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The glass delusion is a rare condition.

The afflicted believe

With their whole heart

That they are made of glass

So fragile

That with the slightest touch

Everything will shatter

Love is a rare condition

The affected know

With their whole heart

That without proper care

The fragile

Will succumb to force

Shattered like glass

The gift of the third year is glass.



Each year I write a poem to commemorate our wedding anniversary using the traditional anniversary gift as the inspiration.




by Dr. Brent

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I would love to see your farm? it sounds just beautiful, People & animals (goats)It seems like a place where you could be so comfortable. I love your ptoducts. Thank you

Barbara White

Happy Happy Anniversary. I am so proud to have wonderful, sharing, caring neighbors like you two. You are a great couple and the genuine respect and love radiates. Thanks for being my neighbors. I love you both and my husband says its ok.

DeeDee Kramer

Happy Anniversary Brent and Josh! I love you both so much, and as you know…… .Love is Everything! You have so much love within you , we are so blessed to know you, and yours. Thank you for being my favorite neighbors ever!!!!!!!
Lots of Love,
DeeDee Kramer

MacPherson Frazer

I rarely “comment” on anything but after just suffering the loss of my very loved husband last week I feel as if I should tell you that love is a blessing that not everyone is blessed to experience. He died in my arms but will always live in my heart. The “fragile glass” becomes stronger with each and every memory. We also kept a daily note book on the table where we wrote to each other because he was a morning person and I am the night owl. Those notebooks are treasures to me now. Happy anniversary to you both and may you always know the love you have now. Blessings!

Barbara Christesen

Happy anniversary dear, dear Josh and Brent. Your love is like a pebble in a pond; its ripples spread out to touch so many others and the love keeps spreading. God’s blessings on you always.

Norma Wilcox (Toby)

Happy Anniversary you darling people. Keep sharing your hearts and life will flow your way. To 60 more years… Hugs