by Dr. Brent

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Tammy Henninger

That story was person can still make a difference!~ Thank you for sharing this with us!


Definitely she will know she left the world in a better place.I hope she is a Christian too.


I visited the Samburu in 1999. It was the trip of a lifetime and I would go back again today in a heartbeat. I adored the Samburu. Huge hearts and equally huge smiles. Terrific. Simply terrific.


Wow. That is a life well lived and full of meaning and purpose. What a beautiful thing. I was lucky enough to travel to Kenya when I was 16. We visited Samburu, Amboseli, the Masai Mara, and Nairobi. All of the people we met were so kind and generous. Your friend is truly an angel.

Linda Dudzienski

When you see there yearning for education, it makes one realize how important a gift education is. Sharing this video may help our children realize just how lucky they are to
have education so readily available.

Janine McNamara

I am utterly mesmerized by the story of an angel who walks among us. Thank you Brent for your captivating piece which answers the question of whether or not one person can make a difference. Indeed, they can!

Brandon Ryan

What a great story you guys know the most interesting people, I remember her from the farm tour as well

Linda Davis

What a wonderful story of an equally wonderful woman and of the difference she has brought to their lives.

Wendy Anderton

Africa (I travelled to Mali, Senegal, and So. Africa), left me profoundly changed. There is something in those open prairies and savannahs that leaves an indelible mark, almost like a tattoo. I will be back someday. It is my one greatest Bucket List item. To return to Africa to stay forever. This story brought tears to my eyes. I miss it to much, and you’ve perfectly captured the feeling of it.

Anne Kaplan

Amazing story! Reading this reminds me that you are never to old to start living the life you were meant to live. I met both of you in Portland Oregon at your book signing at Williams Sonoma this past December. I had my two boys with me and they still ask me-who were those guys that signed Grandma’s cookbook? 🙂


Wow, Jane is an impressive and inspiring woman!

And Brent, when your college students blame faulty technology for not getting their assignments done, but sure to show them that picture of you teaching under a tree.

Patricia Friesen

Thank you for sharing info on the Thorn Project….I just ordered 8 bracelets aand hope to be able to sponsor a student .
Pat Friesen

Diane Moore

Wow, wow, wow, yet another great story on the Beekman 1802 website 🙂


Another reason why I adore you guys. And I did have the honor to meet Jane at your farm as well. Wonderful work.

Gail D

Wow – Jane is an amazing person and this is such a beautifully written account of her story! Well done, all of you.


Your hearts and souls shine bright as the sun! Kep up the good work. Jane is an inspiration and so are you both!

Bonnie Zeller Butler

God bless you boys for being able to help these kids. Such a kindness you have.