Sometimes we hack at each other

Grip that handle and that blade

And swing


Aiming for those tender spots

Only lovers know


Hoping in that passion-blind moment

That the skin will split

That the blood will flow


And after the injury

We gape into the wound

And count the rings

1, 2, 3, 4, 5…


The tighter they are

The harder we become


And so we bury the hatchet


The gift of the fifth year is wood.


Each year I write a poem to commemorate our wedding anniversary using the traditional anniversary gift as the inspiration. We worked with Master Woodworker Carl to create a handful of one-of-a-kind wood bowls. If you would like to own one of his pieces, call the Mercantile at 888.801.1802 x3 to purchase it. It is only available at the Mercantile in Sharon Springs.

by Dr. Brent

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Janet Morrell

I’ve read all the poems and with tears in my eyes, I have to tell you how beautiful each one is. Happy Anniversary. Today it’s time to celebrate the love you both have for each other.


Love your cleaning products
Cleans everything ❤️
Francinewestgate ct
Where are you guys let us know soon

Vicki Mentzer

Happy anniversary! You reminded me to be kinder to my partner and bite my tongue because there is no good reason to hurt this person who loves me so much. Wishing you a long happy life togegher.

Sue Dennedy

It’s hard to believe that 5 years have gone by.You and Josh continue to strengthen each other and your bond remains strong and steadfast. Happy anniversary. I look forward to reading your poems.

Aletha Helm Riter

I have just recently discovered your website, even though I have bought product from you with QVC… I also as of late want to wish you a Happy Anniversary…. I love you both and enjoy watching you on TV… I miss your “Farm Life” show on TV as well… that is when I first heard of you both… May you have many more enjoyable years together…

Deborah Fernandez

True love shows through the eyes. When you finish each others sentences and delicate touches to wisp a hair off a forehead (Brents) Your love spills over to others in the love you have for what you do. Whatever the year I hope we will always be able to share in your love. Happy Anniversary.

Maria dibattista

Happy anneversary ❤️
Luv you neighbors
May god bless both of you ❤️

Debra Hand

Ahhh… happy🎈5th anniversary Brent + Josh! You have quite a ‘gift’🎁of prose Dr. Brent! What a lovely anniversary tradition/keepsake to honor your husband and marriage with through the years! The both of you have brought us Evine ‘neighbors’ together with your goats, your farm, your products made with love💝… and we look forward to learning how we can continue this ‘neighborly’ connection with EACH OTHER!? I just know the two of you have something *special* in mind. In the meanwhile, summer is upon us all! Enjoy your farm, celebrate your love, and keep all of your dear neighbors close in mind!
Love you two, and all the many ways you demonstrate ‘how’ to live a simple, yet fulfilling life!
God bless,
Debra, Pierce & Peyton Hand


Wishing you many more years of Health, Happiness and Love.

Happy 5th Anniversary


You both continue to inspire us with your energy and enthusiasm – thank you for the gift of YOU and congratulations on 5 incredible years!


Congratulations to you both on the celebration of your fifth wedding anniversary. You inspire your “neighbors” to open our hearts, minds and souls to all the possibilities that life offers.

Carol Kratzer

LOVE is grand…what a beautiful sentiment to yours.
I have read all 5 poems…hard to pick a favorite.
Happy Anniversary to you both

Martha Barnhill

HAPPY 5th ANNIVERSARY to you both, missing you already on Evine tv!! Thanks for all my Wonderful products, I am sooooo thankful to have been with you two from the start, looking forward to many more years…. God Blessings


We celebrated our 5th anniversary in December. I think you have it exactly right; the series of poems captures the evolution of marriage, recognizing the challenges and joys that come with time. It’s hard and wonderful work. Wishing you many more years and gifts!