We find all kinds of inspiration around Beekman. Even in our laziness.

We had an extra poster of William Beekman at the Mercantile.  Rather than leave it rolled up in the corner, we decided to hang it on the wall in the packaging room.   But hanging on the wall with a bit of double stick taped, Willy looked a little unfinished.  We knew he would not appreciate that.

Because the poster is not a standard size, framing would require a matte. Not wanting to take the time or the money to do that, we decided to use decorative upholstery tacks.

You can now buy upholstery tacks in strips and rolls which will allow you to create nice straight lines and take virtually no time at all.  You only have to hammer every sixth tack. (Interim tacks have caps but no spikes.) We chose the pewter tacks available at www.tackband.com

The project turned out so well that we’re now thinking of all the additional things we might do with the rest of our roll.

How about edging around an old piece of wooden furniture?  A decorative way to hang rows of your children’s favorite art work?  An unexpected industrial element for door frames?

We love when improvisation leads to great re-usable ideas.

Share your ideas for using upholstery tacks in the comment section below.

by Josh and Brent

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Becca Slinkard

I think it's awesome when "laziness" turns into productivity!! Does that mean it's no longer Laziness ??

Kathy Cassidy

Very clever idea Brent & Josh. I think it would a cool addition to the front edge of shelves in a bookcase. Need to go place an order.

teri tighe

What a great idea and it's very decorative, at the same time.

I've also seen, on home improvement shows, where you can frame out your mirror in your bathroom, etc. I love the different ideas people come up with.

I will definitely try this with a few items.


how about using them to attach the fabric of your own choice to make a new slip cover. instead of buying the over expensive, pre-made slip covers. You can go to Jo-Anns, or Cloth World and buy the length of your choice. then use the tacks to attach the fabric to the sofa, couch, chair.

Mark H

dont go and be getting all jiggy with it….! too much of a good thing is NOT necessarily a good thing! Now put down the tack roll ad step away from the table…..

Amy Hursey

How gorgeous would that look wrapped around pillar candles? You could just push the tack right into the wax.

Bruce & Jerry

I've used them in the past to put up fabric squares on walls! Great for a rental that you would not be able to add your own paint colors….just use fabric.