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My new book, The Bucolic Plague: How Two Manhattanites Became Gentlemen Farmers, is now out. So far it’s getting good reviews. Waiting for them is always a little nerve-wracking. (The New York Times says: “…My Amtrak seat mate in the Quiet Car, a complete stranger, insisted that I read out loud the scene — a goat in labor — that was making me laugh so hard I was crying…Kilmer-Purcell’s book is manically funny, sweetly open and trusting, and slick and snarky. Must be something in the soil.”)

Brent and I are both very excited about it, and also a little anxious. While I may have revealed a lot about myself in my first memoir, I Am Not Myself These Days, the embarrassing events in that first book happened a full decade before the world read them. In contrast, The Bucolic Plague is the story of how Brent and I purchased the Beekman, started Beekman 1802, and almost lost everything – including each other – as we began straddling urban and rural life. It’s a relatively recent story, and one that, frankly, is still unfolding. You see it here daily.

But even though we share a lot of our “behind the scenes” here at Beekman 1802, there are some things that deserve a little more introspection than I can get across in a simple blog entry. Believe it or not, Brent and I are kinda private about our private lives. I promised I’d never write another memoir until I’d learned something new and important. And, I think my experience buying the Beekman and starting a business with my partner in the midst of a global financial meltdown taught me quite a few things – some of which are not so flattering. But they could be interesting and entertaining to people who might be thinking about taking a similar plunge. Or just like to rubberneck.

As it says on our homepage, this is all one big “shared experiment.” We have no idea if it will be successful, and there’s no fallback plan. Like most farmers, we’re always just a few weeks away from losing it all. The Bucolic Plague is my honest look at middle age, Brent’s and my relationship, and putting all of our life’s investment in the hands (or hooves) of a herd of goats.

Crazy? Maybe. But then again, if you can’t have faith in goats, I feel sorry for you.

Order The Bucolic Plague from Amazon or Barnes & Noble .

To get your copy autographed by both Brent and myself, please mail it along with a Self Addressed Stamped Return Envelope to The Beekman 1802 Mercantile, 210 Main Street, Sharon Springs, NY 13459.

Here’s what a few people are already saying about The Bucolic Plague:

“I adore the Beekman boys’ story. Their unlikely story of love, the land, and a herd of goats is hilariously honest. If these two can go from Manhattan to a goat farm in upstate New York, then I can’t help feeling there is hope for us all.” – Alice Waters

“I gobbled up this book like – well, like goat cheese on a cracker. Kilmer-Purcell’s genius lies in his ability to blindside the reader with heart-wrenching truths in the midst of the most outlandish scenarios. He makes you laugh until you care.” –  Armistead Maupin

“A delicious book about two city boys who buy a farm, fall in love with a herd of goats and attempt to revive the American dream. But then life, two mortgages and an economic crisis interfere. Every twist and turn, every triumph and set back had me on the edge of my seat. Never has mucking out a stall been more scintillating!” – Alison Smith

by Josh Kilmer-Purcell

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I just read this book and loved every sentence! Made a weekend home sick enjoyable.
I read your first memoir and was happily surprised to realize it was you when i started watching your show. Now I am obsessed with you two. Watching the Amazing Race, which I usually don’t. And anxiously awaiting the next season of the Beekman Boys and a new memoir. Hope to visit Sharon Springs sometime! Much love.

Karen Brown

I love your show and am looking forward to the book! My husband watched a few eps when he was home and enjoyed it. I wish you all the best and am hoping to journey back east to look up your store. You both a breath of fresh air (literally:)

Karen I

Just finished this book in 2 days, with a toddler – I haven't been able to finish a book in 2 years (apparently I was reading the wrong stuff). Incredibly entertaining & I will be recommending it to some folks I know. The downside: I feel incredibly lazy know. It's snowing out, but I have the urge to go thaw some soil with hot water and MAKE something grow.

Nice work & good luck to you boys.

Richard J.

Boys, I'm laughing out loud on the el (Chicago's subway) reading 'Bucolic.' I'm loving every minute of it. AND I see so many shades of myself and my hubby, Steve, in your adventures. Thanks for making me smile & laugh. Love to the kids!



Dear Josh and Brent,

I discovered your show one day while channel surfing. I was instantly hooked. Your personalities are so engaging and lovable that it is such a pleasure to watch you as you attempt to make your farm and business a success.

I have read Josh's memoirs and loved both of them. Josh, what a wonderful turn-around you've made in your life. You are so talented in your writing, your career and your gormet cooking skills. Brent, I admire your intelligence, drive and determination; you're a great asset to the community of Sharon Springs. Together you make an awesome team; both of you are true inspirations.

My husband gave me a set of Beekman 1802 soap for my birthday. Knowing how much I enjoy your show, I found it to be such a thoughtful and meaningful gift. Every bar smells so good and I just love them.

I hope that despite our faltering economy, you are able to reach your dream of living full-time at the Beekman and having comfortable, meaningful, rewarding lives.



Hello Brent & Josh,

I just finished the book after watching the series on Planet Green all summer…what a great read. I am so jealous of what you two are doing at Beekman, it is what my partner and I have been thinking about for years…getting back to the country and running a farm. We are sick of the city life and look forward to a slower pace. We will celebrate 13 years in January and you both are an inspiration, to us and the rest of us out there longing to get back to our roots.

I can't wait to see you all in season 2…Congrats. I now know where to get all of my Christmas presents this year.

Are you still signing books…if so mine will be in the mail this weekend.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to get a glimpse of yours, and hopefully in the future, our dream.


Jason & Randy

Anna Dean Caldwell

I just finished your book "The Bucolic Plague" I laughed, actually hooted and I cried. I could not put it down. I think one of the main things I loved was that I was not the only person in the world that didn't like to have large groups of company due to being afraid that they would scratch up the floors. I just want people to come in and stand in one spot. Who knew I had a twin. My husband tells me that I want to live in a magazine. Maybe it's a Southern "Thang" I'm from SC. Love you both. Anna Dean



What an amazing story you told.

I have told so many people about my favorite gay farmers.

It is so nice to have you and Brent to show America that alot of us gay couples are just as boring as they are, without the mansion of course.

Keep up the great work guys. Skip and I are planning a spring trip to Sharon Springs in 2011.

Starting "I am not myself these days" later today.

Thank you for being you and sharing you with all of us

Steven and Skip


The book touched my heart. It made me cry and laugh. The joys, the ups and downs, it's what life is all about and what we make of it. Keep on farming..and I can't wait until you have some Beekman Boys t-shirts..:)


Hi Josh,

I ordered all three of your books and read them all within 24 hours. Loved them all. Laughed and cried a lot! The show is great. Thanks to both of you for sharing your lives with everyone.

Regards, Liz

Tyke Hartmann

I just finished your book "The Bucolic Plague". I had ordered it from Amazon and received it today in the mail, opened it, could not put it down and read the whole thing in one afternoon. I became a fan of the show just a couple months ago and found myself stressed to the max that the Beekman life was almost lost for you. I hope what we see on the show is real as far as the soap and cheese business really prospering now. You all have captured my heart including Farmer John who I cry along with everytime he talks about his goats. His heart is so tender. So is yours, I also read your first book. The life you are in now is so much better for you. The web site is great and I look forward to the new season of the show.


Hi Josh and Brent,

Just bought your book this past Saturday evening. 35 chapters, that's great I'm thinking, it will take me forever to read. I'm one of these people who starts to daydream if I read for long periods at a time. So this was great because I can read a few chapters at a time.

5 pm on Sunday and I'm finished reading the book. Are you kidding me!!!!!

The book was great, loved it, loved it, loved it. I am glad that I read it after I had seen all your shows. I could relate better to all of you on a more personal note.

Thank you for letting me get to know all of you better. Whether you live in Martha land or Oprah's living your best life, both of you inspire me to take a chance and go for it.

I have always wanted to have a home, in upstate NY, with an acre of property so that I can raise laying hens, have a garden and some farm animals (goats are looking pretty good). My husband as finally agreed to it as long as he can go to Las Vegas once a year. 🙂

Hope to be a neighbor one of these days!

Scott Kjeer

Josh, I was looking forward to getting the newest book, but was curious to find that none of your books are on audio (CD or itunes). Is this something in the future that you may do, and if so would you be the narrator? I cannot imagine listening to the stories by anyone but you (and even add Dr. Brent like Kristin Chenowith did with several of her friends in her autobiography "Wicked")! I sit at a desk and process insurance work, so I get through a lot of books on my ipod, and would really enjoy yours as well.

I am so glad that Planet Green picked up the show for Season Two! Looking forward to it, and happy tenth anniversary! My partner Bruce and I will celebrate our tenth next June and my brother and his partner will be celebrating their twentieth next June!


I have just about the same comments as julie blue. I also found your show by accident. I was "channel surfing" one night and stopped on the Planet Green Channel. Now I can hardly wait until Wednesday nights. I haven't bought your book yet but I am going to. I love the show, I wish you had hour long episodes, I just can't get enough of your story. Thanks to both of you.


Josh and Dr. Brent, love your show, was so happy to hear Planet Green picked up the show for a 2nd season, was down in the dumps thinking last weeks show was the end.

I have you book and will be sending it to be autographed by two fabulous boys!! Thanks for sharing your lives and adventures with us.

julie blue

dear josh & brent,

WOW!!!!! what an amazing book (the bucolic plague)! i caught your show about a month ago by accident and immediately fell head over heel in love with you guys, farmer john, the goats, of course, and everything else.

my birthday was 8/2, and i received the book as a b-day gift, however i COULD NOT put it down, and nowi've gone and finished it. i certainly intend to purchase josh's first book tomorrow, but how fast can you write because i'm ready for the next installment of TFBB's…NOW!

congratulations on your initial success, and i'm sure it will continue. be good to each other (and all of the animals,too), and hurry up and hire some additional help around the farm before you BOTH keel over!

thanks for great tv (finally!), as well as the great read.


julie blue

Connie Wedding

Hi, guys! Just want you to know how much I love you two, and also Farmer John, and the show! What a beautiful home, a beautiful area, and a beautiful story! I am fascinated by the history of your home, and did not know about the Indian raids or the underground railroad, slave chains in the attic, etc, until I read it on this site. Have always loved old homes. (They are nice places to visit and read about, but I wouldn't want to live in one, as my family has had enough experiences with ghosts. I was turned from a skeptic to a believer.) Anyhooooo…..thank you for sharing your farm and your story with us, and for brightening our dreary lives, LOL. I love you both, am about to order the book, and am looking so forward to reading it! Love you all!!

Richard W

Josh, I've just started reading your book "The Bucolic Plague". I’m only at page 47 and still laughing…the alarm incident was just priceless…can’t wait to read more. Love the show. Reference episode 7, the meal you created looked great but a little garnish around Teeny on that platter would have made her look fabulous (lol). My favorite part of the holiday season is being in the kitchen with a group of relatives/friends cooking, talking and laughing…of course there MUST be a continuous flow of alcohol during the these gatherings just to keep everyone happy!!! Looking forward to additional antics from “The Fabulous BEEKMAN Boys”.