The gift of the first year

Is paper




The stuff that

Lines birdcages

Wraps fish

Spews from the printer in a never-ending stream of work

Blows down the canyons of New York City on a cold winter day

Overflows the can at the corner of West Fourth and Jones Street




Gets ink our your fingers on a beautiful Sunday morning

Is a template for the knowledge of the ages

Is a canvas for the likes of Rembrandt and Degas

Streams down at the stroke of midnight in Time Square in celebration

Enshrouds even the smallest gift with anticipation

And records the precious thoughts of one lover to the other?





by Dr. Brent

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Teri Smith

Happy Anniversary to you both !!!! Many more just as happy years to come !!


Thank you for sharing your lives with us! Much love on your 1st anniversary.

Stacey Ronczy

Happy first year of the rest of your lives together. Much love and many blessings.

Delia D.

Beautiful words!
Thank you! I’m forwarding this to my sister, who sells paper products. Bet she’ll love it.
Here’s to a lifetime of happiness with your husband.

Suzanne Koba

Congratulations on your 1st anniversary. What a wonderful first year of marriage you’ve both have had. Today sit and read all your good wishes that were written on the cards (paper) and placed in the mailbox at your wedding. The memories will be beautiful, as was the day. Love you both. Hugs.

Kate's Daughter

Happy Anniversary, Gentlemen. It has truly been wonderful traveling through this year with you both. Wishing you continued happiness and love that grows stronger, richer and deeper with each new year together. I hope you are planning on celebrating!


Beautiful! I marvel at the talents of both you and Josh. You’re so gifted at so many things! Not fair! I feel like I got left out of the talent line! Guess I was standing in the appetite line for a second helping! LOL!


My great-grandfather was at war when he celebrated his first anniversary; he sent nana paper roses crafted from old carbon paper. May you both be as happy as they were.

Melody McSweeney

Yet a common little thing, that mesmorizes and taunts artists with ANY availabel medium that lets us relate emotions . . AND is the one thing that allows us – almost forces us – to
attempt to relay to you how we feel. . . I think you two have it down pat. . . God Bless – enjoy your day. . .

Donna Oliver

How incredibly touching and beautiful. Happy anniversary guys! I wish you much joy, peace and love.

Sarah Laster

clean and fresh in the beginning
full of potential

lists scratched in places
you didn’t think you had room to write in
but you find it

sign on the dotted line
love the new pen
can’t believe we did this

love letters
love letters
love letters

Happy Anniversary – it all makes sense now.

Our anniversary is on Sunday – 12 years. Silk.

Patricia Friesen

Have a beauty-full day celebrating your love and lives shared. Have very special memories of your lovely union. Lots of love and hugs, Pat
So beautifully written, Brent.