Summer makes you want to kick OFF your heels and kick UP your heels, and we wanted to kelp you do both with our first giveaway of the season.

This summer we are trading in our muck boots for a pair of Soludos, and you can too.  It’s as close to walking barefoot that you can get.

Enter your favorite tip for summer entertaining in the comments section below and you could win a pair of Soludos for each member of your household (limit 10)

Winners will be chosen at random on June 11.

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Tell us your best summer entertaining tip below!


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  • By: Karen

    Go to Cape Cod Massachusetts, North Turo beach, dig a large crater, that is if it is windy, get comfortable with that novel you have wanted to read. Your are out of the wind, the sun is warm and the sound of the ocean is totally relaxing!

  • By: Sue

    Pre-make hamburgers and keep a stash in the freezer. It’s easy to make a quick store run for buns and fixin’s when you have that impromptu cookout!

  • By: Linda Sedgass

    Party with food to go in canning jars-just about everything works to serve/eat right out of the jar and it travels well for picnics! The food looks pretty layered in for salads, desserts, you can even take individual beverages on the go!

  • By: Diane

    The No – Cooking Needed Kabobs!
    One of my favorite tips for summer entertaining is to make the occasion as easy peasy as possible, so you can enjoy your friends, family, and the weather without breaking a sweat!
    The day before my summer soirée, I wash, cut, slice, dice, and cube, in other words, fully prep, all of the ingredients needed for my guests to personalize their kabobs. Think fruits, veggies, cheeses, cold cuts etc. that will hold up their shape AND being threaded on a skewer. You might also consider putting out marshmallows, cherries, figs; try to put out at least 1 or 2 unexpected choices.
    Place each of the ingredients in a separate bowl. Cover and refrigerate the ingredients that require chilling. Once, you’ve done this, I’d take a moment to make small identification cards for each bowl.
    Also prepare two or three dips/sauces that will complement the various flavors. For example, make one fruit and one tangy Italian dip/sauce/dressing. Or one chocolate and one zingy Greek dip/sauce/dressing. Go wild! Your guests certainly will!
    Finally, make sure you have enough kabobs. Buy more than you think you’ll need. Trust me; I learned this one the hard way!

  • By: denise

    galvanized metal pans are great for holding drinks on ice. and it’s okay if the ice has melted some, ice water actually keeps the drinks colder than ice alone

  • By: cheryl

    Prepare ahead of time so you can spend maximum time with friends and family…..decorate simply but meaningfully. Photos on wire holders down the middle of the table, small pails with shells hidden in for little ones at a beachy party, homemade pennants, again with pics, (or school colors for a grad party, wishes written on each by guests for a wedding shower or party) to string on the deck or porch. Most importantly, spend time with each guest!

  • By: suzanne

    Grill, fresh fruits & veggies, flowers & herbs from the garden, and corn hole!

  • By: Denise

    We often have BBQ potlucks during the summer, and when we aren’t doing the BBQ’ing, we often bring punch or some other type of cool fruity drink. It always goes over well.

  • By: Barb Mobley

    We will be celebrating everyones summer birthday at the same party andit should be a blast! So many diverse and entertaining friends and family joining together for the same reason?

  • By: Patricia

    I cube and freeze cucumber. They make wonderful ice cubes that flavor both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks/punch.

  • By: angel kendrick

    Fresh Fruit Sangrias with and without alcohol are a big hit at summer events, they combine the fresh berries of the season with a sparkly fun drink for everyone and it looks so nice to serve !

  • By: maruba

    Lots of salads with spinach, mixed green lettuces with olive oil dressing–nothing too heavy.
    Fruit salads in individual little cups makes it easy for folks and kids to handle–don’t forget the mint sprigs!

  • By: Anne

    Ice cream!! Cups, cones, sundaes… During summertime it is always okay to indulge. Have an ice cream social with friends : )

  • By: Mary Johnson

    I have done that kind of thing with rosemary and/or tarragon from my herb garden, but it doesn’t last that long before the fresh herb gets a bit….um…..moldy! Did you find this to be so or did you use it up fast enought?

    • By: Sheila Davis

      Hmmm, never became moldy but didn’t have it on hand for more than 6 months. So I guess the idea is to not make more than 8 oz. at a time.

  • By: Mary Johnson

    We keep a case of Prosecco on hand so that drop in visitors can have a chilled glass of bubbly right then and there.

  • By: Sheila Davis

    I use Tarragon vinegar in my Broccoli Slaw recipe but cannot find it at the store in its purest form, so I make it myself with the tarragon I grow. It is so simple and here’s how. You use white wine vinegar that is not distilled, which is important to use and easy to find. You place a few tarragon sprigs into your favorite bottle and fill with the vinegar, cap it and voila! Let it rest in a cool dark place for 2 weeks and you’re all set. Use it to make dressing for Broccoli Slaw or a light dressing for salad. Enjoy!

  • By: Sarah M

    Any entertaining for us involves a recipe that we have used successfully before. We have learned from the nights when we have had extra stress from a recipe making more smoke that we thought it would, as well as taking longer than we estimated. Entertaining can be fun for the hosts as well as the guests. And a board game after dinner is par for the course with us; it makes for a nice break between dinner and dessert too.

  • By: Charlene Krause

    Home made pesto. Ingredients fresh from the garden. Pesto, bread and garden tomatoes. That’s a summer party!

  • By: Laura McGuire

    My best summer entertaining tip as a stylist is make every detail special! Amazing flowers, mix and matched vintage dishes, cloth napkins and cocktail napkins, candles,chilled rosé, fresh food of the season! Enjoy!

  • By: Sara Cucuzza

    We have a block party on the fourth of July. Everyone brings a dish and we all get together at the end of the culdesac. It is lots of fun. We have also had a fall chili cook off and every one brings a pot of chili!!!!! It is fun to taste the different recipes.

  • By: ruby 2

    I like easy, quick food to prepare that is good and uses fresh summertime ingredients.
    Roasted eggplant caponata is excellent on pita or crackers and slices of red and yellow peppers, celery, and cucumbers. Skewers of grape tomatoes, mozzarella balls, olive oil and basil. People can serve themselves and it is very casual.
    Just got into blended fruit, veggie drinks or coffee–these can be served with or without alcohol mixers or made into freezer pops!!!

  • By: Michele N.

    My best summer entertaining tip is to host a picnic at your home instead of a cook-out or BBQ so you can spend more time with your guests instead of standing over a hot grill. I break out the crockpots so I can do mostly everything in advance. I usually provide the main course and drinks, and invite my guests to bring potluck sides (if they want – no pressure!), so there’s a nice variety for everyone’s tastes.

  • By: Marcus Conrad Lee

    A craw fish broil with ice cold beer in the backyard cannot be beat. Family or friends gathering around a newspaper covered table peeling shrimp and crawfish while chatting is an amazing way to socialize and enjoy a feast.

  • By: Natalie Mucci

    Make sure there is plenty of great music, amazing friends, delicious food and drinks for everyone!’

  • By: beatrice miele

    our favorite summer dining tip is….. pack it up and take it to the park, mountains or beach…and get the whole family to bring along their favorite easy summer dish for a fun and hassle free “pot luck”, we try to invite friends too that way they bring along their favorite “national” dish and everyone get to experience and enjoy food from other cultures. This year we’re going to have one “pot luck” get together that lets all the kids in the family not just request their favorite food but make the dish too ( when possible, or at least help ) Our thinking is that since we have to eat anyway, why not get out of the house and take our meal to a fun spot. Our favorite place was / is to have a picnic at Volcano national park in Hawaii but that will have to wait till our family trip there next year ! Have a great summer guys !

  • By: cathy h tate

    In the summer we love to be outside. Family, including grandchildren and friends, we love entertaining! To keep the children entertained I always have big butterfly nets and lots of big crayons and tracing paper so that they can go all around and make tracings of leaves and bark of trees, sticks, what ever they can find in nature then we get to guess what each is-they then get to put each of their tracings in a binder to take home! To keep them hydrated I put frozen watermelon cubes into their water. For the adults I always serve Berry and Citrus Sprizter which combines a dry rose wine, strawberries, orange slices, mixed berries, lime slices, orange liqueur, sugar then pour some limon-lime soda over. Grilling is the easiest for large gatherings so we usually stick with hot dogs for the kids but to make it special I call them Dog Bites – I put the cooked hot dogs on a hambuger bun, add eyes and eyes cut from deli white american cheese, black beans(or raisins) for pupils and noses-secured with a tad of mustard. For the adults I’ll prepare a Pizza Tart made with puff pastry as the “pizza dough” adding several layers building it up on each side to form a crust and loading the center with fresh cut herbs and vegetables. For the table you have to use old vintage china, it doesn’t have to match – it’s better that way! Cover your table with a pretty vintage looking flat sheet and I use vintage pitchers of differents sizes and patterns filled with wild flowers to adorn the center of the table. No fuss, no frills but very pretty, very classy and brezzy – just like a southern afternoon!

  • By: Lisa Ackerman

    My favorite tip is I fill a huge glass jar with a spigot (easy to find in big box wholesale place) and fill it with ice, any combination of fruit, and mint (strawberries, watermelon,pineapple, apple slices, orange slices, lemon slices) and water. People enjoy it SO much more than carbonated drinks on a hot summer day! Happy Summer To You All!

  • By: Lisa Melegari

    Frozen fruits like grapes, berries, or balls of melon make ice cubes that don’t water down drinks when they thaw. Grapes are excellent to keep wine chilled without adding water, and fruity beers can also be kept cold with their appropriate frozen fruit (especially good is apple chunks with hard ciders)

  • By: Jane Penwell

    Wine punch, which I find to be very under rated by most of my friends. I use a dark red wine, spice it up with cinnamon sticks, add a little vodka serve over ice and voila a great summer sipping drink.

  • By: Ophelia

    Summer time is family time, visiting the grandparents! Grandpa LOVES to bbq, swimming in the pool unil grandma yells for us to get because it’s dinner time. Catching up with family during the summer is like no other time.

  • By: Julian Holloway

    For an intimate picnic for two, pack treats in lightweight, easy to carry and recycleable Tiffin Tins. Like a traditional Bento Box, Tiffins have two, three or four compartments to separate courses. Use one Tin for cold foods, such as salads, fresh fruit or chilled butter and jam. The second Tiffin can carry warm items like soup, savory noodles or fresh bread and crackers. Fill ’em up, tighten the tops and toss in the basket or hang from your handlebars! Wash gently in soapy water and rinse so they’re ready for the next summer outdoor adventure. (Tiffin Tins can be purchased online.)

  • By: margaret

    I supply sharpie pens and have the kids put their names in their soda cans or cups. It cuts down on waste as they always know what can or cup belongs to them.

  • By: Aaron Hicks

    Always have a stash of marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate to make s’mores around a fire to end the party!

  • By: Debbie

    My favorite summer entertaining tip is to have friends each bring something to share & pull out the grill to grill veggies & burgers & kebobs…and relax with some good beer or win & enjoy the all too short summer!

  • By: Tom

    Freeze up some exciting things in ice cube trays to add even more fun and excitement to cocktail time – like mint, lime wedges, butterflies or cicadas!

  • By: David

    My favorite tip for summer entertaining is a bottle of chilled wine. I give it to the host when I arrive and let someone else have the mess at their place and mine stays clean and no headaches.

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