them, or maybe that’s where they got their boots to begin with. Kidding aside, love all the pictures. Treasures you’ll be able to keep forever.

Cathy Gallagher

Onder was the Best! I loved Nantucket the moment we got off the ferry and from the photos, you all did too!


Thanks for sharing your lovely honeymoon photos with us. My week on Cape Cod was only 3 weeks ago, but looking at your pics make me wish I was back there right now. I took a similar pic to your # 42 while on vacation. Made me think of little butterflies.

Are we to assume that pics on the Beekman Instagram are by Brent? You’ve got an excellent eye, I’m enjoying following you on Instagram.

BTW, did you bring your new bikes with you to the island?

Suzanne Kallighan

It looks like you had a wonderful time. Nantucket is beautiful and just got added to my bucket list! congratulations.


Love the pictures! I’m a native California and have never been to the east coast. It’s on my bucket list.

sue saft

Love your honeymoon photos!!! What a beautiful place!!! Wishing you both many happy years together!!!

Nancy Sehring

Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos….I love Nantucket…I Iive in Eagle Bay, wish I could have seen you while you were here…..Have a WONDERFUL Honeymoon…..

Robin C.

“Brent cutting the cheese” – ha ha ha ha ha! Love it! Great photos, fellas!