For every special event in Sharon Springs, we try to decorate the windows of the Mercantile with an appropriate theme.

The Mercantile is housed in an old hotel building and not a storefront with traditional plate glass.   Instead we have a long row of windows and storm windows.

Because window decorations are both temporary and exposed to the elements, we never like to spend too much money but nonetheless want the windows to be inspiring.

For the 2011 Harvest Festival windows, we chose an old rhyme called The Farmer’s Prayer, placing a stanza in each window.

We enlarged images from old seed packets to use as our key element surrounds, turning each window into the cover of a vintage seed catalog.

The use of the interior storm window as an alternate plane allows for the opportunity to create depth of field, and it’s a great technique that anyone can use when decorating windows for the upcoming holidays.


The paper cut-outs were placed directly on the interior storm window, but for those cuttings that were applied to the exterior glass, we spray-mounted the images onto black foam board to make them sturdier.

To add a little extra animation to the windows, we made cut outs of butterflies.  Two copies were made of each specimen.  One copy was mounted on foam board and the other was folded and glued down the center.  With a slight breeze, the “wings” flutter.


Click on the slide show below to see the complete prayer



Good Harvest for All

by Josh and Brent

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I saw the windows in person and they were great. The whole store was really top notch, I bought so many great things and everyone was so helpful. If you could just bottle the whole experience you would make a fortune (oh wait thats the whole idea!) Sharon Springs was just how you describe it and more!


Nicely done.. and what a wonderful prayer.

I'm longing to be in Sharon Springs this weekend.. alas, not this year. Have a wonderful festival weekend!

Janet Alberts

I never cease to be amazed by the talent ya'll have. I am so loving the Butterfly. Hope I can come to the festival someday. Thanks for letting us enjoy.


What a wonderful idea for window treatments. You always come up with the best ideas. We will be there this weekend, bringing my sister (her 1st time at Sharon Springs) for the Harvest Fest. So anxious to get your cookbook and see everyone again.

Brian Dickerson

Looking forward to another Harvest Festival. This year we are bringing friends that have not been. They really want the cook book!!!!


"…so jolly boys now let's speed the plow." perfect. so very like Beekman 1802. Best wishes for your most successful Harvest Fest ever! And thanks so much for sharing this beautiful sentiment!


what a lovely thought, I hope the windows will be a feature on the next season of the Beekman Boys….I'm sure they look great!