More information about the television show will be available soon.

by Josh and Brent

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Doug Crockett

I live in Victoria, BC … my mom swears she saw an episode of Beekman Boys yesterday, but of course can’t remember on what channel — she’s 94 so I’ll give her a break … she started telling me all about you, and Farmer John, and the goats, and Polka Spot, not knowing I was hooked from the first episode when I lived in the U.S. — I laughed, I cried … and I’ve read Josh’s The Bucolic Plague … do you know if you’re airing in Canada now? And just because it can’t be said enough … thank you!

Bev McMahon

It was wonderful to see you at the Country LIving Fair at Rhinebeck. You are just as funny and charming in person as you are on tv. Seeing you both in person it was evident how much you care for each other and what you are doing. It is good to see great things happen to great people. That’s karma. I lived on a horse farm for many years and I know how much work is involved everyday. You have to love it for the shear joy of the animals and the experience because the monetary rewards are never in proportion to the effort. Now I am content with a large garden in the middle of a small town in the Poconos.

I miss your show sooooo much, I hope it returns soon.

ES quilter

twiggy parker

Hi guys, my name is twiggy and I’m. From a small town of 3,000 people in northeast Arkansas. I grew to love you snd everything you were about. I would be thrilled just knowing I could see the farm and all the animals once again. You became family and I miss the both of you.I was sitting here thinking if I could see anyone who would that be? And in one second, it was the two of you
.. love ya really do. Twiggy

dara watkins

I really enjoyed your banter. I buy your products for the outstanding quality.


I can't wait for you guys to return to TV. Being from the Sharon Springs area I never get a chance to stop by and say Hi, so I get to catch up through TV.

Jimmie and Jason Bro

Thank God !!!!It has been to long in the making…Please hurry a man can only wait so long…But we all know the wait is worth it!!!!Bless you both and the staff..Hello farmer john and maria too.

see you all soon 🙂

Angie herridge

Love your show can't want for the new shows

To start

I have all old shows recorded,and still watch them

Lori Darnell

Can't wait to see you guys again, miss you so very much. Wishing you and yours all the best !!

Linda E.

Thank God you're returning to television. Your former network's loss is The Cooking Channel's gain. So excited!!!

Nancy Campbell

OH – I can't WAIT much longer !!!!

I've been going through "Beekman withdrawal” – characterized by bleating uncontrollably, sniffing cheeses in every store, and Googling “Beekman wedding” every day.

HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!


My whole family can not wait to see what has been happening to "The Boys." Yea!

patricia pollack

Could you please tell me if you will be airing another show anytime soon, I just loved your show.

Doug Massey

Sitting on pins and needles – here's hoping you'll be on OWN – we get that in Canada – and I'm still waiting for Season 2 to come out on DVD

Wishing the whole Beekman Boys family all the best always