The Beekman PondIt’s been a tough winter. We’re going to be optimistic and say that we’ve reached the half-way point. So to celebrate, we took a little break from our chores and went skating on our (very) frozen pond. You’ve probably gathered by now that the two of us can be a little competitive. Hence, the 2010 Beekman Ice Skating Championship. We’re going to leave it to you to vote on which one of us has the better skating form. The winner gets a foot rub from the loser. Watch the video below, and then vote in the poll underneath.


by Josh and Brent

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BHA in Vermont

Hard to judge this! Clearly Brent has the better skills, since he skated backwards and I know from personal experience that is a big step, but it seems his section had a lot of video speed up. Isn't that kind of cheating?

Then again, Josh's signature move would be impossible even ignoring the fact that Brandon Mroz did the first QUAD Lutz in competition only 6 months ago! One simply can't do a toe jump without toe picks. And I'm pretty sure you have to have both feet off the ice while executing a Lutz. So maybe Josh is also cheating by mislabeling his program elements in hopes of pulling one over on the judges 😉

Looked like fun guys, how long does it take to clear a pond that big so you can skate on it? I think you need a wind/solar powered Zamboni.

And for the record, I found the website while investigating vertical wind towers. Now back to my *planned* web searching, thanks for the diversion 🙂


Just have to give the vote to Brent for his backwards skate and those poses and waves…you guys are a hoot!! Wish we'd see you on the tube again.


Would pretty much call it a tie, which means I should vote for my fellow former cheesehead Josh? … But then Brent started with the disadvantage of being from the South so didn't have as many opportunities to ice skate growing up, and I live in N. Carolina now — Guess we're back to a tie. Great watching you both relax and have fun.

Kathy Bunting

I vote for Brent. He tidies up before getting on the ice, and he leaves his hat off so he looks good. Way to go Brent. (But I still love you too Josh)


Reminds me of childhood in Milford, MA. Thanks for the memories, & my vote is for Dr. B. He can skate in reverse! That's really good! And he raised his arm in victory @ the end!


You both brought yet another smile and chuckle to my day ;-)…..

Excellent finish Josh, but my vote had to go to Brent, that was pretty good skating for a Southern Boy. I'm sure his secret must be that he practices while you're in the city.

Kathy Woodbeck

Do you guys fish in your pond, in the warmer weather i mean lol, was just wondering?