Mitch is the CEO here at Beekman 1802. He’s a New York City transplant and wine connoisseur. He has nicely integrated into the Upstate New York culture by partaking in the local fashion with regular plaid wardrobe. He’s a great person to lead our team.

What are your top 5 Beekman products?

1. Fig & Elderberry Drizzle

2. Davesforth Original Shave Gel

3. Pure Goat Milk Body Lotion

4. Blaak Night Dry Skin Cream for Face

5. Fig Leaf / Oak Moss Bar Soap (Tie)


What is your favorite scent that Beekman carries?

It’s another tie, again between Fig Leaf and Oak Moss.

What is your favorite packaging? 

No tie there, my favorite packaging is Oak Moss.

What Beekman gift would you like to gift to someone this year? To whom?

12 Days of Beekman Curio Beauty Box AND Farmhouse Cookie Jar (Already Have!!!)

What Beekman gift would you like to get this year?

As much Holiday “Shareables” as possible: Goat Poop, Double Chocolate Butter Crunch Toffee, Heirloom Pantry Chocolate Bark, Caramel Apples and, of course, Generous Fruitcake!

by Aray Till

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Linda swistak

I loved your apples this last xmas, I wish I had gotten two sets! They beat any apples covered in caramel and chocolate that I haves ever had (they are by far better than a brand you buy from QVC) keep up the good work with all that you sell, I have lots of your products and I love them all! PLEASE LET Me KNOW WHEN YOUR XMAS aAPPLES COME!!

catherine matusz

Absolutely fruitcake, because nobody gifts me with that! But I would love all of the products!


I would just love to give my son’s girlfriend the goat milk body lotion. She has very dry skin, and she only uses things her doctor suggest. I think this would be great for her, no scent, very gentle on the skin, I think she would just love it. Love to see her branch out some, I know she would just love your stuff, I know I do. Thanks for all the lovely products. Merry Christmas.


My favorite scent from the Beekman boys is vanilla absolute. I love all there products. I am a true head to toe beekman gal. Your the best…..

Marna Streetman

I would LOVE to try the Blaack Day night cream for face and the Blaack Day night cream for body! My skin is so very sensitive to all kinds of creams; but, seems to react very positively to Goat milk!

Missy Gensimore

I would like to give unscented lotion to my favorite animal rescue, they are always disinfecting their hands and they get dry. Since it is a non profit and everyone if pretty much volunteers it would be a great thank you to all.

Mary Kasal

To my friend Linda, who is a hospice nurse, that selflessly gives of herself emotionally, monetarily and time. She spends countless of hours comforting patients when hope, fear and a uncertain space becomes a reality. She cooks all the time! Linda brings her patients, neighbors and family quality food that provide warmth , security and most importantly of LOVE. Therefore, I would love for her to get the Black drizzle to be deliciously consumed. Also the soap/skin care elements for her pleasure, since she is battling the weather elements daily. Thank you Beekman Boys for considering Linda as a contender.


Charcoal shampoo bar, Autumn goats milk soap, White water Goats milk Soap, Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, and their Bedding line (the first one specifically the Fulton Line).

Susan Hebda

I would love to give my husband a gift of the face gel and the fig leaf soap. He works so hard, and this would be a nice indulgence for him!
As for myself, I am dying to try the 12 days of beauty. I am a teacher, and I don’t do many things for myself.


Black Drizzle is wonderful stuff. The curio caught my eye with the perfect pick of products.

Linda Riley

Love all the choices. But if I HAD to pick it would be the Pure Goat Milk Body Lotion( I
love the pure body cream, I’m on my third jar) and the beautiful cookie jar, filled with
your great cookies. Love and wishing Happy and Blessed Holidays to all.


Hi Mitch! love your picks…for now I will have to go with Fig Leaf since it is the new scent I am using now. All in all, I love everything Josh and Brent aka Beekman Boys 🙂 make they absolutely have the MIDAS touch! Still have not tried Goat Poop…it’s 1 of many on my wish list 🙂 Merry Christmas!

Caddy Klieger

Hello Mitch, I find the Beekman Boys’ rags (not exactly, one presumes, although they WERE Hardy Boys to spend first winter without heat, I could not have done it!) to riches story quite inspiring, and they seem to be such sincere chappies who care for mankind, animals and, in no small way. I am currently enjoying your Blaaknight Eye Cream and have my eyes on many other products they’ve brought out this year. However, I am a dame whose taste in beards has not changed in 30 years so PuhLeez don’t shave yours off! Wishing everyone up in Sharon Springs a great holiday and new year filled with peace. Xoxo, Caddy

Judy Valentino

wow this is hard to pick just one, they are all great products but I’d have to pick the toffee because I’ve been eyeing it for weeks now!

Susan Chittenden

Any of these products would be much enjoyed. I would especially love to try the drizzle

Judy Ward

Wow, would love any of Mitch’ s picks but the dry face cream would probably be my choice since I have such dry skin.