We are always coming up with new displays for our flagship store in Sharon Springs, NY.  People come from all over the world to visit, so we want the experience to be fun and memorable.

To celebrate our summer launch of the Goat Milk Fudge Sauce our friends at Chocolate Therapy hired prominent sculptor Judith Rubin to create a life-sized goat out of chocolate.

It took Judith over 50 hours to make the creation.

Here’s a look at how it was done:





Go behind the scenes to see this goat come to life:




by Josh and Brent

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Judith, because that is absolutely the most gorgeous, wonderful, outstanding name I have ever heard in my whole life.

Scott kjeer

My suggestion for his/her name is Keoghan, which is how many of your fans got to know and love you! I’m not saying Phil is an old goat, but that he is very sweet!

I have been a fan since Planet Green season 1 or TFBB.

Rita Cartwright

I have 3 names ! Ebony’s Kiss, Sweet Ebony or Delish would be good names .

Barb Ridge

A name? How about GoCho? Or perhaps ChoGo? (GOat of CHOcolate or, simply, CHOcolate GOat)


So amazing!! Wow! Never thought I would say I could eat a goat, much less a whole one, but now I can! LOL

Renee Marlene

how are you preserving the goat on a day to day basis? the weather is hot, it’s in a window, the chocolate will attract bugs. what do you do with it each night?


I’ve never had chocolate attract bugs, Renee. I bought an old gentleman friend a chocolate rhino once (he collected rhinos) and it kept for years. I think the chocolate goat is far enough back from the window that the sun won’t hit it – I’m sure they’ll make sure that she is fine.

Renee Marlene

thanks Cathy, in Florida you could never leave food out, even over night with out attracting all kinds of bugs, roaches, ants, all that stuff. glad s/he is safe.