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Title: Sun-Kissed

Size: 27 1/4 x 27 1/4

“Let there be many windows to your soul, that all the glory of the world may beautify it.”

At Beekman 1802, we’ve always believed in creativity and love introducing you to other creative people that can inspire creativity in you.

So we’ve decided to do a series of “Meet the Artist” contests.  We’ll introduce you to an artist whose work will stimulate your own creative flow, and as an extra incentive to get those juices flowing, someone will win a piece of that artist’s work!

The artist not only gets to promote their work, but, who knows, we might even spawn a new artist that will be featured in this very same series five years from now!

The Contest

By this point in winter, nearly everyone is looking forward to Spring, so the person who can convey that desire the best through writing a SPRING acrostic will win the beautiful piece of art pictured above.

For example:


Leave your acrostic in the comments section below. Artist Michele Mueller will choose the winner on March 11.


About the artist:

Working full-time as an Administrative Assistant most of her life was right up Michele’s alley…or so she thought.  Once her son, Matthew, was born she became a stay-at-home mom.  While being a wife and mother consumed her days and nights, in between were those few short moments where she wondered what she was doing to take care of herself – how she was meeting her wants and needs.  Michele was  longing for something that was just about her – and she found that in painting.  She chose to use vintage windows as her canvas.

To her, each old window and old barn has a story to tell and it’s her task to bring those stories to… color. Each mile she drives to retrieve a window, each piece of sand paper she uses on a frame, each slide of the putty knife to each brush stroke are all part of bringing out those stories. To Michele, each story takes her back to days of living in the small village of Schuylerville, in upstate New York, and spending family weekends on her great-grandparent’s farm in Plattsburg, New York.

Adding to each story is a unique see-through canvas , a “window,  into the past.  If you can look through any window and see the world outside as it is now then take a look into the past through these Panes of Art to read the colors, the shapes and the stories that Michele has chosen to share.  To see more of Michelle’s work, click here.


Leave your SPRING acrostic in the comments section below



by Josh and Brent

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Sleeping, she
Pushes deep, her
Rhythm under
Indigo sky, pure white comfort. Each
Night is shorter, stretch and
Give the last dry leaves to the wind

She does not argue with cycles,
Permission to
Rest awhile, the grace of frost
Invites sweetness, first light coaxes tender
New dreams, as fragile,
Generous, unstoppable as budding leaves



Slowly, Mother Earth beacons
Plants from their winter nap
Rise, my dear ones
I invite to you to drink in the warming sun
Now is the time
Grow and reveal your splendor


Sprightly lambs
Prancing kids
Running through the fields
New life to
Grace the earth


sneaking in with subtleties
perfect for pacifying a grump,
resplendent and near,
it is no longer the time to indulge in ennui.
new stories must be written,
going forward, singing, laughing, playing

Patty Yates

The earth is warming,
The snow is disappearing,
The tiny leaves are emerging,
The trees are budding,

The winds are whirling,
The showers are coming,
The flowers are growing,
The lawn is greening,

The sun is shining,
The birds are singing,
Spring is teasing,
And, people are smiling!

Ann Lawley

Southern breezes take the place,
Predominant over winter’s grace,
Raising spirits of young and old,
Inspiring creativity, joy, and love.
Now is the time of new beginnings,
Graced are those who recognize this blessing.

Angel Yates

Jack Frost has had his way
with cold aplenty.
Smells like snow was a
reoccurring theme.

Today I woke to a beam
of sunlight that whispered
a promise of warmth.
Birds outside are
Warm coffee mug in
hand I open the door.
Outside smells of dirt,
of life renewing.

Stretching my arms
in defiance I throw
off winters mantle.
I drink in the sunlight
letting it stir my
fingers into
planting this
years bounty.

Christine Kennedy

Spring has awaken in a mist of melting snow.
Powerful melodies the songbirds know.
Renew romances in view for all.
Intensity of colors awaken my soul.
Never too miss the mid-night air.
Growth an beauty its here !


Sunshine soothes
Perennials present
Rivers rush
Insects invade
Nature nurtures
Goats grow


Snow is a memory of the
Past few months.
Rites of summer are
In a future time.
Now is to be celebrated!
Gaze upon the glory of rebirth!!

Joy Munoz

Beckoning warmth
Each successive morn,
Entices us to begin;
Knowing it is time for
Making garden plans-
An organic fantasyland, a
Network of goodness and health!

Rose Marie Trapani


Snow, showers, sunshine
Prepare the soil
Robins call me out
Immense pleaure awaits
New beginnings, life springs forth
Gladness fills my heart

Lisa Travis

Snow melting
Pavement revealed
Rivers running
Inside out
Nest building
Grateful for the sun

Kimberly McDermott

Awake to green buds,
Lug around the congestion,
Laugh with the newborn birds,
Expel the mucous,
Rejoice in the brisk air,
Go get a tissue,
Inhale the fresh air,
Eat an antihistamine,
Spring has sprung!

jessica dixon

Sunshine floods our gardens,
Producing flowers, vegetables, and fruit.
Ripe for the picking, their skins harden.
Insects gather, collecting their loot.
Nature and New birth-
Growing our world’s worth.

Judy O'Toole

Soon after the snow meltS
Pussywillows pop for yoU.
Running sap for syrup, yuM.
Increasing sunlight, bright and warM.
New leaves and buds everywherE.
Getting set for warmer weatheR.


Snow has left us and the frost is frightened.
Shades of gray are hidden from view…
God is painting a pallet of color.
A fresh season of life is beginning to brighten.
Our hearts are excited with the dream of spring’s warmth
Polka Spot and Farmer John are soon to be dancing
To the popping of buds and the new year of Beekman 1802’s spirit of life’s enhancing!


Spring is the first for Faintly the Goat
Petite yet ten feet tall and
Ready to take on the world
In her mind’s eye that sees that she
Never play small because
Greatness lies within us all.


Sunshine has returned
Paying attention and
Readying the earth;
Impatient flowers
Nudge through the
Ground as spring blooms