Beekman 1802 has always been about recognizing and supporting artisans–blacksmiths, ceramicists, weavers.  You show us someone who is creating something from nothing, and we are instantly smitten.

We manage all of our own social media ourselves, so we freely admit that we were a little late to the game in creating our Instagram account (click here to see), but now we use it to catalog anything that inspires us throughout the day.  It could be something on the farm, something we are cooking, or something we are designing (and quite often our dog or the goats!)

What we love about Instagram is all the people who don’t necessarily call themselves artists or photographers in real life, but nonetheless do some pretty spectacular things with their phone camera and their imagination.  It’s like arts + crafts in the digital age.

So we decided to start the Good -grammer Project.  (“grammer” referring to someone who is particularly skilled at using Instagram)

Here is how it works:

We send one grammer a surprise box of items from Beekman 1802 and then see what that inspires them to create.  If you like what you see, follow that artisan’s account!   We’ll be adding a new artisan about once month.


Artisan:  Cat Morris (follow her Instagram feed here: catmorris)



Artisan: Akira Ohiso (follow his Instagram feed here: ohisotm)




Artisan: Bryce March (follow his Instagram feed here: cardreaderb)



Artisan: Vicki Whicker (follow her Instagram feed here:  vickiwhickeriphoneography)






Artisan:  Edoardo Morera  (follow his Instagram feed here:  emorera13)




Do you know someone who uses their Instagram account in a creative way? Tell us about them in the comments section below.  They might be our next featured artist!



by Josh and Brent

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Kathy Hansbarger

Isn’t everyone an artist of some type? Even if their talent is undiscovered by even them? I would love to do a pgone grammer interpretation ;).

Cat Morris

Boy would I like to take a crack at this creative challenge! Here’s my Instagram – catmorris. I’ve been watching your baby goats too! Wish I had some of them for my artwork. ?


Hi, I love taking photos of the prairie flowers around my farm, as well as other things that catch my eye. I’m on Instagram as marlenefrisbie and would love to be a featured artist!

Sandy S.

I love Vicki Whicker’s iphone photos to the moon and back! They calm my soul, inspire me and just make me smile! Can’t live without her! <3


Hi! I’m on IG with my farm animals, pies & other baked goods, fiber craft and the occasional beautiful blooms. Probably pickles at some point. I’d love to be a part of this! It would be such an exciting challenge and I’m so quite gaga over everything you guys do-you have my heart! (But not in a creepy way, I’m not weird, promise.) Anyway, I vote for me! But if I can’t vote for me, I definitely have some IG accounts I love to follow that I could suggest.

I’m @wingandaprayerfarm on IG.

IF I can’t vote for me, I vote for @hwaelweg & @cranberryhobbit – my two daughters who are artists and creative, intelligent humans that appreciate see the world in such a beautiful way, thinking beyond the obvious.

And IF I can’t vote for my daughters(oh nepotism), then I vote for @housewrenstudio. Charlotte Lyons is a maker, a stitcher, an artist and writer with an eye for light and detail.

Farmer Tam

Sally Kenvin

My friend Cesar Cubas takes the most interesting photos. He has an eye for seeing things in a different way. His Instagram account is. Cubaraimas.

Laurie Hay

My niece Kim Guare. her instagram @kimguare. She is an amazing artist. She loves chickens and incorporates them into her art. She is a volunteer urban farmer in Chicago. Please check out her instagram Thanks!!