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Making it through the holiday season is like running a marathon.

In the first part of the race, the heart rate of marathon runners climbs to about 140 beats per minute (The holidays are just so exciting!). The body relies on carbohydrate fuel in the form of glycogen, manufactured by the liver (And c’mon, both carbs and a good liver can be essential parts of holiday enjoyment…).

About halfway through the race is the point most runners hit “the wall” (Sound like the time on Christmas Eve when it’s past midnight, and you are wrapping gifts?). The body’s glycogen stores are now exhausted, and the muscles must rely on the breakdown of fat.

When your body crosses over from an aerobic state to an anaerobic state, it’s suddenly operating without enough oxygen to satisfy the muscles and cells screaming out for it (Sing along: “Hurry, Christmas/Hurry fast…”). This is when the “runner’s high” occurs: the euphoric feeling from pure mental and physical exertion.

Science has shown that the body releases similar endorphins when we feel happy, make others feel happy… and when we give gifts!

Sure, there is a moment in every marathon when the runner may ask, “Why am I doing this?” (A question that might sound familiar this time of year) But the high is worth it. (And happy holidays are, too.)

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by Josh and Brent

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