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Who would think that you’d need a recipe for making a grilled cheese sandwich?    But we’ve thought this  before and then Josh’s recipe for making scrambled eggs became one of the most popular of all time on Beekman 1802 (click here)

We fell in love with the sandwich created by chef Norm Phenix of 204 Main Bar and Bistro in Sharon Springs, NY, and asked him to share the specifics of his concoction.

Here it is:


Grilled cheese w/ Beekman Blaak & mushroom Duxelles


Beekman Blaak

1 lb. crimini mushrooms, thinly sliced

1 cup diced onion or shallot

1/4 cup dry white wine

2 Tbls fresh minced parsley

2 tsps fresh thyme


Black Pepper

1 stick butter

1 loaf of favorite crusty bread

Instructions for the Mushroom Duxelles:
In two separate frying pans, sauté onions/shallots (first pan)  and mushrooms (second pan) in two tablespoons butter, each
Saute onions and mushrooms until they have released most of their water and are beginning to turn light brown (8 to 10 minutes over medium heat).
Add 2 Tbls of white wine to each pan to deglaze.  Continue cooking until liquid has evaporated.
Let cool for a few minutes, then place in food processor.  Process until mushrooms and onions/shallots form a smooth paste.
Stir in parsley and thyme.  Season w/ salt and freshly ground pepper.
Let mixture cool before making sandwich.

Instructions for Assembly
If you’re cutting your own loaf of bread, make sure that slices are no thicker than 1/2 inch.  The cheese won’t easily melt on overly thick bread.  Also, you want to keep a proper proportion among the cheese, bread, and mushroom mixture.
Remove the rind from Beekman Blaak and slice the cheese as thin as possible.
On the inside of one slice of bread, spread a thin layer of the mushroom mixture.
Lay a thin layer of cheese on the other slice and close the sandwich.

Instructions for Grilling
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
In an oven proof frying pan, melt at least Tbls of butter per sandwich over medium high heat.
Place the sandwich in the melted butter, making sure the bottom layer is in full contact with the pan.
Once the butter starts to brown, the bread will be soon to follow.  Flip sandwich once the first side has reached desired degree of brownness and crispiness.
Add a little more butter to pan if bread has soaked in all the butter and place in oven for about five minutes or until cheese has melted.
Tips from the professionals!
If you do not have an oven proof frying pan or you’re making a large quantity of sandwiches, transfer sandwiches to cookie sheet that has been warming in the oven once they have been browned on each side in the frying pan.
If you’re using a panini press, butter the outside of each slice of bread before assembling the sandwich.
Slice each sandwich in half before plating to make sure the cheese has properly melted.  If not, return to oven until melted.


See what other great ideas develop seasonally at 204 Main.  Follow them on Facebook by clicking here



by Josh and Brent

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Katrina Dollman

Hello… your show and products are so wonderful but I must say for us in canada it is very expensive. Between the extra duty , taxes and shipping it makes it alt more. Any way there is a deal for us?? please………… 🙂 thanks Katrina

Dr. Brent

Hi, Katrina. Unfortunately, we don’t have any special pull to avoid the taxes or the duty. We negotiated the best price we could on shipping, but the reality is that shipping internationally is very expensive


How great is this?? I have eaten that swell sandwich at 204 Main (and will do so again…heading up early Feb). Have Blaak and mushrooms in the fridge and a snowstorm on the way. Perfect.

Dr. Brent

They will cook at different rates. Mushrooms cook very quickly and you risk overcooking them while waiting for the shallots or onions to finish.