Every time

I bared my soul

You were there to buckle me in

Every time

I needed to get something off my chest

You gave me a place to write it down

Every time

I walked a mile in someone elseโ€™s shoes

You made sure that I went the distance

Every time

I carried a weight on my shoulders

You took some of the load

And every time

I look down at my wrist

And feel your grip

I will remind myself that there is not enough time

There will never be enough time



The gift of the fourth year is leather



Each year I write a poem to commemorate our wedding anniversary using the traditional anniversary gift as the inspiration.




by Dr. Brent

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Diane Button

Your poems are beautiful. I read them feeling as though I already know both of you. I am a straight woman who lost her gay brother in the terrible tragedy of the 80’s when we lost so many precious souls. I wish he had had the opportunity to live his life as freely as the two of you do. I lost my husband 4 year ago to a long bout with cancer. I cried when I read that there is never enough time. We were married for 43 years and you are right; there is never enough time. There never will be when you are with one who is beyond “soulmate”, beyond The Right One and all those platitudes. There is no existing word for what we fortunate ones have and have had.


That is so awesome, and if you don’t mind, I’m going to use this for Creative writing inspiration in my High School English class! Brilliant idea!

Linda Schnell leonardi

May you always be the strength the other one needs……amen

Michelle Stowell

Your love for each other is genuine; it permeates all aspects of your lives.