We’re sad to pass along  news that our good friend Maria will be leaving her full time position at Beekman 1802 at the end of the month to spend more time with her family. Maria was literally “Beekman 1802 Employee #1,” and as far as we’re concerned, it’s an honorary position the she can never really resign.

We know she’ll continue to be a part of Beekman 1802 and Sharon Springs events in the future. (She is, afterall, the founder of the Victorian Christmas Celebration.) There are very few people in the world who can handle working at a fast-growing start-up company, and Maria thrived under incredible pressure and a bright spotlight.

We hope that she enjoys a little downtime, and comes back to help as often as she wishes.

Back when we worked in the city, whenever someone in our offices was leaving, someone would send around a card for everyone to sign. There aren’t that many people in our Beekman 1802 office, but there are thousands of you out there who have been touched by Maria’s contributions to Beekman 1802 and the community.

So please “sign our card” by leaving a comment below wishing Maria all the best and maybe sharing your favorite Maria story if you have one. This way she can come back to this page whenever she needs a little pick-me-up.

Thank you Maria!!!!!!!!


by Josh and Brent

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Centralia Heart

Oh how I loved talking to Maria on the phone and in person. When we thought we had bought the Bowmaker House in Sharon Springs she gave me great hugs. When my sister from San Francisco and I were at the shop in the fall she took a picture of us together. You are losing a national treasure! Maria I love you! Centralia

Denise Kennedy

I was lucky to meet Maria at the mercantile a while back~~came over from Schenectady area ~ She was such a great hostess and gave us a tour of the store, little diddys about the farm etc,,even had pictures taken with her! Maria, go on and enjoy what the future holds for you!! hope to see you again at the festival!! Denise K,

Michele bartik

I have know Maria since befoe she had her daughter.. maybe now she can go back to doing singing telegrams. ( maybe as a gorilla). hint Maria……. Sloansville. Good luck to you but then again you don’t need the luck cause you a super talented.

Robin Mitchell


You will be greatly missed…I wish you all the best and hope you will be helping out at the harvest festival. You are one of those “good old souls” that we have the great pleasure of meeting in this life. Take care and all best wishes to you and your family.


Maria-I wish you all life’s best! Thanks again for making my 2012 2 week internship at the mercantile such a special one! You made me feel as if I were family or an old friend. You were a huge part of what makes Beekman 1802 so successful and I know they will miss you tremendously! Enjoy your new “adventure”! Best wishes and good luck!


Maria….I am happy and sad at the same time. Whenever you were at the shop, there was sunshine! What a wonderful personality you are! I will remember conversing with you on many occasions and you were always sweet. I asked you a question at a Cooperstown Farmer’s Museum book signing event. I loved your fancy muck boots and asked you where you purchased them. You very graciously told me exactly where to find them! I will miss your “happy self”! The first time I met Dr. Brent has a memory of you too. Every time I came to Sharon Springs I hoped to meet the Fabulous Beekmans. I had been there so many times but no glimpse. One year there was a summer event going on and I had the opportunity to go. There was a crowd on the Mercantile porch! There was my slight glimpse!!! I needed something worth signing. Maria, you had the great idea of a shirt and I bought a Polka Spot tee and Dr. Brent signed it for me. I was so excited and giggly! My daughter was in the omg ma zone! (You liked my daughter’s Victorianish blouse she had worn that infamous day! I didn’t know it was your idea for that wonderful Victorian event so thank you for that!). I haven’t met that many celebrities! Ever since that day I have become one of the multiple persons claiming to be the Beekmans #1 fan! I recently was in the shop but you were not there. I was a little disappointed. I could count on you to answer a few questions and chit chat when a lull in the store. Enjoy your semi retirement. I hope to see you at the Victorian Holiday weekends to come. Your spirit will always be with us! :). Best of luck to you!


Maria, you helped make purchasing at Beekman 1802 like a conversation with an old friend. My items always arrived in perfect condition and often with a special personal note from you. I am so happy that your family will see more of you and thank you for your generosity in sharing your beautiful spirit with me. Many hugs!!!

Wayne Williams

Maria – thank you for making the online purchasing experience on Beekman 1802 so wonderfully personal. Even during the Christmas rush, your personal attention made me feel like your only customer! Best of luck with everything!


Maria – wishing you the best! Enjoy your family. Since any business is only as good as its support staff you should be immensely proud of the part you have played in what Beekman 1802 has accomplished in just a few short years. Thank you for seeing that my orders were promptly filled, properly packed, and impeccably packaged! Good luck!

Susan Perkins

Maria – Good Luck. Your friendly smile will be missed. I enjoyed talking with you at the Beekman 1802 last Fall.

Julian Mossey

Best of luck in the future, and “Thank You” for filling my orders & getting me things so fast when I was crunched for time. I always laugh when I see the show where you bring Deb a Sub sandwich to soften the real reason for your visit. ALWAYS stay kind hearted & sweet.


Cheryl Koflan

Maria, I am sure that it was a tough decision that you have made here… we all know what it is like to be consumed by our work at one time or another, putting yourself and your family first is sometimes underated however the cherished moments that will come from your unselfishness will be always honored as time presses on… your smiling face and great work ethics will be surely missed by all at Beekman 1802. All good wishes today and always… enjoy your 2nd retirement so to speak!


Maria – I certainly wish you well but I know you will be very missed. You were a joy to work with and always had a smile (it even came through in your emails). I hope to see you in September!


Greetings, Maria. Your pure, beautiful spirit has helped identify Beekman. Best wishes to you wherever you are, and whatever you do.


Best of luck, Maria. Your leaving will create a difficult void that will never truly be filled. You were the beginning of an amazing thing, all your effort and all your sweat made a difference. I am sad to hear you are stepping away, but certain your future will continue to make a positive impact on Sharon Springs. Ciao!


Good wishes to you Maria. Road trip it down here to Missouri anytime you want. One day I hope we can meet.


dear maria we will miss your smile and big hugs , best wishes larry and andy, hot sauce guys from brooklyn

Susan L. Allan

I’m happy for you but also will miss your smiling face in the store, the fact that you remembered me, that I’d been there, made me feel great.

Diana Binkowski

Congrats Maria. I loved seeing you when I visited with my Aunt Pauline Brown and stopped at the shop. Will I be able to see you at the post office? Enjoy your family.
Diana in East Tn.

Carolyn Eplin

Enjoy your family. There is nothing like TIME spent LOVING and LAUGHING and Sharing with your family. Memories to CHERISH and to forever carry in your HEART. I know you will be missed at Beekman 1802 and you will have moments that you will miss the hustle and bustle and working there. You are loved by many. My dream is to visit Sharon Springs one day so maybe I will meet you. Good Luck and warm Wishes on the FUTURE and what it holds for you and your family. (((HUGS)))

Debra O'Donnell

Maria, the day Bill and I stopped in you immediately welcomed us with such care. We had made a friend. You gave us the greatest customer service, Bill and I left feeling like part of the family. Your presence and light will be missed. Hugs from Glens Falls, Debra and Bill O’Donnell.


Oh, no! Who you gonna call?! Maria, I’m Doris from Mo. I felt like I had a new friend after I talked to you for the first time. I do want to meet you some time. I have done ‘home time’ and it’s the best kind of work. You were Beekman to me. Thanks for treating us so well!!


Thank you Maria for your help and patience when I made my order via email early this year. Take care.

Becky and Rich

We first met Maria on our honeymoon trip in June 2011. She was so excited that we had stopped at the Mercantile during our honeymoon and very enthusiastically took our pictures all over the store and porch!! We also met Maria at an Amazing Race party at Megan’s home and she was just as kind and warm and took the time to introduce this Pennsylvania couple to more wonderful Sharon Springs residents!! She is a gem and we wish her much luck and happiness!!

Chaddan Farm

Sad your leaving, you were the only one there who would help me! I know now not to call. Good luck! See you in September. Love Dan

Dorie Stein

Hi Maria – Just wanted to wish you well. Bring your family down to Florida where we have wonderfully warm weather. Enjoy your time spent with your family Take care, dorie

Dorothy Hayes

It was a pleasure meeting you at the Harvest Festival last year and the year before. You made me feel so special when you noticed on FB that I was disappointed that there were no more Beekman Bags. You so kindly sent me a Planet Green Bag. Your specialness made me feel wonderful. Thank you Maria. Will miss you and your little notes with my orders. Love you much.

Pat Fielding

I will always remember talking to you on the phone when the boys first got started and you were so sweet and helpful. It was actually a thrill to say I talked to “Maria” at the Beekman Store. Enjoy you new adventures.

Andrew A

Maria, thank you! You helped me partner and i score a last minute ticket to the farm tour during the harvest festival, it was because of your quick work we got to experience that. Thank you and enjoy your family!

Kathy Bunting

Maria, Like Brent said, you are Beekman 1802 also. You will be greatly missed, but I know we will still see you at the festivals in town. Enjoy your free time. You are a special lady. take care.

Kate's Daughter

Thank you for your help the day we visited, Maria. You had no way of knowing but it was a very stressful day for all three of us and we were “avoiding” what we had to do by stopping by the shop. You were cheerful and wonderful and explained the products. You also told me about a special that was going on at that time which I purchased for my wife for Christmas. It was a great gift and she really loves it.

So, thank you for your great customer service skills, your cheer and your great knowledge of the items on offer at Beekman 1802.

I wish you well in your future endeavors and hope that all goes well in your world.


Reality TV is a funny thing. I really did think of you, along with Brent & Josh, when I received my orders from Beekman 1802. It was like I was receiving a little present from a friend. I wish you great happiness and thousands of perfect moments in your life!

Nicole McGuire

Maria you’re a great representation of the brand and are the epitome of excellent customer service. We only interacted via email, but your response was kind, helpful and informative. I had a issue with a shirt size, and it easily could have gone sour. But you exceeded my expactations with measurements and options!. Now I can wear my “team Beekman” shirt with pride while spreading my love of the brand. The BEST to you and your family!!

Bonnie Parker-Duke

We will miss you, Maria! Who will keep the boys under control now??? Good luck!


Maria, thank you for being absolutely wonderful every time I spoke with you about my orders! Best wishes!!! 🙂