The first few kids are due in a matter of days (maybe hours,) so we thought we’d take one last stroll through the quiet winter barn. Soon the entire barn will be filled with the bleating of baby goats (and mamas!) This is the start of John’s busy season. “Frantic” doesn’t begin to describe his schedule. He’ll average only about 4 hours of sleep a night until May…and rarely will those hours be consecutive.

Enjoy the slideshow below of the last moments of calm in the barn, and wish Farmer John and all his girls the best of luck and health in the comment section below.


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  • By: Bobbie

    Loved the pictures. All the mommies look so cute and ready to get the little ones out and be able to love & share them with everyone… Love your products.
    Also, where is your farm and when are the visiting times?
    GOD Bless you all.

  • By: Kathy

    Hi guys, what happens to the little boy kids? Are all the babies taken away from their mamas right away?

    • By: Dr. Brent

      Hi, Kathy

      The majority of Farmer John’s kids are sold to other farms. If there are excess male goats they may be sold at auction for meat. (Goat is a common protein in many cultures and religions). The babies do get separated from the mother’s quickly and then bottle fed with the mother’s milk. This enables them to imprint on Farmer John so that the herd can be more easily tamed and managed

  • By: Patty

    I agree that a goat calendar would be fantastic! I know I’d be giving them to friends and family!

  • By: Patty DeLorme

    I am LOVING the pictures of your goats! I’m an avid goat lover, and have been for a walloping 50 years!! Your goats are so well cared for, serene, and beautiful that they bring tears to me eyes. My husband and I live just outside of Caroga Lake, virtually on the blue line of the Adirondacks, and frequently employ goats rather than a lawn mower! God bless you all for taking such good care of these beautiful, innocent animals!

  • By: Mary Sutterby

    Your pictures are gorgeous, this looks like a really nice place and all those babies coming. It all just looks so happy and cozy.

  • By: Karen

    Photo labled “The Money Shot” shows a potentially serious teat problem…middle girl left teat is impacted… hope it clears up soon.

  • By: Ginger Worrell

    Beautiful photographs of all the girls. They all look healthy and loved and that makes my heart sing. I saw the big bag of nipples…….don’t they just nurse from their Mama’s this early in life or are they “just in case” you need them. I’m sure Farmer John will have his hands full but I’m equally sure both of you will be right there with him to get all the babies off to a good start. God Bless you all including all your little fur babies! Looking forward to your new season on the Cooking Channel. When does it start? Also bought your cookbook and am loving all the delicious recipes in it. My daughter is young (23) and in love and experiments with new recipes on the boyfriend and me (her mama) on a regular basis…….we love it!!!! Also we both finished The Bucolic Plague and were so disappointed when we came to the last page. Having the story end was like losing a good friend so hoping you will be writing a sequel to it one of these days soon. Hugs and love to everyone at Beekman 1802! 🙂

  • By: susan defrees

    Oh everybody looks so FAT and Warm………keep up the nice work farmer john, brent and josh..

  • By: Dorie Stein

    I’m sending all of the goats and you guys lots of lovely sunshine and warmer weather from Gainesville, Florida. I love seeing the pictures, reading the comments, and wishing I was closer so as to see your neck of the woods. I remember the strain, worry, and joy when I had a filly delivered years ago…what pleasure to see new life coming out, trying to stand and run around.

    We don’t get your TV show any longer and I miss the adventures. Thanks for the continued updates of your world.

    I love your new cookbook….thanks for all you do for others. Lots of love, dorie

  • By: Deborah Smith

    Thank you for sharing your photos. I remember those days of very cold nights and days and very little sleep I raised sheep for over 10 years. But even though it was so cold and I was very tired , every birth was a joy. I would love to come photograph the kids and thier mamas. I’m only about an hour away would even love to give you a hand or two if needed. Happy kidding and even though you may not feel it right now but the cold and lack of sleep is worth it.
    Take care
    Love you all

  • By: Lori

    Love all your family photos! We have twin Pygmy goats at our barn they always make my day! Best of luck to Farmer John !

  • By: Cecelia

    I love it – can’t wait to see the pictures of the kids when they arrive.

  • By: margaret

    May god bless and keep watch over all the mamas and babies for safe and healthy deliveries.

  • By: Janine McNamara

    Thank you for taking time to take us behind the scenes. The photos are “udderly” fantastic!

  • By: Cheryl

    Thanks for sharing. You should have a baby shower!

  • By: Lonnie

    I love to see the barn and the goats. Polka Spot is always a treat. I would love to be a gramma to the kids. Too bad I live in Michigan. Love you guys.

  • By: Jane Schwartz

    Good luck with your freshenings. We here in Wisconsin have already started, but taken a break. You have some really great pictures there. Next pictures will be babies.

  • By: Fabienne

    Good luck when all he labor days begin! Cannot wait to see all the baby goats.
    John, you are the best Papa to all the mamas and kids. And oh so many.
    Stay warm all of you. It’s a very warm day today in Southern California. I will send you some of our glorious sunshine.

  • By: Alicia

    Good Luck to everyone at Beekman 1802…especially those in the barn! I always look forward to the updates at this time of year.

  • By: Sonia

    Hi boys! thanks for sharing all those fabulous pics! Farmer John I hope all goes well with every delivery, may you have a wonderful bunch of kids soon and may your rest come sooner than later! 🙂

  • By: Janine Wilson

    Love seeing all of the photos and look forward to seeing pics of the kids! Taking a break from songwriting. Hmmm, I think I need to write a song about Farmer John….

  • By: Barbara K.

    I LOVE taking a break in my day (at work or at home) to look at pictures of your barn, goats and other animals. Always makes me smile! I (sometimes) envy your way of life John – but not in the middle of cold nights …brrrrr! (How do you keep the barn ‘toasty warm’?

  • By: Julie

    Sending out prayers and best wishes to all the expectant mothers and to Farmer John…hoping the coffee pot is always hot!!!

  • By: Tana

    Awwwwww, what an adorable bunch of mamas-to-be! BTW, some of those pics would make awesome notecards!!!

  • By: Annie Michelle

    I love you guys and I wish you still had your TV show! Your website is a good second to catch up with you…:)

  • By: Marcia

    I love goats and Farmer John does such a great job taking care of them all because you can tell how much he loves them. I love seeing all the photos of the goats, I love Faith, she is too cute!

  • By: Patricia SWanson

    I just can’t get enough of seeing the photos during this time. Are you going to do the cam this year? I am an OB nurse, wish I could help, but I am in Denver.

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