A trivet will protect the surfaces of your furniture and can also help display your dishes in a dramatic way.

Trivets can be fashioned out of almost any flat surface.

Our modern interpretation of the classic farm table begged for something “organic” to soften its dramatic lines.

At a local stone purveyor, we found just the thing…old slate roofing shingles.  They had a large pile in various shapes and colors—for only $1 a piece!  You might also find a similar stash at an architectural salvage company


We cleaned them up and affixed self-adhesive  pads  to  the bottom of each tile.  Rubber pads work better than felt since there’s a high likelihood that the underneath of the trivet will at some point get wet.

Stacking several trivets on top of one another can create additional drama on the table.

You can find slate tiles in many weather-worn colors from green to chocolate to rose
You can find slate tiles in many weather-worn colors from green to chocolate to rose

Finding tiles in various shapes and sizes can also add visual interest and make for a more interesting table.  I found an exceptionally large tile that I now use as a beautiful cutting board when I take Beekman 1802 Blaak to cheese tastings.

Narrow tiles might even be used as hor d'oeuvre trays
Narrow tiles might even be used as hor d'oeuvre trays

What other items might make a good trivet?  Share your ideas with the rest of us.

by Josh and Brent

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Hi Brent and Josh,

I had a broken piece of granite and super glued four old glass door knobs to the bottom! How cool this looks. Everyone thinks it's great. It was a nice way to finally use grandma's old door knobs from the farm house in Wisconsin.


Wait this is to hysterical. I have old slate from the roof of my church and other places in town. I cleaned a few up to use as a my serving cheeses. I just use some chalk and voila.

I have also used the glass they use for inexpensive side tables and put weather but clean clay pots underneath.

Depending on my event, either christmas lights, or the batter operated lights, with glass, or sand and shells, fruit….

and then serve a stationary item on there.

Back to the table, now I want to go back to Cumbria and pack my suitcase full of slate!!!!

Sherri Tucker Fyan

recycle old glass from windows…you could put two pieces together with the rubber feet between the panes, then use them as a trivet. You could put "things" between the pieces of glass, colorful leaves for fall, a seasonal flower, birthday invitation, anything to coordinate with your theme…..


since I want my kitchen to be primitive, could these be used as a counter top?? also great coffee table if going traditional. Love your products…..the best

Dr. Brent

Thanks, Karen

You can have a slate-tile countertop; however, we chose to use bluestone which gives you the same look is cut thicker and is a little harder.


Great idea. I often see barn wood (from barns that have been torn down) that is well aged and have irregular edges. I'm thinking that could be beautiful too.