Frosty. Rudolf. Donny & Marie. Polka Spot. What do all these celebrities have in common? They all have their own holiday special!

The Fabulous Beekman Boys Fabulous Holiday Special

Wednesday December 8th, 9pm EST

NOTE:  The special re-airs on the following dates and times

December 10 at 10pm

December 15 at 8pm and 11pm

December 18 at 10pm

December 22 at 12 noon.

Join the Beekman Boys as they celebrate the holidays Beekman style – with crafts, and baking, and yes…singing. Also bloopers, viewer favorite moments, and never before seen clips.

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by Josh and Brent

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Both of you ROCK!!!! I was cheering at home in front of my TV……………you were both so incredible. You deserved to win The Amazing Race. The Twinnie Girls were not nice to you on the last leg of the race. Will you have have a new season of your show in 2013?
Happy Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year to you and all your friends and family!!!


I have been watching all of your shows. I set my DVR so I don't miss a show. I hope there will be some new shows soon. Both Josh & Brent are so cute together. I would love it if you would sell sweat shirts or t-shirts by mail. I wear a size 3X. I sure would like to have Polka Spot on a shirt. Also like Farmer John.

The last show I saw was when you both were sitting in the barn with all of the baby goats. Take care.

Roland Pascua

I'm so bummed I missed this show. Will it ever re-air soon? Maybe Netflix or Hulu.


Opened presents today and was thrilled to see the Beekman name on a couple of items I unwrapped. I received a candle/bud vase(smells wonderful) and a Scent of December soap 2/pk(handmade by Brent!). I still hope to visit your store in Sharon Springs one day, but this will do me for now. Merry Christmas, guys. We love you and wish you both a happy and PROSPEROUS new year. BEEKMAN 1802 rocks!


If you don't get Planet Green, like me, and you have Time Warner Cable, look through your On Demand channels for Lifestyle On Demand (LSOD)…in my area it's in the 1000's. It's free and there's an option for Planet Green. You can see episodes of the Fabulous Beekman Boys as well as the Holiday Special. Yay!! Happy Holidays to everyone!


Hi Josh:

Hi Brent:

Because I don't get Planet Green on cable TV I have always enjoyed your TV programs by purchasing the episodes individually on iTunes. So far, I haven't been able to find the Holiday Special there. Is there some reason for this, or rather, is the holiday special program going to be available for sale on iTunes? I hope so. I still want to see it ….. very much.

Roger Swayze

Portland, OR

Dr. Brent

Hi, Roger

I don't think the special will be on iTunes; however, they do plan to make it a part of the Season 1 DVD when it comes out in March

Francessca Coley

The hubby and I really enjoyed the show! Have a Merry Christmas and see you all in the spring when season two begins.


Your Holiday Special was just fabulous! There's no better word! Thanks so much for this gift to us! It was joyous,genuine, silly, beautiful Josh & Brent and Beekman and you brought in all the joy and fun we enjoyed this past season. I loved walking throught epast season with you, but maybe the most wonderful part was the caroling at the end with everyone we've grown to love in Sharon Springs! I felt like I could be there with you all around the piano, singing and enjoying my Sharon Springs friends. Thanks for a truly special evening! XO Robin in Naperville!


I must have missed a couple of the segments so when I watched the Holiday special, I nearly peed my pants laughing so hard over the chicken house fiasco and snowshoe ones. And I must say, I think Polka Spot needs someone to frolick with. She looks pretty lonesome out there bouncing around in the field by herself. 🙁


Loved the show! Especially Josh's skating outfit and fabulous skating moves!

Season two looks wonderful – can't hardly wait!

Happy Holidays to all!


I loved the Special so much I watched it twice!!You guys just make me smile and we all know there's not a lot of that going around these days. But I can always do that when you are on.

Happy Holidays to you and Farmer John and all the lovely people of Sharon Springs!


Hi – I just finished reading The Bucolic Plague last night and I loved it. My husband and I are both Southerners and recently relocated to Northern California. We have always dreamed of having an old home on a big property so your house/barn etc. have been such fun to see. I love the old picture you received from a library in the neighboring county – fascinating. Anywho, I'm fascinated by your story, your house, your barn, your goats, your work ethic and most of all, your wall paper – I so want that wall paper. I'm buying your seeds for Christmas gifts.

I met someone from your neck of the woods yesterday at William Sonoma. They were selling your seeds. He said he knew Doug and Garth – what a small world! Sorry to ramble!

Best, xo L


The Christmas special was wonderful last night. I love to leave comments for you guys because you are so cute, funny, interesting, adorable, and very much renaissance men! My partner and I have been waiting for weeks since we saw the advertisement. We can not wait until Season 2. I come from a very religious Southern family in Mississippi. My Baptist parents have fallen in love with your show and as a result they have eased up on my relationship with my partner. They always refer to us as the "Josh and Brent" of Mississippi.

Jan Pelletier

Hi Josh & Brent –

Your Christmas special was SO much fun to watch! I am STILL giggling this morning when I think of

Josh's line: "Their teats! I don't DO teats!"….and of course Polka Spot's "La La La La La" through the fields was SPOT on!

For all the bits of bickering between the two of you, your love for each other shines brighter than any holiday lights…how lucky you both are to have found each other. That said, I wish you

a beautiful beautiful holiday season – and I'm thrilled to watch next season. I'll be the one with the huge smile on my face. (I say this because I had a grandmother who literally "dressed" to watch TV, thinking she could be seen!)

Love and Peace,

Jan Pelletier


Is there a place to watch the holiday special online? I think TiVo may have failed me last night. 😉

Thanks guys!


Just saw the show–it did not disappoint !! You have the best production crew!!

Josh : did you steal Ru Paul's "Covergirl" song ?? You DO put the bass in your walk !! (That walk would have been even better on skates,in that Leopardelirious costume ….)

OOO I love the way the new stove fits so perfectly next to your fireplace; beauty !

Now I love you boys, John, your friends and the farmload of animals even more. Thank you all so much for the inspiration.

My favorite moment was not in the Top 5–it was when you 2 watched the wedding from the porch and you kissed… moved me to tears. My 2nd favorite moved me to laughter: the Polka Spot Prance. DIVAS rule!


I'm so happy to live in Californiaa. I get to watch the Christmas Special 4 time tonight – love it!


Great job, gentlemen! Your holiday special was a real treat. We really enjoyed it. I recorded it… just like all the other Beekman episodes. I'm sure I'll rewatch the special many times so I can savor more fun with Brent, Josh, John, Polka Spot… and the beautiful goats too! Thanks for a great show. We laughed. We cried. We screamed in fear when we saw Josh ice skating in that hideous outfit(ha ha). Merry Christmas.

Katana Usrey

OMG…My favorite show on TV. I loved the Christmas Special. I laughed my "a–" off. Can't wait to make the fruit cake and make a snow angel even though my best shot was last February in Dallas, TX with a record 12" of snow. You two have opened my heart and mind. I truly don't have enough of you two in my life!!! Congratulations on your success and bring on season "2". By the way, Josh…I loved your (as it appeared on TV) green leather furry ear flap hat…gotta have one? Where do I find one? Brent..I am just like you…perfection and nothing less!!! You know it is a sickness. Ha Ha! Farmer John…pokie…all the goats… and now chickens …I love u!


Loved tonight's show!! Josh, your new stove looks fabulous in your kitchen…it was meant for your kitchen. Ooh la la – Magnifique!!

Nancy T.

Oh how much fun your Holiday Special was!

We really enjoyed it! Such a warm, creative and loving home.

Looking forward to a fabulous new season!:)

Happy Holidays!

The Tokar Family

Shelley G.

Loved the holiday special so much, I'm watching it again! It reminds me how much I've missed you this off season. Can't wait for season two to start! When can we buy season one on DVD?