The Beekman 1802 Annex is now open for business!


Josh’s grandfather (pictured above) used to own a small grocery in nearby Coxsackie, NY, so an eye for the essential (and the elaborate) runs in the family.

In 1802, William Beekman, one of upstate New York’s most successful merchants, built the residence and farm we now call home.  It cost a then princely sum of $10,000.  He built his fortune by offering only the best products in the Mercantile that bore his name.

Our company, Beekman 1802,  was homegrown from our farm in upstate NY and founded on the simple idea of seasonal living—appreciating and making the most of each season as it rolls around.  As we started designing products, we were careful that our items were as useful as they were beautiful and that the craftsmanship—often done within a few mile radius of our farm in upstate New York—would result in a product of heirloom quality—to be passed down from one generation to the next.

At and at the original Beekman 1802 Mercantile in Sharon Springs, NY, we focus on  those items that we design and produce ourselves, but the world is full of useful items that we use but don’t have the time or the skill to create (Not even Brent can do everything!)

This is why Beekman 1802 is partnering with Open Sky to open The Annex. (sign up now and get a $10 coupon, click here)

The Beekman 1802 Annex on OpenSky will be stocked with the very best items for your pantry, home, garden and every part of your body, each item chosen to help you make the most of each season. We will search out these items and we’ll even try to get you a good deal on them).  We promise to come up with at least one new item to add to The Annex each and every week.

We’ll be paying close attention to the type of products you like, and we’ll find more of them!  Additionally, if you’ve discovered an item that you think should occupy our virtual shelves, drop us a note at [email protected].  If you like it, we bet other people will, too.

We hope to use The Annex as a platform to help launch and grow other small, artisanal businesses around the country, and you can help!!

If you are at a farmer’s market, walking through etsy or staring longingly at something at a craft show or even a fancy boutique, take a picture and send it to us along with any info about the product you can find.  Help other people making great things find a market for their wares.  We want our store to be YOUR store.  We trust you.




by Josh and Brent

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Dr. Brent

Thanks so much for taking the time to write. We are always looking for ways to promote other small businesses and craftsmen. Thank you for supporting that mission


A friend sells the most beautiful dolls that she creates. She has a booth at the Davis Farmers' Market. They are made from recycled sweaters that she buys at thrift stores. She uses mohair and cashmere sweaters; they are incredibly soft & cuddly. The dolls have little hats, sweaters and tights, all matching. They are various races and costumes. They are just … precious. (I asked her to make a Polka Spot, but she only makes dolls, not stuffed animals.) I'll ask her if I can send you a photo of her dolls.

Sharri Cumbow

Can't wait for your partnership. What a wonderful idea to inlist your followers to recommend local artisans! I sure will keep my eyes open for quality handmade products. You are the best!

Miss you on TV.


sarah stearns

i live in a small alaskan town, pop.800,i have been making jewelry for years now for fun and something different for my daughter and i to wear, recently my hobby has turned towards feathers, not realizing that they are trending right now, anyway i have made about 100 different pairs ,already sold 45,all of them are one of a kind , made with natural and dyed feathers, chains and real crystals..i am trying to find a way to get them to a larger audience, anyone who can help me?

Roberta Jem

I do mosaic tile work. Some pricey, some not so pricey. All original art. I would welcome the opportunity to submit some photos. Thanks so much.

Jody schaible

I repurpose old spoons and forks into jewelry and useful household adornments, I also make goat tags for the local dairies in my area out of old spoons.

Dr. Brent

Hi, Jody

If you want to be considered you have to submit your information to the email above as instructed. It's the only way all of the submissions can be tracked and organized

Frank N. Tucker, III

What about a shaving brush set that could tie in with a goat milk shaving soap from the Beekman goats ? I would like something like that, being greener than the cans that I use now….

suzanne spina

My friend Susan Schneider of Millerton, NY and a new studio in Pine Plains, NY has a variety of items handcrafted from vintage papers and some Victorian era items. Her Christmas ornaments even feature glass glitter she found from the Victorian times. I have included a link to just one of her items. She does everything from restoration of lamps to lamp shades to match boxes with themes just to name a few.

The name of her studio/store is "Shandells" and she is well know in design circles as well.
~Suzanne from CT.


Can you recommend your own products? Your goat milk soap should be at the top of everybody's list!

centralia heart

Hi Josh and Brent, I lived in Coxsackie in the early 70's and wrote a book called Coxsackie the Hoot of the Owl, with friends, for 1976 Bicentennial. We had a picture of a store that I thought was Josh's grandfather's but turned out not to be. It was a picture of a news and lunch shop that later became Vermelyia's news and lunch on reed st. Was Josh born in Coxsackie? Did he attend school there for a while? As far as I know, the one copy of the book remaining is sitting here in front of me right now. Centralia

Ed and Heidi McNamar

Really looking forward to that cool calendar coming out this fall! We are on the same wave length for sure. While we were in town, grabbed some pub grub and a brew from The Black Pearl and ran into your soap gal, Deb. She had mistaken Heidi for someone else, the welcome greeting was well received though!


I love the idea of a 'Beekman 1802' Calendar! I would hang one in my kitchen and buy some for friends

Ed and Heidi McNamar

On the drive over to your store today, I have a great idea for something new from your Beekman franchise to offer to all of us faithful followers: A Beekman 1802 pictorial annual calendar, with points of interest to all to share, on and off the farm and pertinent info from, The Farmer's Almanac. With so many stock photos, recipes and some insights from the almanac, this could be a great gift idea for many years to come! I would absolutely love to help out with this idea and I would be proud to hang a Beekman 1802 calendar in my kitchen, where great things happen!!!

Fondly yours,

Ed&Heidi McNamara ;D


Would love, LOVE to see a locally produced/died yarn. It's such a pleasure to knit with yarn where you know where it came from. I think it could be a great addition to 1802. Every good mercantile needs some yarn.

Ulli Schoenknecht

Great idea! I would recommend checking out It's a website that offers high-quality goods for daily use, often a little old-fashioned, but in a good way. I am sure you guys will get great ideas there!

David D

I was inspired by the Mochaware, Drabware, and Spongeware bowls at Todd's General Store at the Farmer's Museum in Cooperstown. With the right color palate, these decorative and functional bowls transcend decorative art tastes and timelines. If I remember correctly, the docent said their source was the Shelburne Museum.


I love this idea and can't wait for your partnership with OpenSky to start (I don't know the site but will definitely check it out). I love the picture of Josh's grandfather – my grandpa owned grocery stores too in the first part of the last century (that sounds really weird to say) but we don't have any pictures. Be sure to let us know when the partnership goes live!

Nancy Carey

Hi guys,

I love your idea. I would suggest you check out Pinterest. If you have not already there are tons… and I mean tons of really cool ideas, recipes, and goods on their. There are also great retail ideas. Check it out and good luck to you!


Marie Fritz

I love OpenSky! Shop all the time – looking forward to Beekman 1802 products! Garden boots, shoes and tools are great – gardeners hand care is essential too!


Hey you guys-

I have had a lot of trouble finding effective, spray-on, plant-based insect repellent. When I did, it was hugely expensive and smelled horrible. Maybe you can search out some pleasant-smelling, effective insect repellent that is a good value for everyone? Especially if it is made in America; preferably by a small company that can benefit from the partnership?

Carol Farley Yapel

Oh Josh!

I can relate so much to the old photo of your grandpa. I am a 3rd generation family store owner. It is in my blood. I make and sell Goat Milk Fudge – also a family tradition for 52 years!

Best of luck … you both inspire me to keep on. Good luck in all you do.

Carol Farley Yapel

Chardon, Ohio


I discovered OpenSky earlier today and was thrilled to see you there. Of course, I immediately made you one of my favorites. 🙂 I think I was just the fifth person for your Annex on OpenSky, but there will soon be *many* other Beekman fans signing up. Hoping it's a great success. I'm looking forward to seeing the treasure you share.

Christine stetson fr

Beautiful original works. Mosaics in beans of farm animals and more. Website artist Called Judy Ruth bean art and accessories. Creative, down farm and fascinating. Stumbled on this recently. Had the pleasure of meeting Brent last summer at store. Wishing you both continued blessings!

traci sabia

Fantastic idea. There are many craft shops around here. If there is anything of interest that meets beekman standards I will send all the info ur way. Luv u guys !!!

Jennifer Turner

I love items made from reclaimed wood. Old barns, old chests, old homes…anything. I love finding photo frames, picture frames, etc. made from true "old wood". And things like coat racks made from antique drawer knobs, door knobs, etc. Not living on the East coast or in the south, where there are a lot more old buildings than what we have out here in AZ, it seems much harder to find items like this.

Ken Davis

There's a company here in North Carolina that makes beautiful cast concrete stone items for your home and garden. These are not your run of the mill "cement wildlife" (and Brent should know what I am referring to here – he is from NC), but beautiful reproductions of historical stone carvings from all over Europe and North America. The company is Unique Stone, Inc.We have several items that have been purchased from them – the only drawback is that shipping might be prohibitive due to the weight of these items. The website is worth checking out, however. It's

Good luck! Still waiting for those Beekman 1802 ballcaps to show up on your site. 🙂

Best to you all,



I trust your integrity and your attention to everything beautiful and useful. Based on your (Josh & Brent's) recommendation, I would be delighted to add The Annex to my web shopping list. My first choice is Beekman 1802, of course, because where can I find more beautiful soaps and gifts from the Sharon Springs area craftspeople? But I will look at The Annex too.

Thanks for sharing your relationship with The Annex. It's clear to me that the lovers of Beekman 1802 products are your first priority and we love you for referring us to other merchants who are as committed to quality as you are.

Many hugs and much love to you both!

Mary Speers

Primitive is very hot out there right? Primitive magazine. Old Halloween stuff. Firkins, pantry box, etc.

Organic food is hot.

I work as a trouble shooter for a grocery chain and I will keep my eye out for hot items that sell fast.