Sharon Springs is bracing for a winter storm, with 10-16″ of snow predicted.

The municipality has begun making the following preparations:

Mayor Doug will shut down our subway system sometime this afternoon. No trains will be running. Especially the Cherry Valley Branch, which closed down in 1942.

Our Financial Markets will remain open. However the hard candy basket on the bank counter is running low, and may run out completely if certain people keep taking more than one or two. (Ahem.) We do not expect this to impact the European or Asian Markets.

We do not have European or Asian Markets. Just Stewarts Gas Station, The Log House Market & Dollar General.

We don’t know if the school will close. Our kids are way tougher than your kids. Probably smarter, too. But we’re biased.

The Sharon Springs airport (yes, we do have one, smartypants) will be closed to all arriving and departing flights. It is anticipated to reopen as soon as we can see the grass on the runway and someone gets around to mowing it. Probably April, realistically.

Alternate side of the street parking has been suspended. Honestly, we don’t really even know what that means. We are in favor of rotating crops though, if that counts for anything.

Residents are urged to stock up on milk, eggs and bread. (Our chickens aren’t laying and the goats are dry, so if anyone wants to trade for bread, we’ll start kneading.)

We have trained a Search & Rescue K-9 Unit, ready to spring into action. Her name is Önder. Should you need to be rescued, it’s best to get lost somewhere within our yard. And carry treats.


by Josh and Brent

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Anne Cistoldi

Just love you Beekman Boys!!!!! Thanks for sharing and caring….You visited my home town last year…South Hadley, MA Mt. Holyoke College Book Store,,,the Odyssey…We love you so much!!!!!

Kirsti Stephenson

Enjoying 2 days of 60+ degree weather (not normal for Idaho), actually wore shorts and worked out in the flower beds. Daffodils up and Tulips breaking ground, forget-me-not going viral…


Love your slant on life. You never fail to make me smile, chuckle, giggle, chortle, titter and just generally feel happy. Plus I just made your vanilla + cardamom Jam Dollie cake with your raspberry rhubarb jam- it can snow for days now. Neighbors and I will be smiling.

Lynn from Brechin Ontario Canada

Sunday Morning very COLD and WINDY an east wind which make our house a lot colder when u have a 100 acres of empty field behind your house on the bright side boys in 2 months we will be looking at spring flowers luv your news letter an pictures. Stay warm

Linda Healy

I like the gentleman on the news this morning who asked that the person who had left their freezer door open, should now close it please.

Beverly Nan Murphy

….but I did walk to the Patriots’ parade and froze my “everything” off. great fun. Go Pats.

Janet Lovely

absolutely loved your story. Reminds me of growing up in rural NH, waiting for Henry Stanley to come down the street with his large double sided plow!! We are bracing for 16-18 more inches here in North Chelmsford, MA. but we are New Englanders and are strong!!


Thanks for the laughs and sharing your news. You two give new meaning to creativity in many aspects of life.

I grew up in Minnesota and lived in the mountains of So. CA until moving to Ireland recently. We had an inch of snow last week and got all excited!!


Oh how I would like to be at your home during the snow! I loved your story “For Immediate Release”……. Ahhh cool…no pun intended! Have a great day & GOD bless!! Sandy

Bonnie Zeller Butler

How is my home town of Argusville doing. I remember the men there having to walk out almost to Sharon Hill and dig out the road so the plow could get into town. We were lucky, missing almost a week of school while everyone else had to attend. Loved your weather advisory.

Jennifer Barger

I bet you knew my family…John Everidge, Betty Halsdorf and Margie Countryman. I have heard the stories as well. Last time I was in Arugsville it looked terrible.


Love the picture. Reminds me of the beautiful snowfalls when we had our home in the Adirondacks. A roaring fire, glass of wine and my honey….life got no better. Enjoy!


Oh my God, you never fail to entertain or delight! Keep it up, there isn’t enough joy or serendipity in the world and your imagination makes my corner of the world a more tolerable place to watch the snow swoosh by…..


This looks real familliar! Here in Chicago we had 19″. Which means the blowing snow in our complex in the suburbs was 3′ by our front door and 5′ by our rear doors! We were not dug out until 4pm Mon. (2/2/15) !

Gail Spiegler

Llived in Chicago for 65 years and we had some great snow storms. Loved them, but now I am buried in sunshine out here in Tucson, Arizona. Love it here, too. Gail

Lana Howe Neveu

Grew up surviving Sharon Springs snowstorms. I can remember snow banks 8 feet high. Seriously. 8 feet high. I have pictures, sure they are in black and white but it was a long time ago!


You did not mention Taxi service…are they running? I would hate for someone to walk the entire length of main street….you could get winded.
Just call the airport, he might be there waiting for a fare.

Stay warm.


Living in the chilly Carolinas now but do miss a great snow storm in the best state in the union. NEW YORK STATE still has the best snow storms. Stay warm and keeping drinking hot chocolate .