On a visit to the Williams-Sonoma in Greensboro, NC, for a cookbook signing, we had time to visit with Brent’s family.  We each gained 5 pounds that weekend and both returned to the farm with Southern accents.

by Josh and Brent

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Kathy B.

So glad you could come home and get some good old southern food, nothing like it when
you lived here all your life. So glad you and Josh won and will be together now and so glad tovsee the episodes that a friend taped for me and glad you got to come home and be with
family. I have enjoyed meeting both of you thru the episodes and the race. Come on back
to NC anytime, it is still home sweet home. Thanks for letting us be a part of your lives. I truly feel blessed.

Cynthia Carlton

I am so thrilled that you and Josh are finally able to share time with his family. Being accepted for who you are is as glorious as your partner being accepted for who he is. Acknowledging your relationship has to be the best gift ever.

penny willoughby

I am so very happy that you were both able to visit with Brent’s family. The second time you made me cry since yesterday. Loved the end of the Race last night. I was so moved by Josh’s love for Brent and how connected and caring you both are. Did I mention fearless, I am amazed. Godspeed through the storm.


Sorry I missed you both this pasted weekend. Had a great time with megan. She is great.


I hope that they all welcomed you both, and that the event was sans drama. So happy that you were finally able to meet the family, Josh!


I wish I could watch your show but I don’t have the cooking channel, just basic cable. So I go online to watch the minutes videos and read all I can. I love and admire you guys.


I’m so happy you visited your grandparents! You look a lot like your grandmother. :o)

JoAnn near Seattle

Thanks for sharing your visit with us! Your family is beautiful, but — no critters? (By the way, the shoe is adorable!)

Mary amos

Glad you all got to see Grandma.Last episode was about her reading Josh’s book.Had me tearing up to Josh…

Korrine Perez

Brent and Josh,

Thank you for sharing these delightful pictures! It looks like you both got a very needed weekend of relaxation, good food, and company.

Brent- I am positive your family is nothing but proud of all your accomplishments. Your nieces and nephews are so adorable, and seem to also pick-up on your creativity and natural abilities. So happy you and Josh were able to be with your family. The food looks delicious! Wish I could cook like that….



You look so happy to be with your family and sharing those memories with Josh. And wow you have some awesome artistic talent too!


Is this the precious Memaw? Were they able to meet Josh? What wonderful pictures. Looks like a fun visit!

Debbie Lail

I enjoyed your pictures of your trip home. Grandma Jewel looks great. I have got to give her a call. Thanks for sharing.


Loved seeing your family photos, and I especially love that your grandmother has your portrait of her framed and hanging on her wall. She hasn’t changed all that much, all these years later.

Beth DiGesu

I’m so very happy that you had the opportunity to visit your family with Josh. The episode that aired last night, always makes me cry at the end. I finished watching it this morning and then saw these pictures. My day is starting out with tears, but they are happy tears for the two of you.
Also, I’m making Josh’s cooked pear recipe tonight 🙂

Leslie Aitken

I have heard of Muscadine grapes, and know that they are grown in the SE part of the US. My Grandma used to grow muscat grapes in Ohio. I loved them. They also make delicious, large, dark raisins. They used to be easily found at the market. As kids, my Mom told us they were candy. Have you any information on sources for them now?


Wow, Brent. Who knew you were so artistic? You’ve been hiding your skills from the world.

It’s so wonderful that you got to visit family!

Monica H.

This album makes me smile! I love hanging mementos on the tree. Baby shoes would be a great addition. Thanks for fueling my ornament obsession!

Linda Schnell- Leonardi

How Blessed you both are to have loving families that share your hopes and dreams.