When William Beekman operated his original Mercantile in Sharon Springs, NY, he stocked the shelves with things that were beautiful and practical—everything one needed in his rural community to live a beautiful and practical life.  We do the same today, both online and at our store in Sharon Springs. Take a look around and see why NASDAQ called Beekman 1802 “the fastest growing lifestyle brand in America.” Shop now.

Beekman 1802  Beauty and Skin Care – Did you know that the secret to Cleopatra’s beauty was bathing in goat milk?  With a pH nearly identical to that of human skin, goat milk will leave your skin beautiful and moisturized. And with no synthetic chemicals added, every single one of our products are just perfect for you sensitive types. See why Beekman 1802 products are found in the best boutiques and salons around the world, and why Vogue (July 2012) called Beekman 1802 “an American beauty brand worth celebrating”.  Click here to become more beautiful.


Goods for Good Homes – We work with over 22 members in our B. 1802 Rural Artist Collective to design and produce hand-crafted and heirloom-quality products for the home.  Most of our collection is made within a 20 mile radius of Beekman 1802. Click here to make your home more beautiful.


Provisions and Fine EdiblesA cheese so good that is has a waiting list?  Flavor infused honeys?  All the makings for a stellar cheese plate?  A best-selling cookbook from the farm?  Yep,  you can find them just like they sit on our own pantry shelves. Click here to eat more beautifully.


The Heirloom Garden – We grow over 110 different varieties of heirloom vegetables at Beekman 1802, and we want everything we use in the garden to have the same heirloom quality as the vegetables we produce. Get good harvests for generations to come!  Click here.

See everything Beekman 1802 has to offer.  Walk through our entire virtual shop by clicking here.


by Josh and Brent

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Darleen Klepeis

So sorry you are leaving Evine, will I still be able to get your products from your store in Sharon Springs? I truly love you guys and all your products! Use too many to list them all!!! Please let me know about getting future orders? Is it still possible to get Bounty boxes that are coming up? Are you opening another business? Your products are the best!!!

Heidi Meka

You can shop at our Mercantile at 187 Main Street Sharon Springs NY 13459 or on-line at beekman1802.com Be sure to sign up for our e-mail newsletter so that we can stay in touch and keep you up to date on exciting farm news! You will also get a 15% discount code.

Josephine Coglianese

Simply love both of you and your products. Never without them in my home. I gift them and share the love also.
From the moment I started with your soap it was heaven. Something very spiritual in everything you make.
Love and many blessings to you and the Angel goats.

Kathy Oliver

I called during your wonderful marathon from Delanson NY. I was so excited I forgot to ask my question. We use so many of your awesome products, food and beauty. Your soaps are the best and I know that you Blacksmith makes the soap cutter already. I was wondering, do you have or does he have in the works a soap mold to collect and repurpose the small pieces of scrap soap that you get at the end of the bar. I saw long ago such a piece that people used back in the day as to not waste one single bit of their soaps. This could be a beautiful and very useful piece for us to remold our tiny scraps of your soaps and not east one precious ounce. Thank you and hope to meet you guys on one of my shopping adventures in the Mercantile. You neighbor from down route 20.
Merry Christmas to every living thing at Beekman.

Centralia Heart

Most of the folks on our christmas list received beekman mugs, november soap and maple syrup made in prattsville, ny. The gifts were all loved! The mugs hold a wonderful amount of your favorite hot beverage, the soap makes you skin feel wonderful, and the syrup helps the folks of prattsville recover from Irene. A wonderful Christmas for all! Thank you Beekman 1802! love, Centralia


I purchased the blakk cheese and drizzle to serve at our family Christmas wine tasting. It was such a hit and I could drink the drizzle, so figgy and good. I gave my daughter the poppy seed soap for her heirloom gardening. Now I need to try the onion jam. Thank you for products that made our celebration special.

Bonnie Moon

i can not tell you how much I have enjoyed watching your show! I have fallen in love with the two of you, keep up the good work. Oh and i just purchased your goat milk soap, very excited to try it out and spread the good news -Bonnie- in San Diego, CA

Bonnie Moon

well I just got your beautiful soap yesterday….omg! it is amazing! I only bought 2 bars, had to cut one bar up to give to fiends to try.It is so cleansing and leaves my skin feeling so soft and healthy! Thank you so much for making and selling this product, next I’m ordering your cheese. Love Love Love you guys!

stacie lanne

finnely great to see someone from our state.my mom n dad were so excited they went out to visit your shop and they loved it so much they will go out again.

Paula DeVoy

I was absolutely thrilled for you both when you won Amazing Race! Well played and so deserved!! You were my “horse” from the start! You played fairly and were always true to yourselves! Never nasty like some of the other teams. Go Beekman boys! Well done!


I am so glad you won Amazing Race. You were my pick from the beginning. You two remind me so much of my brother and his partner if 54 yrs (they are both deceased now). They lived and worked in NYC and bought an old Dutch farmhouse and land in Bucks Co Pa, and when they retired they enjoyed the land very much. So glad to see that you can be together now.


Felicidades chicos, se lo merecen. Estoy muy contenta de que ustedes ganaron la carrera. Ustedes demostraron mucha humildad y carisma de ganadores. Los quiero mucho

Bonnie Jo

Omg, I was so, so glad y’all won. Never have known anyone on the show but feel blessed to know someone who knows someone on the show. Congratulations from Oklahoma. I know Kevin and Randy are extremely excited for y’all too.

[email protected]

I was routing for you two the whole race! Cheers to the Underdog and never never underestimate! I am so excited to see your ‘Beekman 1802’ brand of home goods…love love love! So amazing and very BIG congrats!!


I am soooooo happy you won the Amazing Race!!! I picked you from the very beginning as my favorites. Congratulations! Very well deserved; you two are fabulous!


Congrats on the amzing race! So glad you won! Now Josh I hope you are enjoying the farm!


I’m a west coast Beekman fan and was hoping to find some of your items available in stores near me. I’d like to see/smell/sample before purchasing. if I recall correctly, Williams Sonoma carried some of your gardening items this past spring. Is there anything like that going on with your other items? What are my options? Where do I go? What do I do? I’m about to ask Santa for a ticket to Sharon Springs 😉 Thanks!


Just received my first order (there will be more!), and I can say this is excellent cheese. I was pleasantly suprised how much the drizzle enhanced the taste. I am also a fan of the rosemary honey – I put it over fresh figs accompained by a hebal-infused wine made in (Sweet Sophia) for a not-too-sweet dessert.


I agree with Chaddan Farms. Every time I get a box of Beekman goodies I get very excited…and I have ordered frequently! Yet to be disappointed. Love Beekman!

Chaddan Farms

We LOVE The Beekman 1802 Mercantile. We have been buying the products for years and love everything we have purchased. We are so happy every time we see something new, we have to try it. The Pillows are works of art!! When will the new Cheese be available for shipment?