Inspired cleaning

Last year, right around this time, photographer Chris Altamari paid a visit to the farm to take some photos.

Of course, his pending visit prompted a mad rush to get the house cleaned.  (Winter on a farm is a dirty thing.)

Now that Spring has once again come to the Beekman we took out the photo album to get some inspiration for a little spring cleaning.

Take a sneak peek at The Fabulous Beekman Boys and let us know if we can possibly live up to that name.

by Josh and Brent

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You and Josh are so inspiring! Thank you for sharing your life and sharing upstate NY with the world. From your goal of being a totally self-sustaining farm to your fabulous country chic clean style, I am inspired beyond words!


I never miss an episode of your show. Thanks for providing inspiration, beauty and humor each week. I agree with all the sentiments in the above posts.

I love the way you decorated your new store in the hotel. Could you share the brand/color of paint you used on the walls?

Looking forward to Season 2!


Your photos are inspiring; your home is beautiful and the farm itself is gorgeous.

My husband and I have become big fans of your show; the way you treat the animals and care about what you are doing really shows. In this day in age, it's rare to see such attention to the things that really matter, like the way the animals are treated instead of just making a profit off of them, so good for you.

I also love Farmer John, we think it is so beyond sweet how much he clearly loves and cares for the animals whom he is the caretaker for. You are all good people.

Tim Wagner

Josh did great today on "Broadminded" It was neat to hear him talk about the goats and the farm. I love your show!


These pictures delightfully radiate the beauty you've got going on at Beekman. I'm so thrilled to have discovered you guys. You're living out a dream many of us have, and it's a true joy to experience the journey through you (ups and downs alike). Cheers!


Caught your show this weekend and LOVED it! I appreciate your honest sharing. Brent, great job on the table. How DID you get it in the house?


Your house is a beautiful example of "less is more". It's so refreshing to see well thought-out rooms.

Thanks for such a great show, good recipes and showing us a good life.


I Love your show!!! You make me laugh and smile, it is refreshing to see a show about real people.

Your house and floors are beautiful. I have wood floors in my home and am considering getting a buffer, can you share the type you use? Also what type of wax or polish do you use?

judy romano

I was in the house years ago when it was for sale. It looks fantastic.


Just saw you on Martha. LOVE the new venture and your farming lifestyle. Need a farmhand or someone to help vacuum the floors..I your man. Kevin

betsy dunn

Loved seeing you on "Martha" today and look forward to your program.


I just finished an advanced copy of Josh's new book and I loved it.

Thank you for sharing your lives.


stunning! honestly beautiful i love how all architecture is at center stage and the simplicity and minimalist approach does not feel cold but instead inviting! BEAUTIFUL! Your pieces, lighting and those floors oh my!