There’s a ton of advice out there for how to soothe dry winter skin. The issue we find is that it’s mostly the same. After living through many, many winters in upstate New York…we know dry skin. And we’ve developed some real, honest-to-goodness helpful tips to avoid it. Not the same old “drink a lotta water, stay out of the wind,  yadda yadda yadda.” Make these six tips part of your routine and we promise you’ll have a smoother, less itchy winter.


1. Pre-moisturize. Why moisturize only after the damage is done? Putting on lotions before bedtime is good. But it’s more important to put some on before going into the harsh outdoors.


2. Don’t get Steamed & Drip Dry  – Taking a long hot shower or bath doesn’t actually help hydrate your skin. Your skin doesn’t soak up water from the outside. A long hot bath or shower can actually dry out your skin because it can dissipate your skins natural oils, which are then absorbed further when you dry off. Which brings up the second part of good winter shower habits: when exiting the tub, don’t completely dry off before putting on moisturizer. (Granted this is easier if your bathroom is warm. Try a space heater placed well away from tub or sink.)


3. Dress Too Warmly – Believe it or not, your skin benefits from a little sweat. Your skins natural moisturizer, sebum, is produced by your sebaceous glands. These glands slow production when they’re cold. Keeping warm, and keeping moving, helps boost the skins natural sebum.


4. For Once, It’s Not All About Water – While there are millions of reasons why you need to stay hydrated, drinking excess water does nothing to further hydrate your skin. So in addition to being adequately hydrated, you’ll also need to eat foods rich in essential fatty acids – like walnuts, salmon, flaxseed, olive oil, and pasture-raised meats, and wild rice. Try our Pumpkin Nutty Health Bar for Dry Skin.


5. Shiver in the Car – During the winter it’s tempting to turn up the heat whenever you can, especially in small enclosed spaces like your car. But the combination of high, dry heat and swift-moving air from vents will dry out your skin faster than anything. Keep your car at a moderate temperature…don’t turn up the heat just because you can.


6. Use only Natural Soaps –  like Beekman 1802 Soap. Real soap produces glycerin as it’s made. (The process called saponification.) Most commercial soap bars and gels remove the glycerin (it can be sold more expensively for other uses) and replace it with detergent. Only real soap contains glycerin.


by Josh and Brent

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My Husband is 82 and bedridden for 2 years. I have applied a variety of creams and lotions to his skin but removing his clothing releases a cloud of dry skin into the air. This is beyond depressing. Can you suggest which of your products might help this? Thanks- Wish you had a program again,enjoyed you so much and loved Josh’s Books.

Patricia DeYoung

Thanks for all the great tips. I love all of your products. I sent my mother soap for her dry skin and she loves it. She also loved the lip balms. Once people realize they won’t smell like a goat, they love it! My favorites are voluptuous fig (said in deep voice) and honey and orange blossom. I also love oak moss. I love Josh’s suggestion that you don’t have to finish a bar and start another. They dry hard. Just put them back in the paper and use another. Really enjoy your web site too. Goats are enjoying their time in the spotlight with goat yoga and goat cheese. Thanks for informing all of us how great goats are!

Grace Silva

Thank you for the tips and you really brought up new and helpful suggestions.

I love all the care and quality that go into your products.

Dean Brown

I will never use any other product but yours. It’s a miracle what it does for the skin I share this with everyone and some I give free product to try, everyone that has tried have come back with positive feedback. They jokingly say I should be a salesman for your company. Your soaps and lotions are loved by all in my area of Northeastern, PA.

Colleen Hamm

My Husband and myself have been using all of your products for about 4 plus years now. We would never go back to regular soap. Our skin is well hydrated and feels so much better. Even though we live in Tennessee, we still have cold winters. Thank you Josh and Dr. Brent for all you have done for our skin and the environment.
Colleen and Bill

Sharon Glenn

Love all your products. Would you consider having a bounty box next year with all pure goat products. Because of migraines cannot do scents and have several family members who cannot do scents. Thanks for giving this your consideration,
Sharon Glenn


Even though our winter down here in the Deep South was short, it was cold. My skin wouldn’t have made it without your wonderful soap. Kept my skin hydrated and no itchies at all. I hope ya’ll’s winter comes to an end soon. Be careful up there.

Ellen Sampsell

I received a basket as a gift with hand lotion in it. It’s jasmine and heirloom rose hand lotion it also says goat milk skin care. I absolutely love it. Also same fragrance I soape


Can’t make it through winter without the Summer Soap, my favorite. If I use commercial soap I fight “winter itch”!

Frann Harrison

Stock up on Beekman soaps and lotions. My skin has never been so soft since I purchased these products.

Linda Healy

Another good tip: try using coconut oil. Buy unrefined instead of refined….no additives!


Thank you for the great tips! I have EXTREMELY dry skin, which I blame on Diabetes and getting old….plus I rarely lotion my skin, except for my face, because whenever I have any kind of lotion on, my cats wont come near me! They love for me to hold them, and I love it, too, so there’s not much lotioning going on. I really, really need lotion, but I need my kitties more. Oh well. At least I have some other things I can try, thanks to you. Hope all is going great for you guys. 🙂

Jeannehanson Bove

A friend sent me a bar of shampoo soap and bath soap and honey lotion.. I have very fine hair. I cannot believe the fluffiness and fuller look the shampoo has given me . I will surely start purchasing some/many of your products……WHAT A GIFT – WHAT A FRIEND.


Have you tried Beekman’s unscented products? They are just as wonderful as the scented ones but no scent. Maybe your fur babies will not object!