Mitch is the CEO here at Beekman 1802. He’s a New York City transplant and wine connoisseur. He has nicely integrated into the Upstate New York culture by partaking in the local fashion with regular plaid wardrobe. He’s a great person to lead our team.

What are your top 5 Beekman products?

1. Fig & Elderberry Drizzle

2. Davesforth Original Shave Gel

3. Pure Goat Milk Body Lotion

4. Blaak Night Dry Skin Cream for Face

5. Fig Leaf / Oak Moss Bar Soap (Tie)


What is your favorite scent that Beekman carries?

It’s another tie, again between Fig Leaf and Oak Moss.

What is your favorite packaging? 

No tie there, my favorite packaging is Oak Moss.

What Beekman gift would you like to gift to someone this year? To whom?

12 Days of Beekman Curio Beauty Box AND Farmhouse Cookie Jar (Already Have!!!)

What Beekman gift would you like to get this year?

As much Holiday “Shareables” as possible: Goat Poop, Double Chocolate Butter Crunch Toffee, Heirloom Pantry Chocolate Bark, Caramel Apples and, of course, Generous Fruitcake!

by Aray Till

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Carol Reynolds

Visited your store in Aug and had so much fun trying out the various lotions and smelling the various soaps. Enjoyed trying samples of the various foods in the back from local farmers.

Patricia Coddington

Hiya Mitch,
Love all of your pics… we have dry skin, the love of vinegar drizzle and wine in common. Really anything Beekman is awesome. I turned my sister on to you guys too! We’ve all gotta share the good stuff. Merry Christmas to all my neighbors.

Nonie M Ryan

Those all sound so good!I’d love any of the food gifts and the cookie jar is beautiful.Who am I kidding I would love anything from Beekman 1802 and Josh& you guys!

Cheryl snyder

Been following you both from the beginning! I love the life y’all have made for your selves. So giving and kind!


Mitch’s pick are wonderful. Is it really possible to have only 5 favorites from Beekman 1802? The more I try, the more I love. Pure body lotion is so tremendously healing. This is a perfect gift for a nursing home activities director project to share with the residents. They are always looking for lotions and chap sticks. This would be ideal. That’s what I would do with it. I love the fig bar soap too. But I love them all. How can someone choose? It’s like asking which goat is your favorite goat on the farm….ALL OF THEM. Beekman Beauty….I’m in head to toe!!!

Jan Grimes

Anxiously awaiting my order of the triple lip balm gift set. Today I encouraged a friend to shop for her daughter and daughter in law at Beekman 1802. She always has difficulty buy their gifts for Christmas.


Have liked everything I have tried . I love the oak moss scent for a man. I am crazy about the vanilla!

Dean Brown

I started using your products about 2 months ago. Since that time I have used various soaps, body washes, lotions, hot cocoa, and got the shaving kit. I have issues with my skin due to diabetes. I can honestly say I will not use any other product on this earth when it comes too skin care. These products have cleared my skin and really make me feel clean. Thank You Beekman Boys you have changed my life.

MaryAnn Berger

I love all your products. I wish I had enough money to buy them all, all the time.
Merry Christmas & A Very Happy New Year !!!

Ernie Nolan

A sweet and sour drizzle over a perfectly grilled steak, connecting you to the rolling hills of Tuscany and delicious earthiness—that’s the Blaak elderberry and fig balsamic drizzle in action. I can’t say enough abou how much this elixir enhances food, whether meat, vegetables, or fruit. I would love to win this bundle—it has many of my favorites!

Laura Campbell

Sounds like all good choices anything sweet I am in even though lost 52 pounds. I would try the fig soap

Samantha Craig

I’d like to give the 12 Days of Beekman to my mom. She’s the one who started me down my addiction path to all things Beekman. Even trying to schedule a trip to the farm which is a 6 hour drive for me.

Margaret K. Macali

Mitch and I are in total agreement with the double chocolate butter crunch toffee and the Blaak drizzle, which I really love!
And, while I’m not from New York, (does Jersey count?); I like plaid also.
Merry Christmas Mitch

mary schuler

My favorite is still a tie between the bar soap and the wipes. Love all the products I have purchased. I can tell that there is alot of thought and care invested in each one. Thanks so much for all your hard work and for including us in the fun through pics.

Deborah A Bukszar


I tried to order one last week, but couldn’t find the product no. and gave up! It would be shared with our family on Christmas Day and beyond!

As for Josh, keep the beard, but either way, you look delightful and are a bright light in the cold days of December! Thank you and God Bless you both….


I was introduced to Beekman 1802 with the sample products at a hotel in Wyoming. Wow! The soap and body lotion is the absolute best. I would love to gift these to my grandchildren’s other grandmother, Donna, who is recovering from cancer and who is scent sensitive. Have already purchased some for stocking stuffers!

Dana S

My favourite is the 12 days of Beekman Curio Beauty Box. That is an awesome gift! Merry Christmas🎄🎁🎅🏻🎉

Tracy Muller

It was so amazing to meet you Josh & Brent last week at the book signing. You guys are fabulous!

Janice D

I have only tried the black drizzle – love it- bought it at Epcot. Would like to try some of the skin care products. Hi to Polkaspot!

Gerri Prescott

The Black drizzle is one of my favorites. We put it on everything. I picked up some of the butter crunch toffee over the weekend after sampling some at the Mercantile. It’s delicious!

Doreen Knapp

It would have to be any goat milk body lotion to deal with the cold air that seems to suck any mooisture right out of your skin. I will bathe in it. Elderberry and fog drizzle sound so decadent. Elderberry to get me over the sniffle season. Dig leaf and oak moss soap both sound like a win win. I can only imagine the luxurious scent they both must have.

Nancy Whitesell

I would love to have a farmhouse cookie jar! It would be the icing on the cake in my kitchen!

Gloria Sayler

Love to win for myself and my daughter the curio of beauty products and that beautiful cookie jar!!

Marilyn Varney

12 Days Of Beekman Curio Beauty Box. It looks amazing. I have dry skin and this would help hydrate me. I have sjogrens a dryness disease and soothing lotions and lots of water are a must for me!

I love beards. They make men look even more handsome.

Jim Taflinger

The Chocolate Bark looks fantastic and sets the holiday tone. (Gosh, am I the only guy commenting? Doesn’t matter).

Bonnie Cooley

Josh looks younger without his beard, but I like him better with it. Haven’t tried any of your chocolate goodies. I ‘d love to.

Jacqueline Chaney

All his choices are wonderful. I would love to try the fig and elderberry drizzle!! The treats all sound delicious!!!


I love the cookie jar!!! My neighbor just got three Nubian goats and another neighbor is trying to get them evicted!!! We started a petition to allow them to stay and we call ourselves “Team Goat”!


Shave gel is marvelous anytime of year! Sun parched legs or flaky winter skin, love the scent! I hide it when I, getting low. Not very nice I know!