The Beekman PondIt’s been a tough winter. We’re going to be optimistic and say that we’ve reached the half-way point. So to celebrate, we took a little break from our chores and went skating on our (very) frozen pond. You’ve probably gathered by now that the two of us can be a little competitive. Hence, the 2010 Beekman Ice Skating Championship. We’re going to leave it to you to vote on which one of us has the better skating form. The winner gets a foot rub from the loser. Watch the video below, and then vote in the poll underneath.


by Josh and Brent

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Ginger White

That was wonderful. Lots of laughing her in OK. This was perfect to end the day with. Joxh I voted for you. Your style a 7 and Josh, well, as much as I love him too. he gets a 3 for his style. Sorry Josh. Maybe the speedo would have bumped you up to 10 tho. Hee! Hee! LOL ginger


I WANTED to vote for Josh, but when Brent ended with the half k-lutz and the un-credited downward dog… I just had to vote for him. Well done!

Paula Steinman

I love the boys….Brent you cracked me up. You were actually quite good out there and my husband and I enjoyed watching both of you. We saw every episode of the show and await season II….good luck with the store…..


I was waiting for Farmer John to go all Tonya Harding on Brent's leg. 😉


I always love receiving your news letters but, the skating competition has to be my favorite yet. You brought me back to the days of freezing my feet, hands, and rear end off as a child skating in my back yard in Upstate, NY. Love you both!

Wayne Burkey

Competition? Not. It's just a beautiful moment to watch you guys hamming it up in that gorgeous winter landscape with Beekman 1802 watching over you. How I miss not being Upstate this time of year.

Craig Pollard

Frankly I think both of you should sell the

farm, free the goats, move to California &

take up synchronized swimming…the headgear is much snappier, the music much jazzier &

there is always a red carpet close by.


Skating outside is the BEST! How much fun to watch your video. Unfortunately it never seems to get cold enough here in Jersey…think I need to move back to Western PA….but the beach is so nice…Thanks for inspiring all of us to get out enjoy the beautiful world around us.

Nancy Tokar

Oh, much too fun!! I must say you both have great form…but Dr. Brent had a tad bit more going for him! (ha,ha)

You both celebrate the seasons with so much fun and energy! You give all of us great incentive!

Thanks for making us smile.


Well, I think Dr. Brent has the win for "Technical Ability" but Josh has the edge for "Artistic Impression" with his flailing arms in the Octuple Klutz (not unlike Pavlova at career's end performing "The Dying Swan"). Kudos, gentlemen!


Good skating, but I do think you should go for the Pairs competition instead! I am a little worried for the fish – what must they think?

Continued Happy Winter!


Both of you show grace & poetic style! However, I believe…Josh ! to be the more Musical skater. 🙂 (Perhaps I keep seeing Aqua, even tho she's asleep.)

Dr.Brent, your showmanship is also unmatched!

As bookgirl1971 said above, "You both deserve a prize." Neither of you can be called "the loser." Lovely scented Foot-rubs all around! 🙂

As many have noted, sequined outfits would *make* your show. I'd prefer jaunty aqaumarine tutus of tulle, gracefully, yet stiffly standing, sequined all over! 🙂


Just hearing the sound the skate blades made on the ice transported me back 50 years, when I was doing the same thing in MY backyard. My dad always flooded a portion of the yard so we could skate. My feet always froze!

At Beekman1802, when you are ice skating and perform a "Flying Camel," do you call it a "Flying Goat?"

Elizabeth Talerman

I vote for the music!!! Cold and snowy fun – next year we'll have to add categories and competitors – just closed on the cottage – move in May 1. Will stop in for spring and summer gardening tips. Dreaming of having a fig tree…

Sonii Nagel

You guys are way too fun! Made me laugh and smile today for sure. Such beauty in the wintery ice and snow. I cannot even imagine that here in Central TX. I was weeding and getting ready to plant asparagus yesterday. Yall stay warm now!


Your B1802 site has been inspirational for me, but I must say…those moves on the ice top it! Thanks for the smiles!


Clearly Brent wanted it more – one could tell he imagined himself on the podium arms above his head. Here in California it is raining – we need to shut down and cancel everything as the roads are slippery. Oh my.


It looks so cold, but so much fun and brings back memories of ice skating on frozen creeks in and homemade 'ponds' in Plattsburgh, New York. Hmmm…you both have such great form – I think we need a rematch!

Mac Whatley

Brent. Because, like Dr. Johnson's dog walking on its hind legs, the fact that a North Carolina boy can skate at all is worth a medal!


Bravo! Bravo! Inspired by both contenders – what a show. I loved Brent's form but giggled more with Josh's octupalt-whatever-thingy.


What fun. We do not have the cold weather down in South Louisiana to pull ice skating off. Looked like too much fun.

Have a warm snuggly winter.



Who were you boys wearing? Josh looks like he was sporting a great Ralph Lauren ensemble while Brent was quite fetching in Patagonia?

Oh wait, I'm still recovering from Golden Globes.

I have to give a slight edge to Brent for pulling off that amazing wipe out with just the perfect amount of flair. But really, the scoring would go like this: Josh – 9.8990 and Brent 9.9111.


Josh wins because he made Brent look better with trick photography. Josh is obviously the honest skater here. Glad you guys can take the time to have fun on ice, but if you think you're half way through winter, you're delusional. We bale on upstate winters and are watching fish movements today instead of skating patterns. Sorry all. Save hard. Retire early.


It was a tough decision, But felt I had to go with Brent the finish alone was pure art…loved the arm movements too.You guys are fun!

Bill Who Can't

I voted for Dr. Brent cuz I have a crush on him. Call me the biased former East German judge.

Linda Rodriguez

Dr. Brent had great lines! Josh was more "edgy". Both competitors were fierce!!! Love this!!!

Terry Corigliano

It was a hard choice. I have to give you both 10's just for getting out there. It looks soooo cold. But someone has to win. Go Brent

rhea denker

I would have liked to see you both in skater's tights and big billowy silk shirts. You could have shamelessly showed off your new silk scarves by having them included in the "Look", flowing in the breeze from your neck or waist. It a short time until the Winter Games ion Vancouver -PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!

Dr. Brent

Hi, Rhea

We firmly believe that sequins make nearly everything better. We will start sewing some costumes.
As for wearing our own scarves—well, we didn't want to be too pushy


My vote has to go to Brent – it was the ending that cinched it. Looks like lots of fun. I still remember when we were kids and we would take the kitchen chairs from our neighbor's house to their pond to push around in front of us to help us stand up. My bones hurt just thinking about it now!

Pam Kilmer

Sorry Josh- I had to vote for Brent! His(k) lutz move was the clincher! Your grace is not your fault- Have you ever seen your father skate? Work on using your arms a bit more and maybe next year you can challenge Brent again. I suggest you try a swimming event this summer,keep up the good work.

nancy hill

Well – Either Brent is a better skater or Josh is a better photographer… not really sure. I DO think you could have done some work on the outfits…tights at least.

Betty Pillsbury

Such athleticism, such grace, how could one choose? You know, I could sew sequins on your touque or make you really, really sparkly scarves. I say to break the tie you have a "snow angel" contest.


tee hee! giving josh the sympathy vote, but you know i love you both. : ) take care! xox


I think Dr. Brent has to win this one. After all, there was quite a bit of creativity involved in making it look like he wasn't really falling at the end! 😛


My brothers are much better skaters. I think perhaps they

have had much more practice. Be careful of thin ice.


half way point???

sure ….we can pretend if that will get you through it.

That little part at the end was pretty fancy brent- very nancy kerrigan of you (does that make josh tonya harding? )

your life sure does have a great sound track-

I am wishing the ocean here in rockport would freeze so i could skate-

have fun


Well, for the life of me, I thought I was watching clips of Brian Boitano. What form! What grace! I am, however, disappointed there were no glittery outfits.