One of the things we wanted to do with our winnings from The Amazing Race was to invest in the growth and preservation of Sharon Springs’ Main Street. So when the Village Hall Gallery recently came up for sale, we saw it as the perfect opportunity to expand the Beekman 1802 Mercantile and headquarters.

We were lucky that the previous owner, our friends Leila and Philip Durkin, had already done such a fantastic job restoring the property – even winning a preservation award for their efforts. We will make some further changes to bring the building back even closer in looks to one of its earliest incarnations.

We’ll post updates frequently as work progresses, and will share some “How-To’s” for our design ideas as we go along. We plan on having a Grand Opening by this year’s Sharon Springs Garden Party (June 1 & 2) and hope to see you then!

For now, here are some “before” pictures:


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  • By: nancy roosevelt

    LOVE YOUR NEW BUILDING, can’t wait to see, I’m only in Fort Plain and love to visit your store.

  • By: Amy Smith Wexler

    I have stayed upstairs in that building and I love it! Hopefully you can use it for a meeting space for classes or dancing. Maybe even for interns to stay and help you out. If thats the case sign me up!

    • By: tammy franks

      Amy that is a great idea…interns . or classes on soap making or cheese making ,pay a flat fee and stay 2 days or weekend ,learn all about the so many ways to use that upper room.

  • By: Kate's Daughter

    Absolutely love the building. It’s going to be fabulous when you get done with it. Not sure when we’ll be returning to NY anymore. (Sad face here) but if we do, Sharon Springs is on our travel route.

    Looking forward to seeing more photos of the shop as you progress with the renovations and moving in!

    • By: Jane

      I too would like to see progress pictures. I was in Sharon Springs today and didn’t notice much when I passed by in my car.

  • By: Barbra

    Missing Sharon Springs very much. Can’t wait to see the new store. I Need more things from the store I’m running low. I know I can order on line but it gives me an excuse to come visit over and over again. Best of luck!

  • By: Kathleen Monroe

    This is such a beautiful town. I’d like to go there again someday, and if I do, I’m sure I’ll visit the mercantile.

  • By: tammy franks

    You should have local art shows upstairs ,serve wine and have a guy playing a baby night with A local artist or an actual juried contest. You could do it like every year. You found an awesome space so many things you can do with this shop .Plus you both have wonderful taste in things.Not to girly ,I bet men even love coming into your shop. so awesome!

  • By: jennifervizzo

    I don’t know why, but it screams “Tea Shoppe” to me. As in “afternoon” or “hot, with scones.” Regardless, I’m sure you’ll do something spectacular with that great building.

    • By: Jane

      You are right. I for one agree with you! One of my favorite places to go is to Ballston Spa and have afternoon tea at the Whistling Kettle!

  • By: Jane

    I would love to see a photo journal on the architecture in and around Sharon Springs. Some of these beauties are going to be lost to the future. I was so pleased to have been able to go to the tea at the Gardner mansion. I would not have had a chance to see that beautiful home any other way. I must say how grateful I am that the owner gave the public that opportunity. The people here are very special, so nice!

    • By: Dr. Brent

      Work is underway. Plan to open the new Mercantile in April/May

      • By: Jane

        Wow….I look forward to seeing the changes!

  • By: Martina

    Tomorrow, 2/1 is my Birthday and I am ready. I have my February scented Beekman soap so I can take my Birthday shower in sheer luxury! My hubby plans to take me out to dinner and then we are going to Home Depot to check out new garden gadgets and dream about our spring garden. Thanks to your tip on growing lettuce in old containers I’ll be looking for some organic potting soil and some seeds for salad. Thanks for adding to my Birthday!

  • By: Ellamary

    Please, please ask the city to try for a grant to bury all the electric lines down Main Street! Annapolis, MD I’d it years ago and when you visit you really go back in time. I can’t think of a single endeavor that makes such a difference in the soul of a town.

  • By: Katie

    What do you mean your winnings from the Amazing Race?
    Will you be doing any more television shows? I miss watching the Beekman Farm!

  • By: Dorothy Hayes

    Wonderful old building for the World Headquarters of Beekman 1802. Best of luck with the new/old building.

  • By: Jane

    Am I mistaken or does Farmer John like knitting? We lovers of all things knitted could form a knitting club /circle and meet upstairs. We could make items to sell in the mercantile. Mary Beekman could join us with her mitten patterns. We could start a knitwear line! How about that!

  • By: Jane

    Somewhere in back of this property or Cobbler&Co there is an unattractive building which is a mikvah from the spa years. In your admirable wishes to preserve history, are there plans to save it? It may be unattractive but it is a part of history. In light of all the historic buildings that have been and are scheduled for demolisition, will this also be lost? Are you interested in its preservation?

  • By: Annette

    That upstairs space would make a fantastic dance studio.

  • By: Cherri Rich

    Could I get some info on the Sharon Springs garden Party Please.Would love to attend.

  • By: Jane

    OMG. I heard this …what I thought….was a rumor and I was going to use the blog to ask! I guess I don’t have to. Will you still have the Mercantile at the Roseboro? I love your store there. I was sad when I found out that The Gallery was closing. I have made many nice purchases there. Now I am glad about this new news that isn’t a rumor!!!! I am happy that you are helping bring back Sharon Springs and especially keeping the original look to the city. Way to go! Love you guys!

  • By: Beth

    Gorgeous space! Can’t wait to hear what you do with the 2nd floor. Congratulations!

  • By: juile

    I think that you should use the upstairs space as a class/workshop space. Beautiful building, I can’t wait to see it!

  • By: Rhonda L Wilkerson

    It will be so perfect for you guys and you knew that when you made the purchase. I will look forward to future photo’s so I may see how very beautiful it will be. You guys are and always be amazing to me.

  • By: Pam Landy

    I had such a nice time at the 2012 Garden Party (and it was a great celebration for my 50th birthday) I fully expect to attend the 2013 Garden Party. Now, there is just one more reason to go. I am very jealous. I love those old buildings….am soooo glad you are fixing it up and are going to use it. Good Luck to you always. 🙂

  • By: Katie

    You could use the upstairs as a party rental room until you come up with another great idea, or maybe have someone give ballroom dance classes. That floor is beautiful and there is such great light!

  • By: Lisa Winter

    Congratulations on your win guys!! And on the purchase of the gallery. I’ve driven by it so many times and can’t wait to see what you do with it. See you in the spring!

  • By: Paul lewam

    What a beautiful space! Can’t wait to see it come alive with your vision! So excited for you guys !

  • By: Vitta Fernandez

    You know, as I was looking at these pictures again….I was thinking….Would not the upper floor be a wonderful showcase for local artists from Sharon Springs and the surrounding areas? ( HINT, HINT! I live in Greene County). You could have local artisans show off their work, either all week or just on the weekends. Charge a nominal fee for the booth space and you could have a craft show, year round. That would give the struggling crafters, artisans, artists, etc. a start. A place to show off their goods. It would be good business for you, good PR for the town, great for the other shops around town and great for the Mercantile. Not all the people visiting will just go upstairs only. It would also be a great place to network. All struggling artisans are always on the lookout for new venues, new places to present their goods. It would not be very hard to coordinate. There is a limited number of “spaces” available. It would be on a first come first saved basis. Nothing an organized person could not handle. Give this a thought. Might be another outlet that you have not yet thought. OK, I’ll stop rambling now…Except to say…put my name on the waiting list if you decide to do this. I’m always trying to find outlets for my wares.

  • By: Lorie Jandrin

    Any ghosts in this building? Are any of the other buildings in sharon springs known to be haunted besides The Beekmen mansion?

    • By: Jane

      Don’t know about this building but the other buildings….YES! You should have gone on the zombie/ghost tour Halloween weekend. I won’t tell you more! Go for the tour hopefully next year!

  • By: Susan Gaffney=Evans

    Hi guys! If possible, would you please start dating your blog posts…. I personally would find it most helpful when following your stories. And congrats on the building; it is awesome.

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