Having grown up on a ranch in Montana, nature has always been important to Adam Smith.  That’s why he loves having fresh flowers around the house – it’s a way of bringing the outdoors in!  Nothing brightens and freshens up a room like beautiful, fresh cut flowers.

With Easter and Mother’s Day coming up, Adam shares a few of his favorite spring arrangements, all created using his very own invention – the removable and reusable DIY Floral Grid .  Anyone can create florist-quality arrangements in minutes with this handy new gadget.


Adam is an inventor, entrepreneur, and DIY designer from Portland, Oregon, where he and his partner Brad raise their amazing baby boy, Henry.   His new invention – the DIY Floral Grid – just launched on Kickstarter.  To support this project and get a DIY Floral Grid of your own, click here.

by Josh and Brent

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Bettye Franklin

Great idea. I always use clear water tape and make a grid on my vases. It takes time for each vase. This will be so much faster! Love it. Can’t wait to get them!

Laurie G

I pledged–what a great idea! I have always had issues getting my flowers perfectly arranged and now I will look forward to picking up my bouquets and designing them. Thanks for backing this up and providing the link!